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Tzar007 -> Terror of the Tyne Tees - by Tzar007 (4/9/2004 5:58:17 AM)

Hello all,

I am starting a new AAR with the Terror of the Tyne Tees scenario, showcasing the Allied 50th Inf Div, the 4th Armoured Bde and the Princess Irene Bde. I decided to play as the Allies. Painfully realistic delays, normal supply and reinforcement schedule for both sides. So let's roll!


As commander of the 50th Infantry Division, I have been ordered by the XXX Corps to capture the Welshap airport near Eindhoven. This airport is badly needed at this moment by our forces. I am being given 48 hours to capture this airport, and possibly surrounding villages. Unfortunately however, 2 of my 3 infantry brigades are presently fighting away under the command of the Guards Arm Div. I am only left with the 151st Inf Bde. To compensate Horrocks is attaching to me the 4th Arm Bde as well as Princess Irene Bde. I do also command 3/506th Bn of the Screaming Eagles division. The picture below presents the current front line, and circled in yellow is the airport objective. Most German forces seems to be presently concentrated in the Meerveldhoven and Zeelst villages just south of the airport.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:00:33 AM)

After peeking closely at the situation map and discussing with my chief of operations, I see three ways to approach the airport: first by crossing the canal at Welshap (just NE of the airport), second by attacking from the south by going through Meerveldhoven, and finally by performing a large encirclement by first going west south of Veldhoven and passing it, and then making a right hook in a northeastern direction towards the airport.

It seems to me that the northern approach to the airport might be problematic. There are only 2 crossing points, which makes it easy for the enemy to cover. The terrain is relatively open on our side of the canal, which could become a killing field for the German artillery. The approach through Meerveldhoven is probably the toughest, since most of the German units in the area (Hoffman's paras) are concentrating there. We can expect strong resistance, although I do expect that if I concentrate all my forces I could force the passage, but might still be risky. Finally, the approach through Veldhoven is longer but more appealing since intel reports that few enemy units are protecting the flank of Hoffman's forces. So it should be easy to breach in and race through the airport.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:02:56 AM)

After reviewing the state of my forces and the available options, I decide on a two-pronged plan (see picture below):

A) The 9th DLI Bns of 151st Inf Bde will attack towards Veldhoven (red arrow) to test the German resistance and start clearing the way for a wide sweeping right hook towards the airport. Following closely behind will be the 4th Armored Bde. The 4th will pass through 9th DLI Bn and swing northeast after passing Veldhoven to go capture the airport (blue arrow).

B) The 151st (except 9th DLI Bn) will launch a frontal attack against Meerveldhoven (yellow arrow). The objective of this attack is to pin down Hoffman's forces in Meerveldhoven so that they cannot intervene against the 4th Bde which will pass behind Hoffman's troops in their way to the airport. At the same time, it will represent a good diversionary attack, which might provoke the Germans into thinking the main attack is going through Meerveldhoven.The 9th DLI Bn will join up with their 151st comrades on the Meerveldhoven attack as soon as the 4th Bde has passed through 9th Bn.

I keep the Princess Irene Bde and the 3/506th Bn as tactical reserve. Their main task will be to insure the security of the highway.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:04:50 AM)

Day 1 - 14h00

After 6 hours of operation under a bright sun light, the plan is progressing according to expectations (see picture below). 151st Inf Bde is solidly getting inside Meerveldhoven - it seems in fact Germans partly retreated from the city since we do not encounter as many of them as intel had us expected. The 9th DLI Bn is having some problems in moving towards Veldhoven: it has been bombarded for most of the morning, and at some point it was so suppressed it had to withdraw a bit to reorganize.

