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KG Erwin -> To New Forum Members: Check in Here (3/25/2004 9:44:21 AM)

Hi. If you're new to to the Matrix forums, and if you wish, you can introduce yourself and let us know a little about you and your prior wargaming experience. Welcome to our community.
KG "Gunny" Erwin

Goblin -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (3/25/2004 4:57:18 PM)

Shouldn't this be in the Training Center, where it asks new recruits to check in?


KG Erwin -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (3/25/2004 6:42:26 PM)

D'oh! You're absolutely right, Goblin.

Goblin -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (3/25/2004 8:13:23 PM)

Its a curse, sometimes...[;)]


minefield -> minefield (3/25/2004 11:05:28 PM)

Hello all,
I have posted an introduction somewhere in this forum, but I decided to post another here. This is actually a new forum identity, since I realized how one actually spells minefield. Anyway, SPWAW is my first venture into IGOUGO wargaming. I'm fairly young with no military experience, so I'm probably not as colorful as some of the members. I am siked about the game though and I hope to contribute to the community.
I am currently living in Raleigh, NC, USA. I like long walks on the beech... oh wait, wrong place for that. I have just started PBEM. I could also do online play. I have 8.1, 7.1, and H2Hfr installed. Send me an email.

And no viking, I'm not ready to be abused by you. I saw how you did that poor Canadian army with those nasty Germans.

Kokoda -> RE: minefield (3/26/2004 8:10:40 AM)


And no viking, I'm not ready to be abused by you. I saw how you did that poor Canadian army with those nasty Germans.

Smart man.

Play a dummy first, like me.

Death Method -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (4/1/2004 5:43:44 PM)

Hi all,

I also introduced myself sort of in another forum. But i'll do it again with some more personal details.

I originally hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (home of the famous (for us canucks) PPCLI 2nd Battallion). Im presently staying in Victoria, British Columbia at the moment but am shipping off to Edmonton, Alberta in about 2 weeks. I have been an avid follower of military history ever since i can remember playing with model soldiers. Supported highly by my father who has a PH.D in counter-insurgency warfare, specifically on the subject on Diem in the Vietnam War. He took his Masters in WWII history i believe, so my questions can always be answered, lucky me :)

My father goes annually to the 'Vietnam Conference' down in Lubbock, Texas to go over what COULD of been done and what not. I actually had the honor not too long ago to go with him and have a steak dinner and beer with many famous American Soldiers, Including: Richard Donlon (Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient), General Theo Mataxis, who served in WWII as a private, Korea, and finally of course, a General in Vietnam.

I also could be caught 'shooting the s**t' with ex-ARVN and even ex-NVA men, truly an honour!!

I would say my primary interest in military history would deffinitely be the 1933 (hitlers rise to power) through to 1945 (capitulation of German forces). Specifically operations conducted by Erwin Rommel and the German Counter-Attack in the Ardennes (ie. 'The Battle of the Bulge' as coined by Churchill).

I look forward to playing this massive SP:WaW game and am excited about the community. I will first have to get used to playing the computer and conducting some campaigns and then you will find me on H2H and what not.

Oh, I also have a suggestion for the Forum Moderator. Could it be possible to start a forum for general military history discussion and recommended books and what not?? I mean, I know this is a gaming site primarily, but im just assuming the people around here love the history also. Or perhaps there is one, and i have overlooked it.

Anyway guys

Thx, and talk soon

KG Erwin -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (4/4/2004 8:31:34 PM)

Actually, Death Method, there is a military history discussion area at This was started by yours truly while I was a moderator over there, so pay the site a visit and sign up on their forums. Many of the member names should be familiar to you, including one "Gunny Erwin". [;)]

Irsmert -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (4/6/2004 11:45:23 PM)


Well lets see, My real name is Bridger Bukantis, and I live 20 miles from Helena, Montana (USA). I'm 15 years old and am a Freshman in Highschool. I have actually been lurking around here since I registered, but (rather obvioustly) this is the first time I have posted.

On to wargame stuff, I've been playing Steel Panthers for probably about a year now, against the AI and a very small amount of hotseat. Before Steel panthers I have played East front 2, Rising Sun, and West front Gold (from Talonsoft). I have never played a real board game, unless you count Axis and Allies and would like to but I doubt I will until I move off to college. I have played the demos of Combat Mission games, but they seem to lack somthing that this games has. I play SPWW2 in addition to SPWAW and am looking forward to Wartime Command, an upcoming realistic RTS\Wargame combo.

Oh, one last note, I play anybody, including Allies with the Sherman.

Ol_Dog -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (4/7/2004 12:55:41 AM)

Welcome Irsmert!


ElSchlocko -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (4/12/2004 4:38:40 AM)

hey all
the first computer game i ever got was old-school Steel Panthers 1, and that just started me off on strategy gaming.
of course, eventually computers actually got too fast for me to play SP on, so it just became a memory. then i read about SPWAW in cgw and the first thing i did was to download it and start terrorising the opposing force all over again.
so now i'm just getting used to the quirks of the new engine and trying my hand at designing a few scenarios. so far its going good, and i'm open to doing some multiplay action, but i dunno how that'll work.

