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ab067 -> Game lagging in multiplayer (1/6/2018 8:47:11 PM)

Just bought PzC Gold.

Playing multiplayer and towards the end of my turn, the game starts to really lag, especially when purchasing units.

My drivers are all up to date, I turned off the sound/music, still no joy. I checked online, some history with vague fixes.

Is this a solveable problem?

I have an Inspiron 640M laptop, win xp, 4gb ram, core duo 1.6ghz, 224 mb video ram.

While I'm dealing with that there a hotkey for centering the map over a hex?

ie when I go to next unit, it might be on the edge of my screen. How can I center the map? With the lag it makes gameplay a little frustrating.

ab067 -> RE: Game lagging in multiplayer (1/7/2018 11:37:51 AM)

I rec'd an answer to my question from the Slitherine forum

I need a faster system with win 7. 😉

Postby zakblood_slith 07 Jan 2018 10:25

Is this a solve-able problem?
yes update your hardware and buy a new one, even the slowest and cheapest on the market atm will be leaps and bounds faster than the one your using,... i'm sorry to say.

so a out of date laptop, and old version of windows, onboard video with no ram and your wondering if it's fixable? answer is yes and welcome to the forum, you may not like the reply or answer though mind you, as it's not a software issue,...

640M laptop, win xp, 4gb ram, core duo 1.6ghz, 224 mb video ram

windows xp, so lets leave this bit out of the equation for now, and go to the roots of the issue

1.6GHz Intel Core Duo T2050 processor, the lowest of the low, a dual core, in a cut down laptop low power and low cpu version, at best, running off mains and with everything turned off, little to no background services running and with power saving mode and screen savers and a clean boot, it will work, but slow on the larger battles

4gb of ram on a 32bit o/s so only

Amount of virtual address space per 32-bit process, 2 GB (3 GB if the /3GB switch is added to the Boot.ini file)

x64-based versions, 2 GB (4 GB if the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE option is used)

and a onboard GPU acting as cpu and vga combo, so slowing both the cpu down even more to do the GPU part with no ram 224 mb

imo, do a fresh install of windows, only load a startup the programs you need to run windows, eg next to nothing, a clean boot

upgrade all drives to the latest version, clear out the boot log of anything it loaded by default.

get a game friendly AV, and use the built in firewall and leave it at that,

turn off screen saves and all power saving functions and run off mains, not battery, to make your cpu run at full power, not slower and make sure your running a 64bit version and not a 32bit one so at least you can use the ram in the laptop.

windows xp is 12 years old, so if the hardware is the same, which is looks that way, it's coming to the end of it's life and you have really had your money out of it 10 plus times over, time for a new one and you won't have the issues your having :oops:

zakblood -> RE: Game lagging in multiplayer (1/7/2018 12:59:28 PM)

it's comes to us all, i still use some dual core pc's for testing, but game playing now, they just don't serve the purpose they did when released, still good though for plenty of things btw, but for me, they need a more modern O/S to really get a bit more juice out of them, but low end GPU and onboard a CPU cache ones, are only going to make it worse, not better, shame really

ab067 -> RE: Game lagging in multiplayer (1/7/2018 4:32:02 PM)

The laptop still runs my SSG titles and JT series, so it'll be fine for that.

I'll just run PzC on my other slightly faster computer. 😊

Computer upgrades never change.

I can remember being envious of my friend who had an 8087 and I had an 8086 in my clone.......until I bought a 80286!

zakblood -> RE: Game lagging in multiplayer (1/7/2018 4:50:36 PM)

yep, been there and done that, 386, and then a 486dx with my first 85mb HD etc :)

and yes the 85mb not a typo[:D]

demyansk -> RE: Game lagging in multiplayer (1/7/2018 9:28:02 PM)

Don't show all the battles on the preferences,

Yes, remember the price of a hd? I remember paying $ 300 for 100MB in 1991. It was an extra hd for games, my 40MB was getting full. I needed more room for all my SSG, Microprose, titles. I played a lot of Gunship 2000 and M1 Tank Platoon. All dos based os system.

By the way, I also h ave an old laptop with Vista, what can I do with it? Garbage?

ab067 -> RE: Game lagging in multiplayer (1/8/2018 12:26:37 AM)


Load it with Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and run win98se software.

zakblood -> RE: Game lagging in multiplayer (1/8/2018 4:19:11 AM)

use it for older games and yes a pure net pc, then only use the newer one for gaming

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