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battlevonwar -> BVW vs Suprass (7/27/2013 10:13:36 AM)

It all began on a calm day in 1914, Summer was beaming down and thus began a titanic Struggle to Free the People of Serbia!

AH, moves down into Serbia, early capturing Belgrade in 1914. A miscalculated move gave me this early upper hand! This would prove Key the whole game.
Secondly, the Russian Front collapsed in 1914-15 for the Knockout Blow in the East. Romania and Portugal find it in their hearts not to join the war as seeing what happens to those who oppose the Central Powers.

In the East: War consisted of Massive Cavalry Charges, Heavy Roar of Cannons with Chlorine Gas. Strong attacks to free the Fins. Also Turks fighting for Freedom for the Oppressed Faithful in the Caucasus Mountains.

The Russians did manage to turn just one front in their favour and that was in the Caucasus and Middle East. Routing the entire Turkish Army there!

The Beginning:

I must give my opponent a very big pat on the shoulder, I have one of the most powerful East First Strategies to date. Few have survived it and those who do(he is one of the few, don't live to tell about it) He really made me pay as much blood as possible. Thus leading to a Weak Western Front for me... In every possible location The Russians wreaked havoc and caused me a migraine. Their People did not have the will to fight beyond 1916(Mysterious? I really thought that they were tougher than that)

Continued Tomorrow, Wish Screenies, Italian Front/West Front...

suprass81 -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/27/2013 10:32:42 AM)

In the beginig of The War Serbians high command made some of errors and the country was lost. Even a Russian offensive wasn't able to save ally. CP was to strong to brake their lines.
After this (if I remember correctly- it's beed 2 months on the frontline) Russian set their strategy for defence. Entente High Command was afraid about this. Loosing Serbia early in the war means only one. Heavy attack at Russian front in 1915.

battlevonwar -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/27/2013 10:52:55 AM)

Yes, Serbia definitely gambled with being a bit aggressive... The French and British sat quietly in their trenches for the first year of the war. Seeing only a Major British Invasion of The Ottoman Empire early. Along with the French/Russian aid it was a nightmare. The Nation was on the brink of collapse. Meanwhile Austrian and German Forces plowed through what was left of Serbia early in the war. Then onto Liberate their Turkish Allies from the Oppressive Entente! 1915 turning 1916 was bloody

suprass81 -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/27/2013 11:07:39 AM)

British made an attack from behind landing thair forces at Kuwait. Useing surrprise manuver pushed allmoust to one of Ottomans Capital. Same time Russians crush Turkey's army and push from second direction. Also British force captured Damascus and turn East to cut Ottoman Empire in Half. But Bulgaria entered the war and anable to send reinforcements.
I don't know how badly I hurt Ottomans but I was convinced that thay should fall soon... and tha CP reinforcements pushed me back to Kuwait. All was lost.
Becous of that actions Entente wasn' able to lounch major offensive in the Western front. But I've started to prepare something special :)

operating -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/27/2013 6:10:05 PM)

Interesting! Keep up with reports, Thanks.

battlevonwar -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/28/2013 6:24:01 AM)

1916 to 1919

Russians and Serbians Fully Surrender! CP forces turn on Italy and France. I thought, this should be pretty easy, and spend most of 1916 moving troops, disbanding units that are unable to get supply back. Rebuilding a Strong Artillery Air Force to contend with anything I will face in the West.

Should be a pretty straight victory, Right? Well, Forcing the Allies out of The Ottoman District took a few Seasons and mostly he just disbanded and ran for the Hills here. I am not shocked, The Forces I brought down with Bulgaria entering would have been a slaughter had he chose to fight me there.

IN France, Allied Forces DIG in deep, Push back my Massive Waves of Human Bodies, and inflict nearly 2 casualties for every 1 I inflict. This becomes very tedious for me. I am really trying to fight him, force his hand and nothing is coming of it. The Naval War has gone all Entente and the only way to really kill him would be direct Capture of either Rome or Paris. Though both seem elusive. So I spend all of 1917 in research, searching out weapons to fight.

As does my fine opponent. Disheartened about losing two great Allies but not about giving up! I am shocked at his resolve... Tanks, Bombers, Advanced Fighters begin to come out of the Factories!

suprass81 -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/28/2013 7:17:12 PM)