Irsmert -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (4/12/2004 8:38:50 AM)

Welcome to the SPWAW board, as you can see in my above post,I'm also kinda new here. If you didn't already know this, you can also dowload Steel Panthers: World War 2, another full, free SP mod. I'm not necisarely recommending it, i'm just thinking that you might be intreasted. I play both, and they are defenitly different games. Well enjoy your stay here and, as I've read, the moderator's bar is always open. [:)]

Barham -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (5/19/2004 12:53:38 AM)


Well this is my first ever attempt at wargaming apart from a few attempts on Allied general a long long long time ago, so any help and advice is most welcom,


KG Erwin -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (5/19/2004 1:15:53 AM)

Welcome aboard, Barham. If you have any questions, the staff and members will do their best to give you an answer. The first thing I would recommend is looking over the SPWaW Manual, which can be found in the main folder. If you can print it out, so much the better. Otherwise, this community is the most helpful you will find in assisting newcomers to the game system.

Belirahc -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (5/23/2004 5:41:08 AM)

Checking in...

I am not entirely new to wargaming, since I grew up during the wonderful 80's when Avalon Hill/Victory Games was the major contributor of the genre. Even though I have tried to learn most of the games I have, I had very few opponents during the days before AH was bought out. I have tried my hand at many of the older computer games, but never got into them for too long. I guess I kind of got out of the hobby.

However, I have recently pulled out my copy of Squad Leader and began to look over it again. It is a pain to play single player, but I have been able to understand things a little better lately. Of course, this has brought me back into the hobby, and my search for computerized games has led me to places such as this.

Luckily, Steeler13 was kind enough to send me a copy of the game, and while I have yet to really get into learning the game, I am reading through the manual so I can hopefully start to test myself against those here.

Until that day comes my friends, I salute you.

fresherpostie9 -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (5/23/2004 8:08:07 PM)

Hi always been interested in all things military but never got into wargaming before. After hogging the PC downloading the [:)]!!!FREE!!![:)] game and playing around with it a bit I am very impressed. What I need now is some guidance on what units to buy when assembling my forces, whats a good balance between infantry,artillary,armour and transport etc also any good recommendations for books on tactics would be a graet help.
I am enjoying playing the game but would like to get a bit deeper into it than just moving forward and trying to blow up all I meet,
Many thanks for any advice and I look forward to many hours of gaming

Hida Bukkorosu -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (6/1/2004 8:37:10 AM)

hello, my prior turn-based wargaming experience is risk, milton bradley's Shogun, advance wars for the GBA, and battletech

c00k1e -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (6/1/2004 3:36:45 PM)

Hi all.

Im a very old feeling 35 yr old coming back to wargames after a long time in the wilderness. I have no military background myself.

Grandfather was at Dunkirk, and then fought thru Nth Africa and Italy and I started with wargames after finding out all the details myself, as he didnt like to talk about the war, a long time ago with some SSI stuff then Fire Brigade on the Amiga (Still my favourite).

Found SPWaW and decided to give wargames another go (Hey its free so no loss). played it very badly and then found Squad Assault in my Local store for £5 and decided to see if I could play better with smaller units.

So I am very green [8|] despite my previous experience.

Marcelo -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (6/7/2004 8:14:52 PM)

Hi everybody!
I'm new in this place, but not with the game
I have the 7.1 version and desert fox, lost victories and guadalcanal camp.

Toivo -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (6/8/2004 10:30:52 PM)


I'm from Europe, Baltic States, Estonia.
I have been playing SPWAW:H2H nearly two years now, in TheBlitz club mostly. So some of you here might know me[;)]
I have not been in active military service but my grandfather was in WW2 on german side, artillery.

spooky2004 -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (6/21/2004 5:20:05 AM)

Hi everyone,

im a newbie here, but have had a great interest in military topics for many years. I see this game is an upgraded tactical level of steel panthers 3. My question please here is that is it possible to use this upgraded game to play modern day combat (m1a1, bradleys etc) nato vs warsaw pact, or is it strictly historical. I played spII for a while, but could never get it working under XP correctly. Alternatively can anyone suggest a good game that would fit my request. Frankly so many have been disapointments.

thanks for any info

Yamashita -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (6/24/2004 8:52:16 PM)

Hello thought maybe I should introduce myself, after all the great help folks here have given me.

Picked Yamashita on the spur of the moment. Born & raised in So. Illinois USA. Spent 7 years in Japan & am happily married to a Yamato Nadeshko-Japanese Flower.

Interested in WW2 history since jr high, 1st wargame was Panzer leader & also bought a bunch of Avalon Hill games tho usually played them by myself- just 1 or 2 others i knew were interested.

When I got a computer & read a review of Steel Panthers I was thrilled.
glad to have SP as real life time considerations make learning a new game system frustrating.

Really enjoy war games, not so keen on the whole war thing in real life tho. Real tragedy when it can't be avoided.

