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Advocaaaat -> New design needed (11/1/2014 10:54:04 AM)


I am a dedicated EiA boardgame player and a graphic designer. I strongly suggest an update (or a change) of the visual and graphic design of the game. The current design is very outdated and ugly to be frank. I would love a brighgt, classic boardgame style map, and classic counters instead of the long squared ones with blurry soldiers and towers (hate that I have to click on every tower to se how many garrisons there is) Also a tighter and more easy-to-read font and a better way to show the overall information of whats going on in the game.

Attached is a picture of a suggestion how it could look, and if the developers think itīs a good idea I would be more than happy to provide a map and counters and ideas of the overall design. I would love to play this game with a better, clear design!

For your reference, please check out the Empires in Arms section at boardgamegeek for new counters to the boardgame that I have uploaded.

Advocaaaat -> RE: New design needed (11/1/2014 10:56:48 AM)

Hmm, how do I attach a picture?

NeverMan -> RE: New design needed (12/1/2014 2:42:58 PM)

I would very much like the look and feel of the original board game. JMO.

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