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Alpha77 -> New large COLD WAR scen in the worx (central front and northern flank!!) (4/23/2013 12:17:32 PM)

Well I fired up Harpoon ca. 1 month ago, inspired by some cool vids on youtube with modern fighters and AA fire. I thought it seems their is no scen for Harp which modells the "cold war gone hot" in the central European front (NL,DK,B, France, Southeastern part of the UK, West+East Germany, Poland, USSR (or CIS like called in this battleset....).

I will post more info as soon I playtested the scen, it has not dozends but hundreds of planes from all nations involved (ex: Mig21, Tornado, F16, FRG version F4, Mirages, SU27, TU16/22, MIG23,27,29 etc.)... some nice toys...also well ca. 200 ships and subs....most of them smaller types you normally dont see to much btw. [:D]

I use Harpoon Gold from 2003 btw. I dont want to deal with the even heavier detail of the newest Harp version. It runs with Battleset No. 9 (enh. GIUK i believe).

TonyE -> RE: Forward info: New large COLD WAR scen in the worx (central front and northern flank!!) (4/23/2013 3:20:10 PM)

Looking forward to it [:)]

Alpha77 -> RE: Forward info: New large COLD WAR scen in the worx (central front and northern flank!!) (4/26/2013 5:09:30 PM)

Well the orig. version had to be scaled down quite a bit, since it was way too massive (too much bases and different planes on these). In game every second a message popped up also very difficult to plan flights for the AI.

Still this version has some of the main real historic Nato bases (like Bitburg,Ramstein, Soesterberg for the US or Leuwaarden for the Dutch, Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Nordholz+Laarbruch+Neuburg in W-Germany, as well some main military ports = Den Helder+Wilhelmshaven+Copenhagen).

This should be played firstly only by BLUE side (I may do a version for RED if I get the time later). So in this Blog post I try to avoid giving too much info on the red side.

But in the next post you will get an overview of the Blue forces, from a historic point and game point. I have the 1989 Nato OOB, whichw as the last Cold War year. However for severall reasons this plays in the 90ties. This means THE COLD WAR DID NOT END at the historical point. Rather it went well up in the 90ties - untill the great clash of the blocks happened....[:D]

STORYLINE (a little writing up for the scen so you get a clue what is about):

Sometime in the 90ties: The coup in Russia succeeded. Not only was the president imprisoned but the freedom movements in Poland and the GDR (=East Germany) were supressed. Not with violence, but more "quietly". So the west had not much clues what went on at all. First they were shocked by the turmoil in the Kremlin, but soon the relations between the sides normalized, because the new government in Russia seemed reasonable. They wanted a new deal with the US for delivery of non millitary items and the US business needed new deals - pressured the white house to be more friendly with the east. So they did, also the West German cancellor who also was more a puppet of big corporations that wanted export to the east, met with eastern president Lisy to discuss new trade deals. He was impressed by the chance of language - the new officials seemed to be more realistic and friendly than the old guard around Honecker.

But little did they know what was happening, as in reality the millitary planned to get back the old soviet glory and demand what was rightfully them. If demand wasnīt working, pressure maybe would.....first the old Finnish wound should be healed. As their demand was not really bad (a "leasing" of the old territories which the Generals felt belonged to Russia), the Fins caved in to not have a second winter war. But the Russians didnīt stop there, they wanted a better protection of their northern flank. Sweden was strictly neutral and too strong, so Norway was the only option....

NATO wasnt prepared at all, lulled in by the new warm climate between the blocks. But the homeguard was. But they were too few. Russian speznaz and paratroops suddenly stormed key bases and the tanks came later. There were not much Nato forces in Norway at all, so this was solved fast. The norwegian government called a ceasefire with the option offered by the Russians that only the northern half of the country will be occupied, the other half became a norwegian "vichy". The few US marines with their few helis and harriers fled to Denmark as well some left over planes from the Norway airforce (some F16+F5 Tigers). So all 3 countries in the north now were more (=Norway) or less (=Sweden) controlled by the USSR.

While Nato was still discussing how to react, the Russians made their next coup, demanding from Denmark free passage for all shipping. If this demand would be fullfilled, the case would be settled and there would be peace again. So the Kremlin. The Denish had a resolute prime minister at this time, who send Moscow a package with a letter and a bottle in it: "You can have this bottle of Denish beer for free, but not more". Also it contained this bottle:


Alpha77 -> RE: Forward info: New large COLD WAR scen in the worx (central front and northern flank!!) (5/10/2013 2:23:10 PM)

Overview of the BLUE forces (this is in the 90ties, but no specific date):

a) Belgium (only airforce - their few ships are employed in convoi duty and coastal patrol).

They have mostly F16s and a few Mirages. Belgium had MirageIIIs but they are substituted with 2000s in game (there is also no MIII in the database for this batttleset). Also you can use some Alpha Jets for light bombing duties (these are substituted by Hawks in game cause no Alpha Jet in database). Bases represented are Kleine Brogel and Florennes (the latter the bigger one).



They have also mostly F16s and a few Saab Draken. But also some F5s which fled from Norway. The Saab isnt in the database so you need to do without them, therefore the F16s look really cool (see pic). Also some Hawks are provided as light attack planes (or trainer but you do not need to train your pilots in this game). They also have some asw helis and all the US marine corps transport helos that fled from Norway. You should not lose too much of these transports they are needed for a air landing attack in Eastern Germany later....they have severall bases mostly at the coast (biggest one Copenhagen). Their navy consists of small corvettes, fast missile boats and diesel subs (2 of them in game).


Alpha77 -> RE: Forward info: New large COLD WAR scen in the worx (central front and northern flank!!) (5/10/2013 5:52:44 PM)

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