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Gargoil -> Stance - changing (6/5/2013 7:52:58 PM)

I use all manual/suggest AI settings.

When I create fleets I always put them on Posture - when attached, target only, defend. I do not want any fleets going off without orders (escorts are a different store, I leave them totally automated, and not in fleets).

But after I set the posture to when attacked, the ships in the fleets still have posture of System Targets. The seem to ignore my fleet posture and go hunting in system. I have to go to each ship to change their posture to When Attached.

But, definiatley upon refit (and possibly other times), ships revert to System Targets. If I am not looking, these ships will go off hunting and if find them damaged away from were I stationed them.

Ships should revert their stance to always be the fleet stance. And should not change stance when refitted.

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