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Rules Clarifications:

Rules Clarification - Rough Terrain increases the odds needed for the attacker to take an area to 3:1. This stacks with the Fortification odds, so a Rough + Fortified area needs an Attacker : Defender ratio of 4:1 for the attacker to force the defender to retreat.

Rules Clarification - Area Supply: When the Area Supply game option is activated, at the beginning of a player’s movement phase the computer will attempt to move:
- one Supply Point into each land region containing a friendly unit.
- one Supply Point into each land region containing an enemy partisan unit and at least one friendly Infantry, Militia, Airborne, or Armor unit.
This is an aide to help the player maintain one Supply Point in every region for defensive purposes and help the player supply his anti-partisan garrison.
If both enemy partisan units and friendly Infantry, Militia, Airborne, or Armor units are present this means two Supply Points will be moved to region. The supply moves that occur due to Area Supply only happen if there aren't already the required supplies in an area.

Rules Clarification - Auto Supply: When the Auto Supply game option is activated, at the end of a player’s movement phase the computer will attempt to move one Supply Point into each land region containing enemy partisans and at least one friendly Infantry, Militia, Airborne, or Armor unit (if no supply is already present in the area). The supply must follow normal movement rules, and since this is at the end of the movement phase, it may be impossible for a supply unit to reach the desired area. This is an aide to help the player supply his anti-partisan garrison.

Rules Clarification - The Auto Supply game option does not move supply automatically for defensive combat requirements. You need to ensure you have supply in or adjacent to the zone that have units you want supplied if they get attacked.

Rules Clarification - Combat Phases: The combat phases are listed below in the order that they occur:
Air vs. Air
Land vs. Air
Air vs. Land (including airfield, port and infrastructure attacks)
Ship vs. Ship
Sub vs. Ship
Ship vs. Sub
Ship vs. Land
Land vs. Land (range 2 then range 1)
Air units hit in Air vs. Air or Land vs. Air will not participate in additional combat phases. All other units hit should continue to fight in later phases, but at a disadvantage per the combat modifiers section of the manual.
Ship->ship happens before sub->ship, ships hit by gunfire are easier for subs to hit and defend against.
Sub->ship happens before ship->sub, ships hit by torpedoes will shoot back at a disadvantage.

Rules Clarification - Attacking Infrastructure - Air units often select infrastructure that is already at level 2 damage for additional bombing. This is intended in order to make it more difficult to destroy all of the infrastructure in an area through bombing alone.

Rules Clarification - Naval Retreats
A) In section 8.6.2 item 3 should be replaced with the following "The unit moves to any adjacent sea region unoccupied by enemy or allied units (go to the area with the most friendly combat units)"
B) In section 8.6.2 it should state that naval units will never retreat through a narrows that is controlled by an enemy land region. Also, fleets are never allowed to retreat further than their maximum Speed rating.
C) In section 8.6.2 items 4, 5, and 6 should state that the units will retreat to the port containing the factory they are tracing to if there is one.
D) In section 8.6.2 item 7 should be replaced with the following: "The unit will retreat to the nearest sea area empty of enemy or allied units."
E) Fleets retreating from a port that is captured will follow the standard retreat rules listed in section 8.6.2.
F) Sometimes a fleet will automatically retreat from a port to an adjacent sea area when enemy units are moving into the area containing the port. This pre-combat retreat will occur only if there is an adjacent sea area free of enemy and allied units to retreat to.

Rules Clarification - A unit fired at by the same artillery unit at both range 2 and range 1 in the same battle (and no other unit prior to the range 1 combat), will not suffer an evasion reduction during the artillery attack at range 1 (i.e. a unit that fires more than once at an enemy unit in the same battle does not count its previous attack when determining if the target was previously fired upon this turn).

Rules Clarification - The exception in the 4th paragraph of section 8.5.3 regarding Op-fire also does not apply to aircraft Op-firing from other areas (only enemy units in the initial area will are not allowed to fire at a unit that moves out of the region it begins its turn in).

Rules Clarification - In section 8.5.7, the combat modifier that begins with “+1 Firing Unit is German…” should be changed to read: +1 Unit in Defending Force and the Firing Unit is German in a cold weather Soviet Nationality region during the first winter turn following a German declaration of war with the Soviet Union.

Rules Clarification - Section 8.5.8 Combat Animation - When a unit is fired at, two small boxes will appear near the target unit. The first number that is displayed in one of these boxes is the modified defense factor of the target unit. The next number displayed is displayed in red, and is the modified Attack Factor of the firing unit.

Rules Clarification - Attacks with torpedoes ignore the Armor value of the defending unit.

Rules Clarification - Rule 3.2.6 - Special Soviet Frozen Movement Rule
Whenever the Soviet Union has both Frozen and Unfrozen regions, it may move all units including factory units Strategically into and out of the Frozen regions

Rules Clarification - Rule 9.8 SPECIAL MILITIA MOBILIZATION
On the first turn that a region owned by the Soviet Union is attacked by Germany (note, not Japan), the Soviets receive (at the end of their next Production Phase) two Militia units per Population Point in each Russian Nationality region they control

Rule Changes/Fixes (with game version)

1.033 Rule Change - The evasion modifier for being previously fired upon during the current turn does not apply during Opportunity Fire.

1.033 Rule Change - In the last part of section 8.5.7 in the section dealing with adjusting the net die roll modifier, the 2nd item dealing with units with a defense value of 12 only impacts the Attack Help Level modifier (caps it at + or - 1). It will not cap other modifiers.

1.033 Rule Change - The fort value of Western Germany is now cancelled if the player defending in Western Germany does not also control Eastern Germany.

1.033 Rule Change – Italy will now only surrender whenever Germany does not control at least 2 of the following 4 regions: Northern Italy, Southern Italy, Sicily, Tripoli.

1.033 Rule Change – Germany is now charged 5 supply points whenever it attacks a neutral country.

1.033 Rule Change – The Liberation rule in section 11.5.3 has been modified. Now, when a World Power successfully attacks another friendly World Powers region, the player will be asked “Occupy Area Yes/No”. If they answer no, then the effects listed in 11.5.3 will take place. If they answer yes, then they attacking player will take control of the area as they would any other region and their units will remain in the area. The area and its infrastructure will now function as if they belong to the occupying World Power. Any population and factories in these occupied areas may be used by the occupying World Power using the factories normal factory multiplier. Example: Germany has taken Leningrad. The Western Allies successfully attack it and answer Yes to the Occupy Area question. They now control Leningrad and if they repair the factory there it will provide the standard Soviet multiplier (x2 or x3, not x1) under a Production for Soviet Union section in the Western Allies production screen (using population in Western Allied controlled Russian nationality areas).

1.033 Rule Change – Units that have already fired at an enemy unit during their turn may not enter an enemy controlled land region, even if there are no enemy units in the area.

1.033 Rule Change – Units that are damaged or destroyed do proceed to the next combat phase, but fire with the combat modifier disadvantages listed in the manual. The exception to this is air units. Air units that are hit either in the Air vs. Air phase or the Land vs. Air phase will not proceed once hit.

1.033 Bug Fix/Rules Clarification – Political Garrisons required of a player are now checked only at the end of that player’s movement phase (i.e. the required Russian garrison of Karelia is checked only at the end of the Russian player’s movement phase).

1.005 Change - Just below the save date on the Load Game screen, during PBEM games you will find the text message Console: 0. This indicates the number of times that the data in the game has been altered by the players. This should always be 0, as players should never attempt to alter game data. If you see a value greater than 0, your opponent has tampered with the game data.

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Rules Clarifications for rule 3.2.6 and rule 9.8

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