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brucertx -> 3.2 odity? (2/18/2003 9:31:07 PM)

While playing as the Allies in a new ver3.2 game, I have been presented with a bit of a surprise.
I wonder how the JA 62nd Div managed to invade the US East Coast???
A massive armada of I Boats perhaps? :)


deVada -> (2/18/2003 10:14:38 PM)

Well, the AI has finally got the clue how to wage war !!!
Sweet times of defeating him without any serious actions have ended ...
Congratulations Jeremy !!! Your incarnation got the balls !

Taking it more seriously, it is proably due to quick TF of big APs ...
Instead of wasting fuel to capture Port Moresby the AI took what is really needed. Was the base captured ? Which one it was ?
I've got some experience with the previous versions and the AI never ever tried to even think about invading Hawaii or Aleutians.
I also would be shocked ... :p


brucertx -> (2/19/2003 4:29:42 AM)

The base attaked was the EASTERN United States. Now I know Yamamoto was good, but how did he get an invasion force accross the Pacific, through the Panama Canal, the Gulf of Mexico,
and int the Atlantic!!??? LOL

(the JA division is currently being held in check the Philipine guerilla army stationed on the Easten UC coast. Go figure!) :)

deVada -> impressive bug ... (2/19/2003 2:51:20 PM)

I've once seen about 6 or 7 indian and australian divisions appearing at Panay in the end of 1942 (the base was under Japanese control) just without reason. The base was captured by Allies but then those troops were slaughtered, due to being completely cutten off supplies. The same in Saigon, one division just teleported there (a bit earlier) and took the base only to be killed by Japs a month later ... So many kill points lost ...
Maybe the capture of US East Coast is due to the same bug.

I was playing PBEM (ver 3.0) and You against the AI (ver 3.2) but the reason may be the same. I suspect that it has something to do with captured headquarters rebirthing but I am not sure ...

The only way to play further, I think is to use the editor, move the japs to tokyo and restore the factories manually ...

Good luck !

brucertx -> (2/22/2003 11:46:01 PM)

Well Peter,
It certainly is making life interesting. I've had a number of Japanese units suddenly pop up at bases that are way in the rear of the action.
Just for the sake of fun, I'm not going to edit but let it play out and see what other tricks Tojo has up his sleeve!

Skyros -> (2/23/2003 6:31:47 AM)

I have the Philippine Guerilla army appearing in the eastern United States in my current game against the AI. I also had the American fighters in Burma disapear?

brucertx -> (2/23/2003 10:50:26 PM)


The Philipine Gurellia Army in my game is on the east coast as well battling (now) 2 JA divisions. I think it will reappear in the Philipines at some point during your invasion of those islands.

I've never had US forces in the CBI just up and disappear. Did you lose the HQ? (I don't think that would do it, but in CBI maybe)


kisslove -> (2/25/2003 4:09:02 AM)

I have Chinese 73rd Army in South pacific on Attu(?) I. :-/

brucertx -> (2/27/2003 11:45:02 PM)

Chinese 73rd Army in N. Pacific Alaskan island of Attu? That is odd. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the Long March! :)

kisslove -> (3/2/2003 4:31:34 AM)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by brucertx
[B]Chinese 73rd Army in N. Pacific Alaskan island of Attu? That is odd. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the Long March! :)
Bruce [/B][/QUOTE]

I've made a mistake in island's name. Right one in Ambon(?) east fron Australia.

pasternakski -> (3/2/2003 9:18:55 AM)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by kisslove
[B]I've made a mistake in island's name. Right one in Ambon(?) east fron Australia. [/B][/QUOTE]

Umm, hate to mention it, but Ambon is west of Australia (actually northwest, but who's counting at this point?)

kisslove -> (3/5/2003 5:46:40 AM)

Ahh... I finaly managed to get some time and returned to game, don't know why i remembered island's name as A.... it's actually Cook I. (That's final version ;)

crusher -> (3/5/2003 11:58:39 AM)

well i played 3.2 all the way thru as japan and only managed a draw not like earlier versions. some bugs are late 46 japan factories stop working. at the end of 46 the game crashes to desk top after declaring a draw. as for U.S. the subs stoped going for cargo ships and instead went only after military ships starting in late 42 after pearl and other islands were captured. on the other hand the AI did some surprising counter attacks in areas that in earlier versions they gave up on. this was risiing sun from other campaigns all in all a harder game to beat

brucertx -> (3/5/2003 11:23:20 PM)

I just had the Chinese 2nd Army pop up on Nassau Island in the South Pacific. This is early 1945.

showboat1 -> (3/6/2003 1:14:40 AM)

I'm playing a PBEM game and my opponent says he has task forces stuck at the bottom of the screen.

mdiehl -> (3/6/2003 2:52:53 AM)

My favorite game occurred when a Japanese engineer unit appeared at Buna while it was in my control (Allied) and I had all the surrounding bases. The unit did not sea transport or anything. It was suddenly just there.

The fun thing was that I could view the unit when clicking on the LCU display for that base, even though I was the Allied player. I noticed that the Japanese unit was attached to Japanese 25th Army or something so I had a "Hmmmm" moment and activated the unit. Sure enough, it was immediately reassigned to Allied SWPacific HQ. After beefing up my airbase, I loaded them into some APs and sent them over to help South Pacific with their construction projects.