Meanwhile, the 4th Arm Bde has started moving an hour or so ago. Although the original plan forecasted that this move should happen after 9th DLI Bn has cleared Veldhoven, the delay of 9th DLI in its attack has made it necessary for 4th Arm Bde to move on nonetheless. In any case, recon performed by A and C divisional recce squadron has not revealed much screening units on the right flank of the enemy so 4th Arm Bde can start to move now.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:09:49 AM)

Day 1 – 14h30

At 14h30, Brigadier Gordon, CO of 151st Bde, radiod me to give me a quick report. The attack of the 151st Inf Bde in Meerveldhoven is going much better than he expected. We are now controlling the objective. He believes he should push NW towards Zeelst with a view towards the airport, but I disagree. Recce squadrons have revealed that substantial Wehrmacht forces around Wintelre and west of Wintelre seems to be moving towards the airport. We must block these forces from digging in around the airport and 4th Arm Bde is to seize the airport rapidly. So I order Brigadier Gordon to reorg and push as fast as possible NW along the railway to setup a NW-SE defensive line in the large wooden area near the De Habraken village to stop or delay the advance of these German forces. Brigadier Gordon agrees to implement this approach and tells me his troops could be in position around 21h00 or so, depending on the level of resistance encountered while moving over there.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:10:42 AM)

Day 1 – 16h20

The CO of the 9th DLI Bn announces me he has secured Veldhoven village. I ask him to rest and reorg in the village for now before receiving his new orders: although originally I wanted 9th DLI to join-up again with its parent 151st Bde, I want to wait now and see where exactly the battalion could be the most useful since I do not believe 151st Bde will need his help in reaching De Habrakan woods.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:12:18 AM)

Day 1 – 19h00

151st Bde is still reorging in Meerveldhoven and getting ready to move on to De Habrakan, so it is definetely not going as fast as expected. Brigadier Gordon explains that the brigade has been constantly harassed by German units around the village so they have had trouble getting into marching order.

Meanwhile the 4th Arm Bde is progressing at a good pace. They should be able to reach the FUP in about 2 or 3 hours, and then launch an attack during the night against the airport area.

The only thing I am worrying about now is that 151st and 4th might have theirs paths crossing one over the other later during the night along the railway and confusion and delays could ensue (see picture below with paths of 4th and 151st highlighted). But we will have to deal with it because I am not cancelling any orders as of now. We have lost traces of the Wehrmacht forces coming from Wintelre (Recce Sqd A which was monitoring them has been badly beaten by heavy artillery bombing and had to withdraw away), and the enemy might be closer to the airport than we think, so we need to press on with current orders.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:12:55 AM)

Day 1 – 21h45

I order the CO of 9th DLI Bn to create a combat group team made of 2 infantry coys and the anti-tank troop to move to Meerveldhoven to hold on the village (with the 151st leaving, the village would be left unattended). The rest of 9th DLI Bn will remain in defense duty in Veldhoven. Meanwhile 4th Arm Bde has reached its FUP SW of the hamlet of Berkt. They should be attacking soon towards the airport. Some German units are being surprised in the area.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:13:47 AM)

Day 2 – 2h20

4th Arm Bde started attacking towards the airport just an hour ago, in pitch darkness. They were ready to start attacking well before 151st Bde could even be in position in the Habrakan woods. As they are crossing the railway, they encounter a first line of German defense (see picture below). In Meerveldhoven, the combat group team of 9th DLI Bn is unable to secure the village and being heavily fired upon by a well dug-in German Parachute company.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:14:54 AM)

Day 2 – 4h25

Panicked, my intel officer storm in the war room of 50th Infantry Division HQ to announce that 4 or 5 enemy companies (SS troops apparently) are marching in the neiborghood of Stratum, just a few hundred meters from our positions (see picture below). They were coming from the east. Realizing the danger to the heavy artillery regiments of the division, I order 50th Inf Div HQ and support units to start moving south into the woods at once, and at the fastest speed possible. At the same time, I radio in Princess Irene Bde to start moving now towards Stratum to attack these enemy units.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/9/2004 6:15:47 AM)

So that's where I am now ! To be continued later [:D]

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:44:20 AM)

