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Zangi -> Ponies in Space - Trixie is everypony edition (6/23/2013 7:55:36 PM)

Alright, so I made a pony mod, it has been sitting around my harddrive for the past few weeks actually. Yes, I know there is another pony mod...

Here is what be done in these here parts:

1. Humans, Kiadians and Securans have been replaced by ponies. Pegasus, Unicorn and (Earth)Pony... accordingly.
2. Changelings are also of the pony race. Ponies like them lots, but they enslave ponies.
3. Vanilla stuff is untouched, other then the humans.
4. Trixie is placeholder race image for all ponies, except Changelings. Don't expect me to get on that anytime soon.
5. The 3 pony races all work. I don't know about balance since I havn't played too far past age of no hyper. I just added Changelings last night.

To Do List:
Maybe Crystal Ponies
Maybe combined(Pegasus/Unicorn/Pony) Pony Empire

What not to expect from me:
Race images, troop images and ship images.

Feel free to provide pics, credit where credit is due. I will not package rainbow/pastel coloured stuff with the main download, but I will link it as something optional.

Also, feel free to take this mod and use it for whatever purposes. I don't care. I'll even link it in the first post if you fancy that.

Solarius Scorch -> RE: Ponies in Space - Trixie is everypony edition (6/24/2013 2:52:39 PM)

Oh gods, not again.

Zangi -> RE: Ponies in Space - Trixie is everypony edition (6/25/2013 3:22:42 AM)


ORIGINAL: Solarius Scorch

Oh gods, not again.

Your voluntary bumping of this mod is reassuring citizen. The Trixie Collective sends its heartfelt regards.

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