Christoph -> (3/6/2003 7:12:29 PM)

2 of my TF stuck at the bottom line too. Any help?
Allready try to give new directions and bases, even split them.

deVada -> I have also a small one (3/6/2003 8:06:10 PM)

I have no idea what is going on with 3.2 (haven't tried to play a full campaign) but these problems are serious ... Similar effect happened sometimes when I've tried to replenish a TF, which was then teleported to India, somewhere off the map. No idea why.

under 3.0 I've seen this :

Replenishment TF (4xDD in one pack + 4xAO pack) was sent to Hiroshima and killed totally by planes (stupid I am, 0 standoff). Next week a group of two APAs appeared in San Francisco. When I've looked at them (in port) I saw that they're embarking a half of 6th inf division. I've created a transport tf with those two ships and the division was there loaded.
Weird ...

This division proably doesn't existed before. Especially not in SanFran.


Anyway, I am waiting for more ...
Gonna try to send some obsolete destroyers to Japan in task forces of one per TF. If the concept is right I'll have few divisions in exchange ...

Capt. Harlock -> Stuck TF's (3/7/2003 3:42:45 AM)

The TF stuck at the bottom of the map is not unique to Version 3.2: I've seen it happen in 3.1 as well. The bad news is I found no way of solving it. Perhaps the editor: it sounds like the location data has been corrupted.

allor -> (3/8/2003 12:28:01 AM)

The lost TF also happens in 3.0. Seems that when I used New Zealand as a replenshing port on the way to Sydney a vortex similar to the bermuda triangle opens up and the ships and their cargo are lost forever....a bit frustrating when there are Marines and air goups located on the transports not to mention the lost troop carrying capacity..


mdiehl -> (3/8/2003 1:56:17 AM)

Have you tried resetting the home base and destinations for the lost TF? IIRC I once solved this problem by putting up with a little retrograde movement.

allor -> (3/8/2003 11:42:53 AM)

yes, I have tried to send them home with no effect...replenished them as well.....

mdiehl -> (3/10/2003 10:30:01 PM)

I have one final suggestion, then. This *used* to work in older versions of PW. I call it the teleportation error.

Click on the immobilized TF and select create TF. Select something ineligible given the ship classes in the stray TF, like replenish or something. Trabnsfer ships from the old TF. The goal is to create a logical error while you are creating the new TF so that you end out hitting the escape key to exit the TF window.

If you are lucky, the new TF will be empty and your ships will have disappeared from the stray TF. If that happens, disband the newly created, empty TF.

Now, immediately go to the port where you want these ships to appear. Select create TF, manual select, ESCAPE. If the bit gods are in your corner, the disappeared ships are in your new TF in port.

Weathersfield -> (3/11/2003 8:43:28 PM)

I had the 73rd Chin Army surrender somewhere in China and reappear next turn at Nassau.

Nothing seems to make a TF stuck in Akyab move. The Japanesse will just have to bomb it out of its misery.

Christoph -> (3/16/2003 7:42:06 PM)

Stucked TF - solved

First I tried to create a logical error, like mdiehl proposed, I put BBs into replenish and evacuation TFs with no effect. :(
Then I used the editor (attached) to change x+y values to those of a TF in a port. Next move the stucked TFs appeared near to this port ,all at sea and reacting to new orders. :D

Bernard -> (3/19/2003 5:34:48 AM)

got 3 TF's stuck in a line between Rangoon (first one in Rangoon) and columbo.
stayed there 3 turns, while i reassigned home ports and destinations.
all of a sudden, they all went home.
got 2 other TF's stuck but when they went 'home ' they got slaughtered...

i have some oddities in older versions :

in 2.3 had 2 AP (japs) listed as in port in ... Melbourne. could never access them anymore.

in older version, playing against IA, had a fill TF of japs fighting on US side, complete with BB and a CVE. fun.

Bernard -> (3/19/2003 6:40:20 AM)

i just captured 15*10.000 t maru with a UK bombardment TF at Ragoon. the Maru appeared as ships 'p' at the bottom and i transferrred them to other TF, sent to dacca.

Doug Olenick -> other oddities (3/20/2003 3:35:31 AM)

In playing two PBEM games I've had two UK divisions pop up in Saigon about half way through 1942. They were subsequently destroyed. Have also seen the Philipinos pop up in NY City and have had a hard time creating airfields on some islands, namely Eniwetok and Rossel. Each has a ton of supplies and an engineering unit assigned, but after months nothing has happened.

Skipjack_ -> RE: Stuck TF (12/7/2012 3:25:38 AM)

The only way I could deal with the stuck TF at the bottom of the screen (this is PBEM so I cannot use the editor) was to create a replenishment TF and transfer all ships but the flagship to the new TF. Then I used the replenish function on a TF in Auckland to get the new TF to move there. At first it would return to the stuck TF, but after using up its movement points it stayed in Auckland, where I was able to disband it and rescue the ships. That way I was able to reduce the effect to just 1 ship.

Ranger-75 -> RE: Stuck TF (7/2/2013 1:45:39 AM)

I checked the OBC41 file (with Rich Dionne's editor) and it looks like there is a Japanese army unit in Eastern US at the bottom of the LCU list!?! I'll check again and post the exact line # and unit info when i get back to the computer with the OB files.

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