After Russia surrenderd at the very beginig of 1916 bl;ack clouds came beneath Entente. My briliant plan to knock out Ottoman Empire didn't worked. It was very frustraiting when I was waiting at the end of every turn to see a massage that Turkey is out of war. This would cheng entire war. Freeing some units from this front and securing Sues Canal (there would be no threat to loosing it) coul bhe a great thing but... it doesn't worked. British forces moved back to Sues Canal and set defence line with corps and arty. loosing canal is loosing a War. I could only wait for CP. There were some move but at the time enemy m,oved to my lines arty sucesfully fired them. Without a chance to dig in at canal my enemy hasn't chance to brake my lines. This situation was unchanged until a "briliant plan" born in heads of Entente HQ. But about this next time.
At the western front Entente didn't wait for CP to grow in strenght and number. I have lounched one offensive with tanks which allmoust brake German's lines- but bed air scouting faild ground troops and the battle near Verdun ended in filds of blood.
Same time Entente start to sending fying monsters over Germany to stop their production. My opponent first made some errors in defending in air and lost a lot of fighters. But he quickly stand on his feet with a better fighter tactics and Entente started to loosing a lot of bombers. This situation changed during war only to let down citi bombing- I've started to pick an arty units. This sounds grat but Battlevonwar didn't sleepd that time. His preasure was so big that I had to start to sell my laboratories first for France and at the end of war also for Englis... I had to do so becouse losses on the front line and in bombers was so big that production didn't mantain suplies for wounded Corps. French developed tanks but becouse of the preasure I wasn't able to maintain expensive units. Without convoys French would not be able to do any offensive actions. I was able to keep stalmate until 1917 and even 1918 but rest of the story will come next entry.
We didn't take pictures during the game becouse we didn't expect that this one will be so epic.

battlevonwar -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/30/2013 12:56:57 PM)

Indeed, I expected the Ottomans to collapse and they were down to bare minimum of % in Morale! I think there was Baghdad alone that held out with 3 Turkish Garrisons and a surrender of the Russian Land Forces that saved me from the Noose of The Entente taking the whole game. With Turkey, a Spear would have been set right through the heart of my Sphere of Power!

Picking off Romania, for it's PPs and defeating all of Serbia really put CP Factories in overdrive. I will be honest, I was suffering from all the strategic bombing at first. Suprass nearly crushed the Heart of Germany, with Endless Raids! I thought I was going to lose on that, and that alone.

However, the Bombers were great, but they sucked out resources that could have been used along with the Ottoman Offensive to Push against the Western Wall of My Forces... Which were able to not perform an offensive due to Russia First strategy until 1918. I had to learn or die in the Air, Sea did not matter, The British basically owned the whole of it aside the Baltic the Entire War. For a moment I had set to building a Large Navy but scrapped the whole concept(which ironically might have saved the Turks)

Ultimately: The Entente would return to Istanbul and through Gallipoli CRUSH the Ottoman Empire after nearly four years of War. Using this as a Platform, Suprass entered into the Balkans and entered into the Heart of the Austrian Hungarian Empire. I was hard pressed now to hold at all cost. Dozen or so Strong Units had to be shipped in while Tanks/and many Entente units appeared on our Flank.

Invasion of France was abandoned! All that was really accomplished there was a push against the Front Lines, capturing Verdun, pushing at the Heels of the French Defense. Perhaps with another year or two and the endless Artillery Barrages a stalemate could have been broken ... Along with the Italians, it just seemed all we could do is exchange Bodies!

battlevonwar -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/30/2013 1:01:49 PM)

Battle of Jutland:

Since early in the War the Danish conspired to lock up the entirety of the German Navy. This was just not going to be stood for... We are the best Navy in the World and we need to show the Entente who is boss!

We Declared War on the Tiny Danish nation, crushed it's Navy and Struck out against the Big Monster Battle Cruisers of the British Royal Navy... Sinking the Entire fleet, but the Cruisers of the British navy returned in kind the entire destruction of the German Navy. Not that this mattered, this was more of a War Cry for Equality! We shall Show you who is the Power at sea. Ironically our only U-boat served in this Theater, never upgrading, never being of any use anywhere else... The USA would never help their Allies(The Danes did fight like True Vikings though)

operating -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/31/2013 6:46:30 AM)

Why not use the canal? The Danes keep the British fleet out of the Baltic! Use the protection your home ports offers, make the Entente sweat, subs make great scouts, before a battle, love to use them for that last sinking shot on a already damaged BB.

suprass81 -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/31/2013 3:09:48 PM)

Canal was blocked by two of british battleship squadrons. It was the only way to open road for german surface fleet.

operating -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/31/2013 6:23:15 PM)

Oh! Not good for CP! Sounds like the CP ground game must of been suffering also. In that case CP coulda/shoulda applied bulk of pps to ground to break free the canal IMO. Did Entente actually occupy CP North Sea port (Whilishaven)? That is my impression. Also, had the Russians surrendered before this naval battle? Would have liked to have been an observer (not involed in game) while all this was going on.

suprass81 -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/31/2013 7:15:55 PM)

I will attache some screens after I'll be able (limit on this forum- I have to make 10 entrys to post pictures). Canal was blocked by battlships only- two hexes that are a way out of canal and there was no way for Germans fleet. I have captured all surface german fleet at the begining of war.
Russia was surrender at the begining of 1916 and the Juthland battle was in 1918 if I'm correct- our Juthland...

suprass81 -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/31/2013 7:18:19 PM)

If there will be next game with BVW I will make an AAR while playing...

operating -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/31/2013 10:29:55 PM)

Wrote a long response to you,[:)] hit OK, got a message I "timed out",[&:] would not POST,[X(][:@] I'm B S [:@]at the moment, catch ya later.[8|]

operating -> RE: BVW vs Suprass (7/31/2013 10:53:55 PM)

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