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Kadrush -> Smuggling, who pays the bill? (5/29/2013 5:10:45 PM)

Today i set a smuggling mission for caslon on my homeworld, after 10000 delivered for 13300 credits not a single penny were taken from my state account.

Question is, who is paying the smuggling missions bill? The private sector?

crusender -> RE: Smuggling, who pays the bill? (6/18/2013 11:03:28 AM)

it is the private side of your empire who paid whit the money they have, if they go in red (and they will if you dont stop the smugling mission)they stop building civilian ship until they back on the rail, so keep a eye on it. I learn it hard way.

Flinkebeinchen -> RE: Smuggling, who pays the bill? (6/20/2013 11:14:52 PM)

So you setup a smuggling mission and the State is getting money due trade on the SpacePorts? I would say thats a win/win situation. Getting the resources you need and even get paid for it [:D]

crusender -> RE: Smuggling, who pays the bill? (6/21/2013 5:44:20 AM)

yeah whit the risk of kill your private side has i say, no more freighter/passenger/mining ship build until they are back on track

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