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Kalliser -> RE: Links for WITP Sites (6/6/2007 4:23:20 PM)

An aar helper website based on the combatreport.txt log :

goodboyladdie -> RE: Links for WITP Sites (7/4/2007 11:07:20 PM)

Great stuff!

biku -> RE: Links for WITP Sites (11/16/2007 4:13:31 AM)

The most famous WITP chinese fans club!!!!![:D]
Hope to challenge witp fans from all over the world!!!!

Reg -> RE: Links for WITP Sites (12/2/2007 12:18:15 AM)

PBEM Helper - Play By E-Mail Helper which is a utility from a couple of years back which can still be down loaded from

This utility takes a saved game, zips it up (if you choose) and e-mails it off to the correct opponent for that particular game at the click of a button. It also keeps track of whose turn it is (no more 'Is it my turn or his??') and when the turn arrives back, it automatically unzips it and places it in the saved game folder. Magic!!!

Supports lots of games including several in the Matrix lineup. Can be configured to add more.

madgamer2 -> RE: Links for WITP Sites (1/1/2008 4:53:29 AM)

absolute power corrupts absolutely :-)


GaryChildress -> RE: Links for WITP Sites (1/1/2008 5:35:36 AM)

I'm currently building a site for some of my stuff.


hubin -> RE: Links for WITP Sites (3/5/2008 11:38:32 AM)

Polish forum for Witp and other strategy games.

Francis Drake -> RE: Links for WITP Sites (3/6/2008 9:54:13 PM)

Another german Forum for Witp!

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