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Charles S. Roberts award - “20th Century Era Wargame”
First place!

PC Gamer Magazine - 81% February 2005 issue
"You can do what you want, when you want: You're not constrained by narrow phases ... Battles in Normandy is one hell of a wargame"

Computer Gaming World - 4.5 / 5 - "Wargame of the Year 2004"
"A Cut Above the Rest. Battles of Normandy may be the best operational-level computer war game on the market today. Short of pushing cardboard chits, you won't find a better war game."
The review can be found on page 98 of the January 2005 Issue

Computer Games Magazine - 5/5 April 2005 issue
"So Bright, So Strong. How do you improve the best wargame ever made? Let History do the work!" - Bruce Geryk

Gamespot - 8.4 / 10 "Great"
"Take one of the best operational-level World War II wargame engines ever devised, improve it, and cross it with one of the most compelling campaigns in military history, and you get Battles in Normandy"
Link to review: http://www.gamespot.com/pc...

Gamerhall.de - 82% (german)
"Bei BIN geht es voll zur Sache, man hat keine Ruhe und muss sich seinem Geschick stellen. 82 % sind für das Spiel eine eindeutige Aussage und Kampfansage an alle die gar so toll aufgemotzten Strategiespiele der letzten Monate.
Link to review: http://www.gamershall.de/index...

The Wargamer - "Wargame of the Year - bronze" Readers Choice / "Turn Based Game of the Year - silver" Readers Choice
"Overall, Battles in Normandy is probably the most enjoyable and challenging D-Day game ever to grace the computer screen."
Link to review: http://www.wargamer.com/...

Strategy Informer - 8.3/10
"This is a very effective wargame, it simulates the campaign quite realistically. The AI is far from brain dead, and will provide players a challenge. This game is aimed at the hard core wargamer, and it hits its target audience. Casual gamers that enjoy a challenge will have their hands full here, and pure wargamers will find the game they have been waiting for. Highly recommended."
Link to review: http://www.strategyinformer.com/...

Armchair General Magazine (online) - 4/5
"... I highly recommend to any PC wargamer worth their salt to buy this game and Korsun Pocket."
Link to review: http://www.armchairgeneral.com/...


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