Day 2 – 6h00

I call all brigade commanders for a quick briefing and report. Things are definetely not progressing as I would like them to be. First of all, the Germans are trying to lift up the pressure we are putting on them in the Welshap area by rushing units near the Eindhoven highway. 3/506th Bn reported a few minutes that many German companies are now rushing into Windhoven from the west. I immediately ordered the battalion to form a new perimeter of defense inside Eindhoven to defeat that intrusion, but the 506th strength could be a bit short for that, depending on how many Germans will come in. Also, more SS units are spotted driving towards Stratum. The Dutch of Princess Irene Bde will have a lot of work on their hands.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:46:22 AM)

Day 2 – 6h00 (continued)

In the Welshap area, in spite of fighting hard all night long, 4th Arm Bde did not succeed in piercing the echeloned defense of the Germans protecting the airport (see picture below). I ask the 151st Bde to join the fight by making a hook to the right and attacking the airport from southeast. It is now obvious that Hoffman withdrew all his forces around the airport and he is not going to give up the ground without a major fight.

Fortunately, my 231st Inf Bde should be released at noon and be ready to plunge into the battle, as well as the 506th Regt. I am yet undecided where I will commit them. Depending on the level of penetration the Germans will accomplish into Eindhoven, I might well have to use them to restore our lines there and along the highway, meaning that 4th Arm Bde and 151st Bde would still be on their own to capture the airport. Not a good perspective, considering they have been already fighting for most of the night...


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:47:48 AM)

Day 2 – 6h18

Combat Group Meerveldhoven of 9th DLI reports with some panic that a SS armoured company has shown up in the village, and 17 Panthers have been spotted. I ask them to hold stiff and order artillery support for them.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:49:39 AM)

Day 2 – 8h00

More and more enemy units are appearing on the eastern highway. I am really getting worried. The north-south highway is also cut now by the enemy. The 90th Fd Arty Rgt is also in deep trouble since it cannot disengage fast enough from the enemy and has already lost 4 of his 24 big guns. I will definetely need my 231st Bde ASAP.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:52:12 AM)

Day 2 – 10h30

I am being advised by Brigadier Gordon of 151st Bde that casualties are exceeding the threshold he fixed for the attack. But we have no choice but to continue to push on relentlessly. I ask 9th DLI to evacuate Veldhoven and I reattach this battalion under the 151st command. We will adress other objectives if we have time later but for now, all efforts must go towards capturing the airport. I also ask Brigadier Gordon to step up the agressiveness and the rate of fire of the attack. We need that airport.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:54:03 AM)

Day 2 – 11h30

Pretty much all my divisional artillery (except for 25th Bty of Mdm Mortars) has been attacked and badly beaten up by the enemy around the highway. The fault is all my own since I never provided them with adequate protection and cover. I calculate that my bombardment capacity has been reduced by at least 50%... In the last hours, the gun units have been wandering and running around, trying to find cover. Meanwhile, the Princess Irene Bde has been stopped dead in its tracks.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:56:01 AM)

Day 2 – 12h00

As my 231st Inf Bde is now being available again for operations under my command, I revise the situation.

First of all, I need to do something to restore order on the highway. The penetration that the enemy has managed to accomplish everywhere along it – we only still control objective Hwy 1, completely south of our sector of operations – means we need to do something to plug the gaps and maintain the vital highway open. But how to restore control of the highway? By looking at the bleak situation, it appears to me I am not using Princess Irene Bde correctly. It is quite obvious that Princess Irene Bde is overwhelmed and won’t be able to execute the attack on the eastern highway. They are being pounded by powerful artillery bombardments while trying to go into the open. I need to use them somewhere else where they will have a better chance. So I order the following:

A) Princess Irene is to move west to re-establish control of the Gennep objective.

B) 231st Bde is to move along the highway up to re-establish control of Aalst and Hwy 2 objectives but leaving a guard party at each. Then, it is to move NW to go straight to the Welshap airport through Sliffert in a tight front, in successive lines.

C) The 506th regiment will be tasked of regaining control of Eindhoven and Woensel objective.

