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Mad Russian -> Interactive DAR (5/6/2013 2:47:16 PM)

I'm going on vacation next week. When I get back we will start an interactive DAR. For those of you that don't know what a DAR is, it's a During Action Report (DAR). We will discuss the action as it happens.

The interactive part is you guys will give me the orders you want, as the Task Force Commander, and I will execute your orders.

We won't be doing one of the scenarios from the game. It will not have playtested by me or anyone else. With that in mind there are a couple of things that I need to know to set this up.

What size force do you want to have as our force?

Do you want an attack/defend or an ME (Meeting Engagement)?

You want our force to be WG, UK, US or USSR?

We should be ready to start this on or about the 27th of this month.

Good Hunting.


CapnDarwin -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/6/2013 3:43:56 PM)

Awesome idea. Will be very cool to watch.

Hexagon -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/6/2013 6:30:30 PM)

Nice idea.

I prefer a clasic scen, Soviets using their silk gloves and good manners attacking dirty capitalist pigs that are totally rude and dont want accept communism... and if field commander fails we allways can send him to a sunny holiday camp in Siberia [sm=character0229.gif]

xnavytc -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/7/2013 6:03:35 PM)

Would like to see US in a ME. size of force, not sure, but a mix of infantry, armor, arty, etc. would be awesom. Hope you will be posting screenshots for us to follow.

CapnDarwin -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/7/2013 10:16:23 PM)

@ xnavytc - I think his plan is to talk about the orders and results and do screen shots showing the action and his planning. The plan is to start it near the end of the month.

Stay tuned!

Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/8/2013 12:14:07 AM)

For our core force that puts us at:

1 Soviet
1 US

Good Hunting.


budd -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/8/2013 2:31:33 AM)

Looking forward to it, enjoyed your panzer command DAR. The more screenshots the better.

Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/8/2013 3:00:47 AM)

**budd** nice to see you in here! This is another little project I like. I believe this game has at least as much potential as PCO had. [&o]

I'm glad you liked my previous DAR. This one will be along the same lines as the one I did in PCO. There will be as many screen shots as I can get in it. [8D]

Good Hunting.


Ron -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/12/2013 2:46:41 PM)

I'm not sure of the feasibility of soliciting orders from the forum - too many conflicting requests and take too long imo. However, I would really like to see an AAR. It would go a long way to showcase the flow of the game.

Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/12/2013 3:02:24 PM)

We did it twice for PCO. It worked fine. I think you'll find it an interesting experience.

Good Hunting.


Hexagon -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/25/2013 11:41:23 AM)

Any news about the DAR??? you are going to be blue or red profet??? thanks.

Ron -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/25/2013 1:48:44 PM)

Yes I'm confused now also. Here we have several threads about map making, modding etc but nothing about an AAR showcasing actual gameplay. This is a game about hypothetical conflict during the Cold War I presumed, not what people are going to do to mod the game afterwards or how easy it is to mod etc. Make a compelling game, with interesting and detailed gameplay, and the people will come and the game will get end up getting modded regardless, not let's focus on how easy it is to mod and entice people that way. If the gameplay isn't there then there will be no community, no matter how easy or accessible it is to mod.

cbelva -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/25/2013 3:06:02 PM)

Patience guys. Mad Russian has been out of town for the past two weeks. He will be back soon and is planning on getting his interactive DAR going. I am not a moddler, I am into game play. There has been a lot of work these past several weeks in refinning the combat model. We are working hard on getting the game play as realistic as possible. As you can imagine it is not easy with a hypothetical war to know exactly what to expect. But a lot of research and hard work has been done to make the results as realistic as possible considering the limitations. I am excited to see Mad Russian's DAR.

The game was designed with the moddler in mind to make it mod friendly. But you are correct, the game will not fly if the game play is not there. From what I have experienced with the game, I believe that many will be surprised and pleased with the game play.

