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Boss -> Reign - Online war strategy game (3/8/2013 3:19:31 AM)

Hey everyone im new to the matrix games forum! What brought me here initially was that I'm recruiting for my alliance in a game, but I'm actually pretty excited to have found this forums. I've already found a few interesting discussions, which was honestly a pleasant surprise.

So, let me get this post out of the way. I'm looking to grow my alliance in a game I play called Reign. It's a free, community-run browser based war strategy game called Reign located at Anyways, if you do check it out, message me in world 1, I'm the prime minister of Liechtenstein. To put it simply, which is hard to do, it's a free war game where you can choose your country, build up your nation, trade, form alliances, invade other players, and conquer the world.

Take a look at this specialty niche game and give me some feed back here on if you would play it or not.[:D]

(Sorry not sure if im allowed to post this, seemed ok by the terms of service)


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