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daft -> RE: Tips thread (7/9/2005 5:51:48 PM)


I'm very impressed with all your posts and they have indeed enrichened my experiences with the game. After reading the official strategy guide as well as this thread several times, I'm now taking my time finding the best attack routes and most suitable defensive positions everytime I play. Before, I took a more casual approach, charging in without doing much recon or giving second thoughts to where to place my arty, or even if I should detach them at all. A highly commendable effort on your part. Thanks for making me get the most out of HttR! [&o]

MarkShot -> RE: Tips thread (7/9/2005 8:18:31 PM)


My pleasure.

I started doing guides/instruction when playing flight sims. I quickly found that they helped me very much too. The process of analyzing what works and what fails and why ... allows the instructor to further refine things as he seeks even better results. Additionally, in trying to formalize concepts so that they can be conveyed to others, one develops clear frameworks by which to examine situations and measure results.

In the end, it is the instructor who becomes the student and learns the most. There you have it; a very Taoist perspective on wargaming strategy. :)

daft -> RE: Tips thread (7/9/2005 8:37:47 PM)


You helped me become a better pilot in EAW, so if you ever find yourself in Sweden, the beer's on me. If your Taoistic philosophy allows alcoholic beverages that is. [;)]

Bonxa -> RE: Tips thread (7/12/2005 6:07:05 PM)

I've read all of it (and some of your Shoot to kill guide too[:D]). It's great stuff to learn the game mechanics even though I like to experiment with the tactics myself.

So to answer your questions:

1 - Me!

2 - Some of it. It was so quick and easy to buy the downloadable game that I had it in my hands before reading through all of this.

3 - Yes, I read the rest of it before getting fully into the game. There is a lot of detail which is mostly good. It's important to keep the structure that you have done so it's comparatively easy to find a specific topic. The most important stuff in this kind of guide are the small tips that you don't find in the manual such as the ~ key and which orders can be modified without order delay.

4 - Changes and improvements from HTTR. Also possibly changes due to the different era and terrain of the theater. Exemplifying AARs are also welcome. [:)]

5 - Maybe edit in all the regular stuff in the beginning of the thread and then let the questions flow in the latter part?

James Sterrett -> RE: Tips thread (7/13/2005 12:16:36 AM)

(1) Who is reading this stuff?

Me. :)

(2) Did you read this material prior to purchasing HTTR? If so, did it help with your decision?

Nope. If I had not already bought it, then it would have helped.

(3) Did you read this material after purchasing HTTR? If so, did it help you get more out of the game? What concepts or topics were most helpful?

Yep. Most useful? Seeing various tricks and techniques for getting forces to coordinate. Though I'm still abysmal at the game. :)

(4) If I produce some form of materials for COTA, any comments on what would be the greatest value to you?

More of the same? :) Commentary on how to get the most out of the new features and how-they-work-under-the-hood.

(5) None of the above {a beta-tester with a stickied thread and keyboard is dangerous and future testers should be resticted to only using the mouse}

No. :)

MarkShot -> RE: Tips thread (7/14/2005 1:03:04 AM)

Thanks for your feedback.

marc420 -> RE: Tips thread (8/11/2005 3:30:46 AM)

Well, this is my second time through....

I bought HTTR awhile back. Played it for awhile, and then took it off my hard drive. IIRC, HTTR only runs if installed on my laptop. So it has to fight for limited space on that small hard drive (if I can, I install most software on the 200+GB drives I have on my desktop and run the software over the network).

I bought the game based on what I'd heard. I read this the first time trying to figure out how to play it, and now months later I'm doing it the same again.

COTA --- probably not. Unless the price is much lower than I expect from Matrix, I doubt I'll buy it. The Matrix model of constantly reselling the same game system under new titles, and then charging the maximum possible price for each means I simply can't buy every title that comes out.

Thanks for writing this. I doubt I could have played the game at all without this sort of info.

MarkShot -> RE: Tips thread (8/11/2005 4:01:48 AM)


You are welcome.

If it is any consellation, I can tell you no one has been getting rich off of RDOA/HTTR/COTA. It seems that the unit sales for this type of game just aren't enough to support a regular software development team a la standard computer industry practices. It seems that the only type of people who manage to work on games like these are crazed fanatics who love living the dream more than money. Sometimes I don't know how Dave O'Connor (one of the principles) manages to keep at this. He is no youngster ... has a family and responsibilities.

So, I don't think pricing by Panther and Matrix are predatory. Rather it reflects how narrow a niche market this is. Sad but true ... at least, there are a few dedicated individuals who cling to their dream regardless of the challenges ... and there is the Internet so that they can find that small niche market regardless of where they may reside.

Dave, Paul, Steve, and Adam ... take a bow! :)

Arjuna -> RE: Tips thread (8/11/2005 4:08:44 AM)


Please rest assured that COTA will not be a glorified scenario pack. We've spend two years now adding a plethora of new features. Check them out HERE.

