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lando005 -> Starting resources (6/19/2013 1:41:32 AM)

Still kind of new at this, just a quick question, is there a way to edit starting resources for an empire?

Osito -> RE: Starting resources (6/19/2013 9:24:00 AM)

I can't say for sure that the answer is, "no," but I did look into this question and I couldn't find a way to edit these resources. When the game creates the homeworld planets for each empire, it adds a certain amount of resources to them. If you then try to change the homeworld planet to a different one, the starting resources added to the different planet are much lower (lower than the "normal" planet start, anyway). Makes for quite a difficult beginning to the game, if you're trying to start on a customised homeworld.

Incidentally, I'm assuming you're talking about the resources of the empires themselves, rather than the mineable resources on the individual planets. The mineable resources can be changed in the editor.


lando005 -> RE: Starting resources (6/19/2013 12:09:00 PM)

Right I was looking for a way to modify the empire resources. The thing is I started a new game but set up my own home system and world after the game start and moved my empire there, now I keep running short on practically every build.

Osito -> RE: Starting resources (6/19/2013 12:40:43 PM)

Yes, the only way I found to deal with that was to make sure that the planets in the new home system have an adequate mineable supply of all the critical resources. Otherwise, it's possible to run out of a critical resource before you even get the warp bubble generator.

lando005 -> RE: Starting resources (6/19/2013 6:04:57 PM)

I would think that there would be a main game setup file some where that would hold the values or formulas used but I haven't found anything like that yet.

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