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aoffen -> Which Map (9/29/2004 7:08:13 PM)

I was going to buy one of the poster wall maps. There is one version with hexes and one without. I was going to get the with hexes one as I think it will be more useful for planning but am worried about it looks. I suspect with hexes it will be too busy and the hexless one may be better. Anyone seen either or both and coulds comment or give some views?

tanker4145 -> RE: Which Map (9/29/2004 7:11:30 PM)

Just got the one with hexes yesterday and let me tell you it is awesome! The hexes don't make it too busy in my opinion and look great. Plus they help with planning and using the map. I can't recommend the map with hexes enough, but that may be just my opinion.

Chaplain -> RE: Which Map (9/29/2004 8:53:04 PM)

I got the hexes, too, and it's very nice - makes it easy to count distance for range, which is why I got the hexes. Of course, my wife says it makes me seem even more nerdy than usual. Ah, well ...

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