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tukker -> New Scenario, playtesters wanted (4/12/2005 2:25:10 PM)

Hi all,

I've just finished a scenario covering Operation Epsom, the British offensive in Normandy in June 1944.I've made it as historically accurate as possible. I'm looking for playtesters. If you're interesting, send a mail to, and I'll send you the files.


Marmaduke -> RE: New Scenario, playtesters wanted (4/14/2005 7:18:05 PM)

Where do I download this at?
Edit - Never mind, I saw the last sentance DO`H

tukker -> RE: New Scenario, playtesters wanted (4/17/2005 12:56:14 PM)

Elsavior has put the scenario up for download at his site,, so if your interested you can download it there.


El Savior -> RE: New Scenario, playtesters wanted (4/18/2005 9:29:57 AM)

Remove ',' after the link and it should work or click my signature to get to Airborne Depot.

godparticle -> RE: New Scenario, playtesters wanted (4/22/2005 2:46:46 PM)

Ah cool, a normandy scenario.

Pieter, ill download it and report back.


MadScot -> RE: New Scenario, playtesters wanted (4/30/2005 1:17:11 AM)

Just gave it a quick try, will have a better go later (I was curious to see how seamless the installation of a mod was...)

One of the British Inf Bdes - I think it's 159 but I forget to grab a screenshot - shows up as a battalion "II" on the orders bar, rather than as a brigade "X". That was all I spotted, though.

edit: It is 159 Inf Bde


tukker -> RE: New Scenario, playtesters wanted (5/1/2005 1:55:56 PM)

You're right, I accidentally put in a "mot inf bn tac hq" instead of a "mot inf bde tac hq". [:@]There are some other things in the scenario that need fixing, I'm working on it and hope to release an updated version soon.


iaidoka2 -> RE: New Scenario, playtesters wanted (5/26/2005 3:30:03 AM)

Pieter, just finished playing the scenario and had a lot of fun. It took me sometime to complete as I did not play in one session and, for a change, played a lot of the game at the normal speed rather than really fast. Anyway - I achieved a complete victory only failing to hold one of the objectives (and that one was lost only when a huge german counter attack arround day 4 required me to move some forces and they therefore left the area of the objective). I am typing this at work so forgive the lack of details (i've got it all at home).

I saved the final AAR and will post if you are interested but essentially the germans inflicted some 5,500 casualties and destroyed 4 units (but only through surrender). I inflicted some 16,500 casualties and destroyed some 54 units or so and a large proportion were destroyed as a result of fire rather than surrender.

I am not nearly experienced enough to venture an opinion as to how balanced the scenario is - all I can say is that it was fun but a bloody hard slog. It is vital to move your forces as quickly as possible to take advantage of taking the germans off guard but then, of course, when the germans finally do start to rally, many of your units are suffering from high fatigue.

Good job - any movement on the updated version?

tukker -> RE: New Scenario, playtesters wanted (5/26/2005 12:17:24 PM)

The updated version is ready. I've asked Elsavior if it is possible to post it on his site, but I haven't heard from him yet. For play against the AI I'd recommend 'favour axis' when playing as the British, and 'favour allies' when playing as the Germans. See the designer notes for more details.
If you send me an e-mail, I'll send you the new files.


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