Carnac -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (6/26/2004 12:30:16 PM)

Hi all,

i am completely new to this forum, and besides a bit of PanzerGeneral i haven't played any turn based war games so far (i have played a _lot_ of Heroes of Might & Magic though, but that's not really a wargame).
However, i'm studying political science, so i also have a certain interest in war and (its) history.
I'm 22 and from Germany, studying in Munich ;)

Having started reading this forum today -just after a friend of mine showed me SP:WAW- i wondered if someone could give me a link where all the abbrevations you use all the time are explained ;) Because i don't get them all

madhatter -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (6/26/2004 8:42:23 PM)

Thought I'd introduce myself. I actually posted here a few months ago for the first time, but some real-life committments kept me from pursuing this game further until now (at which point I am getting very addicted). I used to play the old SP through DOS and was thrilled when I found this because DOS games don't seem to want to run too well on WinXP (sound drivers give me hell in emulation).

Hmm... I've never played any hex-based board games like this, but used to play stuff like Axis and Allies and Shogun aka Samurai Swords. The closest computer game I can think of that I played was Civil War Generals I & II, both of which I enjoyed immensely.

I'm also friends with Mangudai, who I've known most of my life and played said games against. I got him to download this game, knowing he'd like it and didn't know he was lurking around here posting stuff and playing the game until after I started a pbem with him, which explains why he mauled me ... in a totally unrelated question [;)], can anyone tell me the best way to counterattack someone who mortars me into submission?

My favorite country to play thus far is Germany. Mainly because I like Tigers, even if I haven't been able to use them effectively enough in any games.

Cdat -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (7/4/2004 1:21:18 AM)

Hello, Just over from warmongers to check this group out! Have heard from Goblin how great it is, how he weilds god-like powers, how all the members bow to him...I know I will pay for that Goblin, I have no doubt) anyway, I am a 36 year old male, 8 year veteran of the US Army, living in sunny South Florida, and my wargaming goes back to the dark ages of a board game called Victory in the Pacific, by Avalon Hill. Other than that, some Battletech in the service (passes the time and teaches some good tactical rules) and my most Recent introduction to Steel Panthers, thanks to those nice folks coming over to 'mongers, so be nice until I get my feet on the ground, then have at 'em!

ScyldSceafing -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (7/6/2004 5:59:20 PM)

Hello there! I'm completely new to the forum, and fairly new to SPWAW.

My gaming background is pretty varied. In wargaming, I've had to content myself largely with solo things. When I was a kid (20 years ago or so), for example, I had a copy of War of the Ring from SPI and no one to play it with. So I devised what I called "Random Opponent," which was a series of tables to serve as a very rudimentary AI for Sauron. Needless to say, Sauron's reputation as a tactical thinker took a beating when those tables were used. <laughs> So I'd say that my experience with wargames is that of the avid newbie - I love playing them and I've had good experiences consistently, but opportunities for play have been few and far between. Hopefully I'll be able to rectify that by making contact with y'all.

I am an inveterate gamer, though, and much more experienced in other spheres of the gamer subculture. I run a weekly pen-and-paper roleplaying game that is just a blast. I play a startling number of hours in a massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game called Dark Age of Camelot, which in its endgame is a massively multiplayer fantasy wargame played from a first-person perspective.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone, and hopefully getting my brains beaten in a few times while I learn the ropes. <grins> I won't ask you to take it easy on me, since that's not what war is about. Lay waste to me, then explain what you were thinking, and I'll feel great about the exchange.

rrockw -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (7/6/2004 7:35:56 PM)


I just discovered that Steel Panthers has been resurrected not long ago and have really enjoyed playing it again. I purchased Steel Panthers I when it first came out and became a scenario beta tester for one of the developers. I also designed a few scenarios, the best being a battle between the 12th SS Panzer Division "Hitlerjugend" and the Canadians. Does anyone remember or have this scenario as I would like to re-work it?

Looking forward to becoming involved again!

Rich Rockwood

cyberdoc -> RE: To New Forum Members: Check in Here (7/8/2004 8:02:23 AM)

New to the game and the forum. Names, Howard, 32 From Charlotte, NC Am more used to RTS games than Turn based war games on my PC. Am a fan of tabletop wargames such as Warhammer 40K as well as warhammer and other genres. So far from what I have read and played I think I will enjoy this game alot. Thanks to Matrix for giving away such an awesome game.

Fossiili -> Fossiili introducing himself and his problems ... (7/21/2004 9:25:00 AM)

I'm a grandfather over 70 living in rural Northern Finnland (Tyrnävä). I have playd Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin and and I'm designing a hypothetical combat around my home.
I'm interested in Steel Panthers and a kind person sent me version 8. It seems to install right, but when I start it I only get the start panel and video, the game itself does not start. I have been told that SPWW is difficult. I do not believe that, the rumor of it's difficulty depends of the difficulties to get it running in a reasonable way.

Yamashita -> RE: Fossiili introducing himself and his problems ... (7/21/2004 4:05:34 PM)

Try using the Quick Start from your programs menu. The regular start didn't work for me with version 8.0d
All the best to you !

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