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warspite1 -> Help Required Please (12/22/2017 6:48:35 AM)

Hello I am desperately trying to save my game (see link below). Can anyone assist please?�

OldSarge -> RE: Help Required Please (12/27/2017 4:00:59 PM)

An OutOfMemory error is thrown whenever there isn't enough contiguous address space to satisfy the application's request. Are you using a 32 or 64 bit OS?

That being said, the first place to look might be your pagefile. I think on all versions of Windows it is in the same place.

Look in Control Panel -> System -> Advanced Settings -> Performance -> Settings -> Advanced. There should be a box labeled Virtual Memory. The value indicates the amount of memory the OS uses for managing application memory requests. Typically, by default, it should be the same size as the amount of RAM you have installed. Please verify that it is set to a reasonable value.

If it is set properly, it could be that you have other applications running that are fragmenting the file. Have you reduced the number of concurrent applications that you're running?

What I find odd is the size of your save file. It is significantly larger than my own, although I haven't gotten into the third day yet.


warspite1 -> RE: Help Required Please (12/27/2017 10:10:11 PM)

Thanks for trying to help. Apparently my:

Total Paging File size for all drives is 617MB. That means nothing to me but perhaps you would know if that is good or bad?

I see its also says:

Total paging file size for all drives 16MB
Recommended 1917MB
Currently allocated 617MB.

OldSarge -> RE: Help Required Please (12/27/2017 10:49:03 PM)

That sounds about right for Windows 10, provided the paging file is set to 'system managed'. The OS will automatically resize it as required.

I'm still wondering how your .dc1 file got to be so large, but I'm afraid that is a question for Vic. On my setup, if I start Case Yellow and then save the file size is only 587 kb.

warspite1 -> RE: Help Required Please (12/28/2017 4:04:18 AM)

Thank-you for trying to help. I have PM'd Vic so hopefully he will come back after the holiday. Yes, I think it must be the file size - but why it should be that size is the question I think?........

Vic -> RE: Help Required Please (12/28/2017 6:53:33 AM)


What seems to have happened is that while saving the game you had an error (maybe an out-of-memory as well?) or a hiccup during compression of the save file. (possible solution: maybe turn of anti-virus software if present or add DC to the greenlist)

That would explain the huge file size.

So your current problem is you cannot load the huge file right? because of the out-of-memory error shown in the screenshot?

If you upload that huge file to for example WeTransfer or DropBox and send me a link/invite i'll take a look if I can recover it for you. No promises, but i can take a look for sure.

Also please click on the 'details' button of the error and copy-paste the text there to give me some more information.

Best wishes,

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