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MarkShot -> ROF - question (3/25/2004 2:47:47 AM)

Dave or Steve,

You may have stated this in the past, but I don't recall.

(1) What's the multiplier involved with ROF of SLOW, NORMAL, and RAPID?

(2) Does the multiplier always apply or is it further constrained by how many rounds the guns could actually handle per unit time either due to: speed of loaders, tube heat, or repositioning/realigning between volleys?


Golf33 -> RE: ROF - question (3/25/2004 3:16:52 AM)

ROF are determined by weapon. You can check them in the ScenMaker.

Units that have insufficient manpower to operate all their weapons will suffer a reduction in ROF.


MarkShot -> RE: ROF - question (3/25/2004 3:19:30 AM)

So, you are saying that each weapon can have it's own unique SLOW, NORMAL, and RAPID which is not based on any fixed multiplier?

I asked this since I was mainly interested in how much faster arty would deplete when BOMBARDS were done at NORMAL and RAPID.


Golf33 -> RE: ROF - question (3/25/2004 6:53:55 AM)

Not only can, but do. The ROF is set in each weapon in rounds per minute.

There are some broad similarities between weapons of similar classes, but that's about it.


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