Our policy is to continue to push the envelope here. Each new release will come with at least one or more new features. COTA comes with dozens of new features.

Analog Kid -> RE: Tips thread (8/11/2005 9:09:57 AM)

I have a question about line of sight, at the edges of terrain (woods, town, industrial, etc) facing open area. I want my Companies to dig in and 'overwatch' the open area. Where do I place the icon so that the unit is in cover and concealment while maintaining maximum overwatch of open areas?



[&o]MarkShot what a pleasure to see you involved in this game I just recently bought.
Your STK/EAW: Shoot to Kill / European Air War, has helped me understand the exact point in a Dogfight that I F***ed up :). Energy Mangement, the phyics of air combat explained in your the easy to understand/accessiable manual (even if i don't understand the math) has made me a better computer combat pilot, and even helped me with car racing games. I suck without alt nomatter how many times I read it, lol. Like the guy from sweden , if you ever in Denver ,Colorado I'll buy you a beer or three.[&o]

In the thread "Highway to the Reich >> Hello!...a few questions" you said

"....Perhaps, in real life detailed time tables and schedules are for railroads and not combat."

I beg to differ. Without time there is no cordination, there is no plan. Having served in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout ( Armored Recon ) I can tell you with experence that time is one very important componant of any battle plan. METT-T (Mission, Enemy, Terrain(weather), Troops and Time avaliable ) is applied to any order recieved. Without time, mission planning cannot be completed. What I would like to see is an option of a time delay at the FUP before the attack and an EST. time of completion for orders issued. That in IMHO would make it easier to plan mulitiple unit ( esp BN/BGE level attacks ) attacks. Chris Craford's Battle of the Bulge, all tho simple ( and very old from the days of the IBM 286, 2MB of RAM WOOHOO ), was great in being able to plan attacks with mulitable units/formations aproaching from difference directions using time.

Yes combat timetables are not as rigid as the railroad's, and we all know the no plan surives contact with the enemy, but time is the one thing that cannot be resupplied. Time tables and schedules are very important.

For Reference.
An explaination of METT-T from a book that I wasnt supposed to take with me when I left the Army :) ,Scout Platoon. METT-T is just 1 of the 8 steps in a plan. Which are called 'Troop-Leading Procedures'. Hope ya'll find it intresting.


Troop-Leading Procedures
1.Receive and analyze the mission
2.Issue a warning order
3.Make a tentative plan * this is METT-T *
4.Initiate movement
6.Complete the plan
7.Issue the order
8.Supervise and refine


-What tasks did the commander say must be accomplished (specified tasks)?
-What other tasks must be accomplished to conduct the mission (implied tasks)?
-What is the commander's intent?
-Based on the commander's intent, which of my tasks are absolutely essential?

-What type of unit are we up against?
-Where is he?
-What is he doing?
-How strong is he?
-What kind of equipment does he have?
-What are his capabilities?
-Where is he vunerable?
-Where are his kill zones/fire sacks?
-What are his intentions?
-What can he do in responce to friendly actions?

-Where can I effectively observe and engage the enemy?
-Where are the best covered and conceled routes?
-Where are the natural obstacles and how can they affect maneuvers?
-Where are the likely areas for enemy emplaced obstacles and how can they affect maneuvers?
-Are there bypasses or must obstacles be overcome?
-Where is the key terrain?
-How can key terrain be used in support of the mission?
-Where are the best avenues of approach for the enemy and friendly forces?
-How has the recent weather affected the area of operations?
-Will the weather become better or worse during the mission?
-How will fog, rain, dust, heat, snow, wind, or sand affect my men and equipmentduring the mission?

-What is the present condition of the vehicles, equipment, and men?
-What is the status on ammunition, fuel and supplies?
-What is the state of the training of the platoon?
-What is the state of morale?
-How much sleep have the men had?
-How much sleep can the men get?
-Does the platoon need any additional equipment to support or accomplish its mission?

-How much time is available to plan and conduct reconnaissance?
-How much time is available for rearming, refueling, and resupply?
-How long will it take the platoon to move to the line of departure (LD), the objective, or the OP's?
-Do we have time to conduct rehearsals?

This analysis of METT-T is by no means an all-inclusive list, but it should help the platoon leader in his planning process. Eventually, the platoon leader should come up with one or more courses of action. He must choose the best course of action based on the advantages and disadvantages of each course.


The platoon leader must be able to refine his plan as new information becomes available. If he adjust the plans, his platoon must be informed. Once the operation has commenced, the platoon leader must be able to adapt quickly to new situations and new orders. Flexibilty is the key to effective operations


When time is available, there is no substitute for a good tactical plan. The odds of sucess increase conciderably when detailed planning and rehersal are used prior to an operation, Give good start instructions. Do not let troops down by failing to plan and practice an operation, even when time is short. Make the most of every available minute.


