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Philkian -> Strategic War in Europe v1.08 Update (4/10/2013 4:11:42 PM)

We, along with Wastelands Interactive (, are pleased to announce the release of the new v1.08 update for the WWII grand strategy wargame Strategic War in Europe.

The v1.08 update fixes a bug that made the game crash on Windows 8, some display issues and much more. This update also supplies a more balanced game, with enhancements to the AI, the User Interface and the overall gameplay. It also features improvements to Nukes (now acquired every four months instead of each month) and above all a brand new 1945 Scenario.

See below the full change list:

v1.08 – April 10, 2013

• Bug Fixes
o Number of people and equipment in units now displayed correctly.
o Fleets without any naval units assigned are now automatically disbanded at the end of the turn.
o Loading data from country specific consts files fixed.
o Fixed the bug causing the game to crash under Win 8.
o Fixed problems with reinforcing units under certain supply level.
o Fixed problem with bad reading of constant values.
o Entrenchment bonus now reduced properly just after movement of the unit and not at the end of the turn.
o Game can be always running in Quick Start mode as Allies.
o Fixed display of the Defenders effective strength value.
o War relations in all scenarios.

• Game Play
o Modified balance to favor German human player against USSR AI.
o Now if a unit is returned to the forcepool with a commander, then the commander is reassigned from the unit.
o Changed supply schedule, now convoys are performed after selecting supply sources by units.
o It is now possible to see full description for all events.
o Increased Allied AI support on higher German difficulty levels.
o Randomness added to the creation of Vichy event, now there is only 50% of a chance that the Vichy France will be created after capturing of Paris.
o Modified balance to favor USSR human player against German AI. Now human player should have possibility to win against German AI on normal level.
o Supply system delivery updated.

• AI
o Changed AI behavior to keep aircrafts at least one hex from enemy units.
o Making Allied AI more aggressive (sill needs to have advantage to attack enemy).
o AI now uses the Nuclear Bombs more eagerly.

• Features
o It is possible now that the Disembark will fail every time a unit will try to unload from a sea zone where enemy fleet has got advantage.
o Nukes are now acquired every four months instead of each month (moddable).
o Nuclear report added to the reports.

• Scenarios

o Completely new 1945 scenario has been added to the game.

o If a unit is hidden under the Fog of War, then clicking on a hex with that unit does not reveal Unit Panel.

• Other
o If unit has got -1,-1 coordinates assigned it is always put into the reserve, even if the proper value is not entered.

The v1.08 update is comprehensive and will bring all versions of Strategic War in Europe to v1.08.

To download the update, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or download it directly from the game’s download page here.

Get more information on Strategic War in Europe from its official product page.

Symple -> RE: Strategic War in Europe v1.08 Update (10/16/2013 4:11:38 AM)

This is great. When is the next update coming?

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