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CrispMPS -> We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity video/text LP (3/1/2013 4:03:00 AM)

I would like to preface this LP by saying thank you to Code Force for developing a game in which stories like this can be told and Matrix Games for making it possible. The goal of this LP is to provide a well-rounded history of the galaxy I created in the editor. This galaxy contains many more stars than a normal ‘huge’ start and I have edited the other races to be more much advanced and aggressive. With strategy games such as this I like to flesh out the environment in which the game takes place and create situations and events inside my imagination that provide a certain lore to each play through. What I am sharing with you is the lore of this universe that I have imagined within this play through as it happens. With the video portion of this LP you will get to see the action as it happens. Details of those actions will be expanded upon along with the early history of the 21st century. I do not know if this LP will ever have an end. The victory conditions that have been set by me are very difficult to achieve and will only be reviled at the end of the LP, for better or worse. The videos will be released under the name of the current government that I am playing with. (eg. The Global Union, Confederation of Planets, Imperium of Awesome Bro's, ect.) This will be followed by an episode number. How many episodes will there be? I have no clue. But I'm hoping there will be several. When will updates be done? When I have time but I would expect 2-4 a week with corresponding text.

This brings me to the second, and most important, part of my intro. I would like to involve the community in this LP. For the first Chapter (The Global Union) I will need new planet and starship names. This includes escorts, frigates, cruisers, troop ships, and exploration ships. The Naming scheme as it is so far:
Escorts – Common human surnames
Frigates – Things found in nature and, recently, common military frigate names.
Destroyers – Named after Major cities, regions, and landmarks on earth and its colonies. Invent new city names from the colonies and I will name DD’s after them.
Cruisers – Free reign as long it’s not crazy (i.e. makes sense in the lore of the universe) or the name is not on my reserved list for Capital ships and Carriers.
Troop Ships – Famous warriors from the whole of earth’s time line. This includes fictional names from the pre-Global Union era (2013 – 2387) go crazy. If you can provide a back story of the character I will include it at the point in the video in which the ship named.
Exploration Ships – As of right now I have most of the ships named after space shuttles and iconic exploration ships. If you have a name you would like to have on an exploration ship let me know.

Planets – I will be taking suggestions for Planet names. Nothing too crazy like Bob...well...maybe. But you get the idea. I have already added some names from the comments on the youtube videos.

This is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE so get yours in when you can. As for as ship names go you CAN deviate from the naming scheme or else things will get very boring,. I will, however, have to consider ship names outside of the current naming scheme.
Later, as we move into a more colonial government, I will consider putting a voting mechanism in place for major decisions. This mechanism will be fleshed out when that time comes.
In the following posts you will see one episode LP with corresponding text. This will be the way updates are done. I hope you enjoy this LP.

We Will Reach Out to the Stars - Playlist

We Will Reach Out to the Stars - Playlist

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/1/2013 6:49:34 AM)

This is the first part of the pre-game history that I have created. It is a wall of text but tells the story of how the world united under one government. inb4 TL;DR

A brief history of Earth from 2013-2758 (pt I)

2013- Breakthroughs in particle physics and quantum entanglement create excitement in the global scientific community. The world distance record for transporting information through entangled particles is broken again by a wide margin from the previous record of 50miles. This photon was transported nearly 1000 miles.

2015- The global financial crisis deepens as Italy, still without a stable government since 2013, defaults on 2.3 Trillion dollars in debt.

2016- Global economic collapse not seen since the Great Depression. China in particular is effected by the loss in demand of manufactured goods. Starvation rivaling that seen during the Cultural Revolution runs rampant in the countryside.

2020- With the globe still deep in economic depression and with territorial tensions higher in east Asia than any point prior to 1936 a starving North Korea launches limited attacks on south Korean shipping and shells the island of Yeonpyeong again in a bid to attract attention from the global community. Whether by accident or on purpose the exchange of fire became out of the control of either countries leaders. The 38th Parallel burns. Fearing the influx of already starving refugees and folding under the pressure of hardliners in the military China begins to secretly offer military support overland and via shipping.

2021- With the 2nd Korean War bogged down in warfare closely resembling the trenches of Flanders an incident in the Yellow Sea brings NATO and the PLA into a direct shooting war. A weakened but stalwart PLAAF undermines the supremacy of NATOs combined Air forces. Nations mobilize around the world.

