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Antiscamp -> Let's Play Human Revolution (5/1/2013 8:17:41 PM)

Shattered Federation

Time for another Let's Play by me. I'm a bit rusty in the beginning, so excuse me, but I'm sure I'll be back in business soon. [:)] This time we generate a smaller galaxy and fewer races, but still large enough for a smashingly fun and detailed game of Distant Worlds Legends. Wish me luck!

Episode 01 A New Beginning
Episode 02 New Rome
Episode 03 Sol
Episode 04 First Blood
Episode 05 Adventure at Bilgaruth
Episode 06 Friends and Foes
Episode 07 Liberty One
Episode 08 The Usalea War
Episode 09 Economic Downturn
Episode 10 The Battle of Weede
Episode 11 War of Attrition
Episode 12 Hannibal
Episode 13 The Cease Fire
Episode 14 Strategic Considerations
Episode 15 The War to End All Wars
Episode 16 The Push for Uguth Teer
Epsiode 17 On To Victory!

Playlist: Shattered Federation

Antiscamp -> RE: Let's Play Human Revolution (5/19/2013 5:19:47 PM)

With today's episode I conclude this Let's Play series. It's been fun and the game behaved well throughout. I played aggressively and the Let's Play is very warlike in its entirety. All-in-all, fun and enjoyable, and I hope it was fun watching too.

With this final episode, I also say goodbye to Legends and expect to be playing Shadows next weekend! Watch out for more Let's Plays with Distant Worlds when I've familiarized myself enough with the new stuff in Shadows!

Thanks for watching.

StarLab -> RE: Let's Play Human Revolution (5/19/2013 5:57:34 PM)

Wow! I haven't even started watching this one. Looks like I have an 8+ hour marathon ahead of me. [8D]

Now... If I could just find the time...

(A note to Father Time: I Need a Loan! [:D])

Antiscamp -> RE: Let's Play Human Revolution (5/19/2013 6:50:53 PM)

LOL yeah. I know how that is. I have a hundred LP's by people to catch up on as well, and it's hard to find the time for them all, especially since I do my own and have a busy RL too. I don't watch telly anymore though (other than Ghost Hunters on sunday evenings LOL); I watch LP's instead [:D]

StarLab -> RE: Let's Play Human Revolution (5/20/2013 12:19:07 AM)

I tried to save some time once by watching an LP on one monitor while playing my own game on another.


I don't recommend it.


Antiscamp -> RE: Let's Play Human Revolution (5/20/2013 6:14:57 AM)

[:D] That would be the very definition of multitasking.

Castinar -> RE: Let's Play Human Revolution (5/23/2013 1:14:36 AM)

Great series, love the mod....will have to check it out with the Shadows release I think. Just spent the last couple days watching the entire series (yes, while playing my own game too!)

Antiscamp -> RE: Let's Play Human Revolution (5/23/2013 6:44:12 AM)

Thank you kindly for the comments [:)] When I get my hands on Shadows (which I really hope is tonight or tomorrow morning), I'll be starting to update my mod for the expansion too. Then I'm going to do another Let's Play as well.

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