Arjuna -> RE: Tips thread (8/11/2005 11:04:10 AM)

Analog Kid,

I agree that timing can be critical in military planning. One option on the wish list is to provide the means to coordinate tasks by allowing the player to set "no move before timings and HHours for attacks. We'll be considering this for future games.

MarkShot -> RE: Tips thread (8/11/2005 4:18:00 PM)

Analog Kid,

Nice to hear from another prop head that goes way back. Ah, those were grand days!

In answer to your question, I usually place the task marker a little back from the boundary and assume it is working properly when the terrain is indicated to be what I want and the TLOS tool shows contact between my unit and the enemy when they are in the open. Depending on how dug in and what the enemy is doing, you may also derive a differential sighting advantage for a while too (meaning you see them, but not the other way around ... nice when you have arty to call in).

I have come across "METT-T" someplace before, but I don't recall when or where (I also play such games as CM series and SMG ...).


Now, to ramble:

I did get some sim racing exposure, but was never very good. (racing requires superb reflexes {shifting, braking, turning in just a few seconds} ... air combat has more strategy and maneuver selection/execution focus ... of course it is possible that my less than stellar reflexes made me into an "energy fighter" as opposed to a "stall fighter" ...). Sim racing definitely has fascinating physics which is much more exposed to the player than what is under the hood in flight sims.

My latest interest is subs. After four efforts at Sub Command (SCXIIC mod) since 2001, a light bulb finally went off and all the pieces are comming together. Having a blast.

Years ago myself and the Mrs. spent a couple of weeks in Colorado. We loved Rocky Mountain National Park ... Thanks for the invite. :)

Enjoy HTTR!

BK6583 -> RE: RDOA Map Use in HTTR (12/10/2005 5:27:46 PM)


The more I see of the HTTR map the more I really like the look of the RDOA maps you've used in your tutorial. How do I load that map set?


MarkShot -> RE: RDOA Map Use in HTTR (12/10/2005 5:41:35 PM)

Get a copy of the "RDOA Classic" file. If you cannot find it anyplace, then PM me with an email address.

Back up the MapPat.BMP and MapPatA.BMP in:

E:\Games\HTTR\Graphics\Map (wherever you installed)

Unzip the contents to:

E:\Games\HTTR\Graphics\Map (wherever you installed)

Then, you will have RDOA's "high contrast look" as compared to HTTR's "it's green world look".


MarkShot -> RE: RDOA Map Use in HTTR (1/13/2006 12:22:26 AM)

--- Public service announcement ---

See first post of this thread in green text.

MarkShot -> RE: RDOA Map Use in HTTR (2/25/2006 11:43:10 PM)

--- Public service announcement ---

See first post of this thread in green text - Battle Planning Checklist.

MarkShot -> RE: RDOA Map Use in HTTR (6/5/2010 7:57:01 PM)

4 years since I have posted here about time for something new!

Why post this here? Well, it's of greatest interest to those who also play COTA and BFTB.

I just implemented a script that basically makes HTTR's mouse/keyboard handling consistent with COTA/BFTB.

To use it, you will need to download and install a free scripting utility at (this is amazingly powerful piece of software; highly recommended).

Then, paste the following into a file call "Consistent.ahk". When you run HTTR, double click on the file. It will start the script. When you are done playing, simply right click on the green H in the system tray and exit Autohotkey. NOTE: This remapping only affects HTTR as it is explicitly looks for that Window name.

Here is the script (pretty easy to read if you know anything about programming). The formatting will probably get lost due to the forum software. If you would like to download the original, then you can find it here:



; Makes mouse and function key handling in HTTR consistent with COTA/BFTB
; Mark Kratzer (aka MarkShot) - 06/05/10 (revised 06/05/10)

#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.


#IfWinActive, Airborne Assault

; Reverse mouse wheel handling


; Swap keys F1<->F4, F2<->F3, F7->F10




; Overload F5(F5|F6), F6(F7|F8|F9)

If (F5state=1)
Send {F5}
Send {F6}

If (F6state=1)
Send {F7}
If (F6state=2)
Send {F8}
Send {F9}

MarkShot -> RE: RDOA Map Use in HTTR (6/5/2010 9:36:04 PM)

I have just created a compiled version of this and added it to the ZIP on my site.

If you use the AHK file, then you must have AutoHotKey installed to run it.

If you use the EXE file, then there is no need install anything. Just run the EXE when you want your mouse/keys remapped in HTTR.

MarkShot -> RE: RDOA Map Use in HTTR (6/6/2010 7:38:57 PM)

Oh, cool another new post for an old game ...


Similar to what I did for COTA and BFTB, I am making a scenario complexity analysis (both as an XLS for you to manipulate and a PDF for those who don't use spreadsheets) available for download.

The following roll up data comes out of this analysis for HTTR:

37 Scenarios


12/230/83 duration in hours
26/700/251 total units
2/18/9 Axis objectives
2/18/9 Allied objectives

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