2022- With millions of causalities among the warring nations and no gains being made on either side the war seems to be set to go on for another two or three years. In November of 2022 around the Pusan Perimeter in southeast Korea a nuclear weapon was detonated over the main defensive line with a yield of around 80kilotons. This tactical nuclear weapon had a yield of around 8 times more than the bomb that leveled Hiroshima. It is not known which country authorized the release of such a weapon but the reaction of both governments were immediate. The following events would bring the world as close as it has ever been to self annihilation. Accounts taken later in history would say that both sides were less than 5 minutes away from strategic nuclear release. Ten days after the event known as Zero-Day world leaders convene at Geneva for peace talks. An armistice is signed on the 16th of December 2022.

(2024-2027) - Two years after the end of the Third World War a new UN charter is established which will later be the foundation of the Global Union. The US, EU, AU, CAU and Asian Prosperity Sphere agree to share resources in a bid to help each other recover from the conflict two years prior. The middle east and Africa still feel the impact of near anarchic conditions and religious extremists. The UN dispatches a multi-national force to deal with the issues. Over 550k troops from every member nation conduct anti-insurgent operations and regime change when necessary. No longer a token organization the UN now has teeth.

2039- Conditions around the world return to pre-war status. There is still public outcry about the nature of the new UN charter and the seemingly endless state of war. This year the final census on the war dead from the Third World War comes to 473,000,000+.

2042-Israel and Palestine come to a two state solution under pressure from the global community.

2056- Mimicking other finical Unions around the world the region known as the middle east joins the UN as a full member nation. This organization is known as the Asia Minor Coalition. This region, so distraught by religious strife, having suffered through several regime changes and civil wars now is united under one banner. The same year (ironically) the US lets go of its nationalist tenancies for the greater good. The NAU is formed.

2057- The world economy reaches levels that haven't been seen in half a century.

2061- With natural resources declining and peak oil being attained sometime just after the Third World War the UN begins what can only be described as the greatest investment in science and technology since the Cold War. A serious investment into global education is also started.

2068- More efficient nuclear power is created at the micro level. It is safe, it is clean, and most importantly it is cheap. Carbon-nano tubes are now able to be mass produced. The world economy booms

2078- Asteroid 2078 MN1 “Wormwood” passes by Earth. This asteroid was heretofore unseen by astronomers until it made a pass at less than 16,000miles above the earth. It is roughly the size of Holland and composed mostly of iron. This asteroid is projected to return in 2141 with a 1 and 10 chance of striking Earth. The UN mobilizes a new force of scientists and military personal from across the globe. Known as the Global Defense Initiative this organization is seen as the precursor to the Global Defense Force as seen today. The nations of the world band together to fight this common enemy and mutual destruction.

2086- Plans to create a large enough gravity tractor, solar sails, and mass drivers are put into effect. The final design for a space station large enough without the need of constant replenishment of supplies via chemical rockets is decided on. Construction on a working space elevator begins in Oceania. A cord made of billions of bundles of carbon-nano tubes will be launched into space via chemical rocket where it would connect to an anchor in geosynchronous orbit with the Earth. This will lay the foundation for, what will become, earths first permanent space station and shipyard.

2107- After more than 20 years the “main line” is lifted into orbit with the help of the largest rockets ever built. Later that same year the main line is connected to the waiting anchor. The GDI space elevator is projected to be working within the next decade. This experience of working toward a common goal has fundamentally changed the way society thinks, shares information, and interacts. All of the old problems decease, famine, racism, religious extremism, and overt nationalism still exist but seem to be losing their majority stake in civilization.

StarLab -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/1/2013 11:04:25 AM)

Nice work! Falls into the category of 'Extreme Role Playing!' [8D]

You've taken a lot of pre-game time here between the story and the custom galaxy you've created.

Looking forward to following this LP. [:)]

WoodMan -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/1/2013 12:43:48 PM)

Watched the intro, excellent, will be following. I've never really gone into much of the in-game customization stuff, renaming planets, re-designing the galaxy etc. Love your ship naming method by the way. One thing though, I notice you are playing an old version of the game! The Naxxilians no longer have the armour restriction and haven't had for many, many versions now.

Odyvek -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/1/2013 4:25:43 PM)

Nice Backstory ads even more depth to the LP. Looking forward to more.

Antiscamp -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/1/2013 4:36:31 PM)

I'm following on YouTube.

Martionize -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/1/2013 7:19:38 PM)

This is a great intro. The backstory makes it feel like a sci-fi tv show which to me makes it much more engaging. [:)][:)]

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/2/2013 4:37:24 AM)

The History of the World (2013-2758) Pt II

2109- First solar sails are sent to GDI station ready to be loaded onto 4 separate robotic craft which would attach them to the surface of the asteroid. “Wormwood” is back on its return orbit.