These three steps, if it succeeds, should enable us to restore full control of the highway while still having a fair chance of capturing the airport.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:56:31 AM)

Day 2 – 13h30

506th Rgt of 101st Airborne announces it is ready to go into battle under my orders. I order it to move to Eindhoven and retake control of the city.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:57:23 AM)

Day 2 – 15h19

231st Bde announces Aalst objective on the north-south highway is now back in British hands. The brigade is preparing to move towards Welshap. Meanwhile, 506th Rgt is making good progress towards Eindhoven.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:58:05 AM)

Day 2 – 18h30

151st Inf Bde and 4th Arm Bde are making some painful progress towards the airport (see picture below). For this progress to happen though I had to give new orders for an all-out attack regardless of casualties because before that, the units kept stopping and holding back. The 231st Bde has still not started to move towards the airport and is still lined up on the north-south highway. It is being thoroughly harassed and fired upon by enemy units around Gennep.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:59:21 AM)

Day 2 – 19h30

It seems there is a few hundreds SS troops around Gennep according to 231st recon reports. It will be impossible to march towards the Welshap airport before these enemy troops are routed since they can fire in the backs of the 231st, so I order the 231st to attack immediately. Princess Irene Bde is encountering fierce enemy resistance on its side. I order the Dutch Bde to step up the attack and continue to press forward.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 3:59:58 AM)

Day 3 – 00h24

After a long and arduous evening of fight, 4th Arm Bde and 151st Bde announces they have secured the Welshap airport objective (see picture below). We now need to hold on to it. I order Brigadiers Gordon (151st) and Carver (4th) to establish a strong defense perimeter to insure the continued control of the airport.

I can now concentrate my energies to re-establish full control of Hell’s Highway. In Eindhoven, although 506th Rgt has secured most of the downtown, enemy troops remain around and prevent the complete securization of the city. I order the 506th to extend their defense perimeter and energically attack enemy troops. Meanwhile, the 231st Bde is embroiled in a major firefight in Gennep. The SS troops there I tenaciously holding their ground. Hopefully we will regain control of Gennep before tomorrow morning.


Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 4:01:45 AM)

Day 3 – 3h30

I order the 44th Royal Tank Rgt to send its C Coy in Zeelst to secure the village and the D Bty of the 102 AT Rgt to do the same in Meerveldhoven. I also order A,B, and C Recon platoons to secure Veldhoven.

231st Inf Bde, Princess Irene Bde and 506th Rgt do not report significant progress. The resistance of the Germans is major.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 4:15:45 AM)

Day 3 - 8h00

The operation is over, and the scenario is a draw. Although I managed to capture the airport, it is pretty much the only objective I got ! I was not able to recover control of Gennep and Eindhoven, consequently I failed in protecting the highway. Also I could not get any other objective (except Meervelhoven). Yes, the Germans suffered lots of casualties, but so did I too. My 151st Bde, 231st and Princess Irene Bde have all been decimated.

I was thoroughly surprised by this scenario and the AI actions. Obviously, the intel I got in the briefing was wrong but still I should have been more careful, especially in securing the highway.

I especially learned a hard lesson regarding the protection of my artillery assets. Because I thought they were safe, I did not protect them appropriately and they got mauled pretty bad. I suffered about 75% casualties among my divisional artillery. In my opinion, I might have been able to regain control of Gennep and Eindhoven if I would have had all my arty batteries intact.


Golf33 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 10:29:54 AM)

Reads just like my first attempt at TTT. There are some nice traps for the unwary camper in that one!


Mr.Frag -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 5:47:35 PM)

One of the things that threw me for a loop when playing Gary was the different positions that the extra units enter on the map. It really makes this one painful. Just when you think you have your plan down right the game goes and throws you a curveball and your plan goes out the window.

I don't think we had a single game where things went the same way twice.

Tzar007 -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/23/2004 6:32:42 PM)

I agree with you guys, this is a very surprising scenario. At first it looks like a walk in the park, and then things start to go awfully wrong and your panic level rises [:D]

I really enjoyed this one, I felt overwhelmed by the AI at times.

Arjuna -> RE: Terror of the Tyne Tees (4/24/2004 2:24:07 AM)

Great to see. [:D]

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