CapnDarwin -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/25/2013 3:48:38 PM)

As Mad Russian says in his first post, he is looking to start the DAR around the 27th once he is back and settled in from his vacation. That will give folks like Ron a chance to see more of the gameplay elements. Our lead programmer Rob is busy working on getting the Campaign interface up and running and also PBEM++ integration. Charles (cbelva) and I also keep him busy with little bugs and UI details we find. I'm working on getting all of the data ship shape and also making adjustments and improvements to the combat model as we test it. It is easier right now and helpful to use to get an idea of what you guys will want to mod and talk about some of the capabilities. This folds right into the way we structure folders and code many aspects of the game. It is also a bit difficult to show and tell about game play as that game play is being refined. I expect to be talking more about gameplay as we get into June and definitely more in July as we lead up to release.

By all means, if you have specific questions on gameplay, post away and we will do our best to answer.


Hexagon -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/25/2013 5:05:51 PM)

I see, well, i dont know he is/was on vacations in a sunny siberian resort thanks to "Stalin infinite vacations system" [:D]

cbelva -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/25/2013 6:12:09 PM)

Don't knock the sunny siberian resort. I spent several years there and loved it!!![:D]

Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/26/2013 4:33:17 AM)

Back today. More in the next couple of days.

Good Hunting


Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/26/2013 7:54:51 PM)

I will be creating a map for this DAR. While I finish it this week we will set the forces. This map will be included in the game at release. We may even release this scenario with it if there is enough interest. [X(]

At this moment I have one vote for our units to be Soviet and one vote for our units to be US.

Anyone else have a preference?

Good Hunting.


Koesj -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/29/2013 8:52:42 AM)

I'd like to see you using Soviet forces, just to get to know how you'd handle them [:)]

jack54 -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/30/2013 10:39:48 PM)



I'd like to see you using Soviet forces, just to get to know how you'd handle them [:)]

+1...sounds good hopefully a ME; (if not an ME then I vote for whoever is attacking).

Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/31/2013 3:05:45 AM)

Okay. We'll do a Soviet force that is advancing against a NATO force that is also advancing.

Good Hunting.


budd -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/31/2013 4:26:46 AM)


MikeAP -> RE: Interactive DAR (5/31/2013 5:14:17 AM)

Just for some additional knowledge;

Soviets organized their offensive forces into three different groups.

Fixing Force
Assault Force
Exploit Force (decisive)

Carry on

Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (6/2/2013 8:42:06 PM)

Finally the map is completed.

It is centered on the village of Atteln. Which is roughly 13km south of Paderborn. The area where the 3rd Armored Division's commander was killed in WWII. This is the German armored training grounds.

The weather has been bad for the past 27 hours. We have no reliable information about which NATO unit is operating in this area or their exact location. Since the opening of the offensive NATO has had to rush units around to plug the holes that have been punched into them.

The most likely unit is a German armored unit. That will not be confirmed until we make contact.

Good Hunting.



CapnDarwin -> RE: Interactive DAR (6/2/2013 10:29:03 PM)

Time for some popcorn! [sm=00000613.gif]

Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (6/6/2013 2:37:36 PM)

The after vacation work load was more than I expected. Having mostly caught up with that now, time for the Interactive DAR to start moving forward again.

I should have the scenario created and the initial parts setup by the end of this weekend so we can start playing.

Look forward to seeing how we do. [8D]

Good Hunting.


Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (6/7/2013 2:38:17 AM)

Our forces and disposition will come mainly from this reference.

Good Hunting.



Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (6/7/2013 2:42:39 AM)

Basic Soviet Operational and Tactical Principles.

Good Hunting.



Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (6/7/2013 2:46:08 AM)

Of all the Categories of Soviet Combat Actions the one the Soviets expect to be the one most prevalent is Meeting Engagement (enemy is also on the offensive).

Good Hunting.



Mad Russian -> RE: Interactive DAR (6/7/2013 2:51:43 AM)

A bit about Soviet Battle Drills.

Good Hunting.



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