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Marc von Martial -> Take a Virtual Features Tour! (2/18/2004 7:27:21 PM)


for those that are still undecided [:D] we have a Virtual Tour online now at


click on the Virtual Tour link and enjoy. Flashplayer needed.

Thanks to "Markshot" for storyline and texts.

Grouchy -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (2/18/2004 8:59:18 PM)

Nicely done!

Golf33 -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (2/19/2004 12:22:43 AM)

Nice work MarkShot!


Yakstock -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (2/19/2004 1:24:33 AM)


Willard -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (2/19/2004 2:52:20 AM)

I already decided...but that was great!!!
nice job!!!

perpster -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (2/19/2004 5:50:27 AM)

Great Job! Sending this link to friends who will be a great way to get them interested.

Spickle -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (2/19/2004 10:08:26 AM)

Great work. Now if only I could get the game.

JeF -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (2/22/2004 12:47:53 PM)

Good work Marc and Mark.
Very professional.

If I may risk a little critic, I would say that it is a bit too static. It doesn't say a lot about the coutinuous time approach of the game. When it says : "units move with bounding overwatch", why don't we see them moving ? Wouldn't it be good to watch the units following waypoints, an attack unfolding, the AI deploying a defense in line ?

BTW, I watched this at work (I couldn't wait more than 32 seconds [;)]) and did not enable sound. Did I miss sumefink ?


[edited to remove pointless PS and to add:]
By curiosity, I went to see what can be a downloadable demo for a boardgame at locknloadgame.com.
And there is a virtual tour, describing the play sequence of the board game, with moving counters and rolling dices. Very nice.

MarkShot -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (3/6/2004 2:18:54 AM)

Ah, JeF, I hadn't noticed this question before.

I agree that even more animation would have been nice. However, I came up with the tour idea during the Summer after Dave had posted some development screenshots.

I thought it would be nice to have a set a screenshots that focused on features as compared to the historical richness of the game (which was the emphasis of Dave's series). So, I did an outline, series of shots, and brief texts. In my mind, I was simply thinking of another development gallery Web page.

So, what got passed to Marc was entirely static. Despite that, he managed to breath an incredible of amount of life and feeling into it as he rolled it into a shockwave presentation.

So, you are right (if we had been thinking interactive at the start), it certainly could have been much more than it is. Maybe for BFTB! :) {and you can do the French subtitles}

daft -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (3/8/2004 8:01:51 PM)

I tried the virtual tour and ordered the game yesterday. With a little luck I'll be playing HTTR by this time tomorrow evening. Can't wait! [8D]

Tzar007 -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (3/8/2004 11:36:51 PM)

Always good to have a new player around !

Tell us how it goes when you get it !

daft -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (3/9/2004 7:05:36 AM)

Will do! I've surfing around reading AAR's and looking at screenshots just to wet my apetite a bit. Just a couple more hours before i get it. :)

Brady -> RE: Take a Virtual Features Tour! (3/11/2004 7:26:28 AM)

Very Cool!, I will share this on another forum I frequent, as I am very fond of this game:)

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