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2003 Game of the Year - PC Wargame

"Korsun Pocket is arguably the best traditional hex-based wargame of all time."
"Korsun Pocket is the runaway winner of wargame of the year -- and ranks among the best in the genre of all-time."

PC Gamer - William R. Trotter - November 2003
93%, Editor Choice
"The best wargame ever made for the PC. A monumental achievement in Game Design. It is the Mount Everest, the Beethoven�s Ninth, and Moby **** of PC Wargames, and it absolutly qualifies as a genuine work of art."

Computer Gaming World - September 2003 issue
5 out of 5 stars, Editors Choice
"The best hex-based wargame ever made. Period."
"Somehow, Korsun Pocket manages to capture everything that's compelling about historical wargaming and presents it as a tremendous game."

Gamershall (www.gamershall.de)
80% - Silver Award

gute Spielumsetzung , gute Detailtreue und hervorragende AI verleiht Gamershall den Silver Award ! "

84%, Silver Award

"It is probably THE best hex strategy game out to date though, and indeed possibly one of the best single campaign one too. If you like true-to-life, historical battles or are an avid strategist there�s only one thing left to say� Why are you still here reading this review?� you should be on the way out to buy this game!!"


ACE Games - 8/10

Gamershall (german) 80%

Gamespot 8.6 - Great

Icronticgames.com 84%

GameZone- 7.6

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