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ErikCumps -> War Cabinet 0.6.2 is available! (3/3/2017 10:53:31 PM)

War Cabinet version 0.6.2 has just been released!

The files can be found on GitHub in the usual place.

Unfortunately I am still not allowed to post links. (I should post here more often, I know...)

So, Major, if you would be so kind to post a link to the release page and to
the screenshots page for me, I'd be much obliged. [:)]

With the improved unit detection fix for issue #4, the list of units detected
by Warcab version 0.6.1 and older can be different from the list of units
detected by this version of Warcab. This means in fact that the dossier files
created by version 0.6.1 and older are no longer compatible with and they
cannot be loaded by this release.

Fixed issue #3:
A regression caused battle and turn losses to not be reported.

Fixed issue #4:
The unit detection was not completely accurate.

Fixed issue #5:
The SPWAW2016 solitaire autosave savegame could not be processed

New feature - saving stratmap images:
In recognition of the support by Major Mess in fixing issues #4 and #5, I've
decided to add a new stratmap image saving feature. This adds a button to
the stratmap GUI that allows saving an image of the current stratmap. The
PNG image is saved in the Warcab saves folder. Thanks to this feature it is
no longer necessary for the Major to perform an elaborate screenshot-cut-
paste dance just to get the stratmap in a single image file [:D]



Major Mess -> RE: War Cabinet 0.6.2 is available! (3/4/2017 8:00:33 PM)

Too Cool!
Thanks for your work Erik. I'll take a look at this tout de suite.

Annnnnnnnd, as requested, here's the LINK to Erik's War Cabinet 0.6.2


Major Mess

Major Mess -> RE: War Cabinet 0.6.2 is available! (10/12/2017 8:05:21 PM)


Are you out there??

Dude, I recently got a new computer with Win10 installed on it.
When I went to use your program I got this MS window "Unable to install because it couldn't find "MSVCR71.dll", there was 3 windows like this and then on the 4th click I got "Unable to install, couldn't find "MSVCP71.dll".

That's it.

When I tested War Cabinet before it was on a machine that went from Win7 - 8 - 8.1 - 10 so I'm guessing these two .dll's are legacy files from an earlier OS build. Or something.

I also tried V0.6 and 0.6.1, thinking that I might have screwed it up, but no go.

Sooooooo, where is a good (safe) place to d/l these two .dll files from, and more importantly where do I put them?

Thanks in advance
Major Mess

ErikCumps -> RE: War Cabinet 0.6.2 is available! (10/12/2017 8:52:55 PM)

Hey Major,

Yes, I am still here! [sm=happy0005.gif]

Your deduction is correct. These DLL files are part of the MS Visual
Studio that was used to build Warcab. Theses files usually end up on
a PC via installs of "Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 Redistributable".

These files are now quite old, dating back from 2006, so while they
used to be quite easily found back in the day of XP and Windows 7,
they are much harder to come by today.

Anyhow, a good thing you found this out, because as it turns out I
was distributing warcab in a kind of crippled condition because of
these DLL files. I never noticed this because I used to be on XP
until a couple of months ago, and you were apparently just lucky.

I am a bit surprised nobody else complained about this before.

Ok, so in the coming days I will create a 0.6.3 release that also
contains these important DLL files. In the mean time, I will send
you a mail with a zip file (msvc71dll.zip) containing the DLL files.
They are too big to attach to this post.

Now, where to put these DLL files? Just place them in your main
warcab folder, the one containing the warcab.exe, spwawlib.dll and
other files...

Good luck!


Major Mess -> RE: War Cabinet 0.6.2 is available! (10/13/2017 3:23:34 AM)


Merci Beau Coup, Mon Ami!!!

Humbly Yours
Major Mess

Falcon1 -> RE: War Cabinet 0.6.2 is available! (10/13/2017 6:35:23 PM)

Eric if you ever want to post your stuff at the Depot just say so.

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