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Erik Rutins -> FOR OFFICIAL SUPPORT, READ THIS MESSAGE (9/16/2004 7:58:40 PM)


This support board is for gamer to gamer support. If you don't find the answer you are looking for here, please do the following:

1. Check the support forum for the particular product you are having a problem with and look for the answer there. Often posting there can quickly garner answers that resolve many issues.

2. Use our Helpdesk and Knowledge Base for tech support, order support, etc.

Thanks for your interest in our titles and your support of Matrix Games!


- Erik


I have WW1G and although the downloading seemed straight forward after I discovered I needed to not put the game in C:\Program Files but instead into D:\Matrix Games I cannot get past the screen that has Single Player, MP, Credits and Quit.

Those bars light up but when I click on them nothing happens. I don't get a click noise or anything.

I have Windows 7 and a quad core PC, 64 bit with 400GB RAM and a Nvidia 8800GTS card.


(Btw I have been seeking help on the Unofficial Tech Support forum under problem with WW1G serial number. Initially with the game installed to C:\Program Files I could not get configuration to accept the serial number so I reloaded it as D:\ Matrix Games. That worked and it took the serial number).


argekay -> RE: FOR OFFICIAL SUPPORT, READ THIS MESSAGE (7/21/2011 8:45:09 AM)

You have a Non-Functioning Helpdesk. Have a read of the following. In the companies I have worked for a Helpdesk that responded in this fashion to a customer would have been REAMED!
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[ 18 JUL 2011 01:35 by argekay ]


Have you heard back from the 'developer' or production' yet?
[ 10 JUL 2011 12:38 by Daniel Heath ]

Hi Richard

It was not a sloppy but more a late hand off. I was pointing you to the game forum since the developer and customers of the game are always there. I will need to wait for the developer or the production to open tomorrow before I can get a reply. I figured it was the weekend and you wanted to play so I directed you there. Also Help Desk is closed on the weekends and normally would not respond until Monday. I was just trying to get you a answer quicker.

I have now sent a message and I get back to you once they let me know.
[ 10 JUL 2011 02:29 by argekay ]


This is a matter directly related to Matrix's software installation and documentation. I think it really inappropriate to direct an enquiry on software installation to a general purpose user Forum. Your response reads like a very sloppy handoff!

Someone in Matrix must know where this tutorial is loaded onto the hard drive (if it is loaded).

I do not accept your response and ask that a proper response be given to a reasonable and (what should be) simple request.

I look forward to a decent response from you.

Richard Kennedy.
[ 10 JUL 2011 02:15 by Daniel Heath ]


The best place to get help with this would be our forums for this game. You can find them here.
[ 7 JUL 2011 22:08 by argekay ]


I've just purchased and installed War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition.

In the Manual (listed below) I've seen mention of a Tutorial that is loaded onto the hard drive when the game is installed. I've looked but cannot seem to find it. What I do have is the following:

In Manuals Folder:

In Docs Folder:

Is there somewhere other than the Matrix Games Folder on my hard drive where I should be looking and if so what is the name of the document I should look for.

Many thanks,


Hello Members Area, (today, 21 July 2011)
I'm getting a little confused here. Twice I have contacted your Helpdesk. The first time was to ask where the Tutorial, mentioned in the WitpAE Manual, is installed. The response by your Helpdesk was that I should address my question to the Forum.
The second time I contacted the Helpdesk was as follows:

[ 20 JUL 2011 03:45 by Daniel Heath ]

Hi Richard you need to ask this question in the WITP - AE forum. You can find the forum here.

[ 20 JUL 2011 00:16 by argekay ]


In WitpAE one can view all "active" ships.

Using the WitpAE Editor, "active" ships are shown with an X in the 'active' column.

I have spent the last week searching but am unable to find any instruction on how to make a ship (or any unit) "active" (or, conversely innactive).

On Page 55 of the WitpAE Editor is a note reading:

"2. Active – when a script becomes active units that are not currently assigned to an ‘Active’ script can be assigned or re-assigned."

However, it does not say How this takes place (unless I am missing something.

I would appreciate your assistance.
Many thanks,


Once again, I was told that I "need" to contact the Forum.

I am very disappointed in this process. The forum has lots of interesting banter, comment and information. However it is clearly stated on your Forum that it is an "Unofficial Tech Support by Gamers for Gamers" environment.
If I wanted unofficial support I would have gone there. However, I did not; I wanted two specific questions answered. I did not want to trawl through reams of unrelated and often turgid text in order to get two simple questions answered.
What I see here is a so-called Helpdesk abdicating its function and role with, clearly, no quality monitoring by Matrix Games taking place.
For what you charge for the product I would have expected something radically better.


I understand you are upset but, wow, what you are asking is not "tech" support. You were asking basic gameplay type questions and location of a tutorial. You would have had an answer in minutes had you gone to the forums they suggested. They are extremely helpful to new players.

argekay -> RE: FOR OFFICIAL SUPPORT, READ THIS MESSAGE (7/23/2011 4:29:21 AM)

Our expectations and standards are obviously different.

Daniel Heath -> RE: FOR OFFICIAL SUPPORT, READ THIS MESSAGE (7/24/2011 5:49:33 AM)

Sir you got to be kidding me. I did not send you to the general support forum but I sent you directly to the game support forum. As I said directly to you I was trying to be extra fast in getting you a reply so you could get back to playing. When this was not good enough for you I went and posted your question in the game forum and got you an answer in hours and then went and posted the answer in your help desk ticket. The fact that you could have done this seems and have been missed. I even explained myself to you so you would understand my thoughts behind my answer. I guess it's true you can't please all the people all the time.

zuluhour -> RE: FOR OFFICIAL SUPPORT, READ THIS MESSAGE (10/19/2011 11:18:05 PM)

WoW, You guys at Matrix are the best! [&o] Funny to see someone in obvious need of instant satisfaction thats not American[:D]

blackie2652 -> RE: FOR OFFICIAL SUPPORT, READ THIS MESSAGE (10/24/2011 4:34:46 PM)

I just downloaded Steel Panthers-world at war, General's Edition and all the patches. However, I am having a problem with the color. Everything looks pink and red. Can anybody help me fix this?

blackie2652 -> RE: FOR OFFICIAL SUPPORT, READ THIS MESSAGE (10/24/2011 4:35:41 PM)

Sorry I am running Win 7 on a laptop


From the top of my head, since it's been long ago I've played this game, I think it has to do with the settings of your display, try setting your video to 16 bit. (or something like that, if I remember correctly it had to do with the videosettings) It's an old game and can't cope with modern videosettings.
By the way, sorry I reported you as a spammer, I saw only your last post and not the one above that, so my apologies for that. [:(]


Can't believe I can't post a thread on here for days...

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