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sambruzs -> OBA issue (5/15/2016 1:24:47 PM)

OBA called in... message stated target hex "off the map"?

saved game to follow


UP844 -> RE: OBA issue (5/15/2016 1:30:53 PM)

OBA may scatter up to an unknown range (the maximum distance I have observed is 9 hexes). In your case any scatter in E or W direction higher than 4 hexes means OBA lands off-map.

sambruzs -> RE: OBA issue (5/15/2016 2:24:41 PM)

OK, that may explain it...

fuselex -> RE: OBA issue (5/15/2016 2:53:41 PM)

OBA dice rolls :)
It`s incredibly random for a reason I think.
Annoys you when it doesn`t seem to hit the target you would like it to hit.
Played the Reichstag campaign and my first OBA hit Himmlers house perfectly , Broke a lot of units that my tanks couldn`t.
Gave myself the opportunity to storm the fortified area`s and rout the broken units.
OBA is a very powerful tool that has to have a serious negative to it`s accuracy .
But when it does hit :)

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