2114- The GDI space elevator terminal is fully operational on the Marshall Islands. Artificial harbors, wharfs, and cities are built around the islands to support the massive influx of construction material needed for Operation Soteria, named after the Greek goddess of safety and deliverance from harm. This operation encompasses all projects devoted to the deflection of the asteroid “Wormwood”.

2121- The Janus gravity tractor and accompanying mass drivers are nearing completion in the GDI shipyard.

2129- Four robotic craft carrying solar sails are launched. They will meet with the asteroid as to passes the orbit of Jupiter.

2135-The solar sails are attached to the asteroid. Janus is making test flights between the Moon and Earth. This is the first time in 166 years that humanity has sent a manned space flight to the Moon. It was noted as a time of reflection.

2139- There was not a notable decrease in speed from the asteroid and no change of direction. The Janus began its journey to intercept the asteroid.

2140- The Janus and its crew of 30 scientists and engineers stationed itself at in a position beside “Wormwood”. Later in the year the mass driver operation was up and running. The twin drivers, named Lu and Love after the last astronauts that pioneered the idea of gravity tractors for the deflection of asteroids. These mass drivers would form the foundation of asteroid and extraterrestrial mining in the future. The world held its breath.

2141- On August 12th 2141 the world ending asteroid known as “Wormwood” passed a mere 324 miles from the Earths surface. The asteroid was visible to the naked eye in Asia and Europe. This near miss counted as the second time in three centuries human kind had narrowly escaped total destruction. This event marked another fundamental shift in civilization. It became apparent that to survive the human race must take care of the resources and planet we do occupy. Secondly humanity must expand beyond our own solar system. Finally a dramatic change in the way science and economics are handled must be the goal for future generations. With this, the nucleus of a first global government began to take shape.

2142- 8 months after the near miss of “Wormwood” the asteroid would slam into Mars on its exit trajectory. Any colonization of Mars for the next several centuries would be hindered by the artificial nuclear winter and heat created by the impact.

2159- The first extraterrestrial mining operations take place on the moon and a few asteroids. The corporations undergoing this endeavor would never see a profit.

2166- Construction begins on the first ore freighters. These ships will move ore from mining operations inside the local solar system. Demand from corporations drives the expansion of the GDI shipyards for private building.

2185- Would see the first communication sent via quantum entanglement. The message was sent from the GDI science vessel Prometheus. The message received at the GDI station stated “Hello world” with zero delay.
2198- A exploration team is formed to conduct mining operations on Jupiter’s moon of Europa. Scientists are also dispatched by the GDI to look for life under the ice.

2215- When drilling was complete on Europa scientists found an ocean under the ice that was teeming with life. Complex life which was not all that different that what was to be found in the deepest parts of the ocean on Earth. More importantly was the fact that the ice contained large quantities of carbon-dioxide. Combined with the already existing phytoplankton in the oceans of Europa and significant donations from Earth there would the remote chance to terraform the planet.

2236- The first permanent extraterrestrial colony is created as an addition to the GDI spaceport. This city in the sky boasted a population of 276 people (mostly the families of important GDI personnel and wealthy investors)The major cities on the planet have reached a level in which they are mostly self sustaining and 65% of waste is gone in the mega cities. The east coast of both North America and China are mostly covered in urban sprawl which is now starting to compound on itself. 12 billion people now inhabit the earth.

2263- Work on a terraforming hub on Europa is completed. Efforts to warm the atmosphere are undertaken including the use of nuclear devices to melt ice. Environmental groups on Earth protest this move.

2294- Temperatures on Europa rise to -163*F from -260*F. This remarkable change was brought on by teams of hundreds of thousands of scientists and workers on the planets surface. As the ice on the surface melts attention turns to the need of dry land to colonize. The first designs for floating habitation are begun.

2301- Regulations on recycling and waste are increased on corporations on Earth. Many corporations, which have powerful sway in the lower classes in some regions start discriminating propaganda against the UN and GDI. This subversion ignites the old flames of nationalism, religious extremism, and cultural warfare that existed before Zero-Day. As information is easier to disseminate across quantum entangled communication hubs and superconductive relays those individuals living in the under cities rally to the calls for change in favor of the multinational conglomerates.

2320- The first colonists bound for Europa leave Earth on outbound ore ships. These groups, usually 30 or 40 individuals at a time, are hand picked from applicants from the upper class. The 6 year trip will not be easy and several die within the first three years due to shipping accidents, illness, and ship disappearances.

2324- The first lunar colony is established to house the families of mine workers there. This same year automated mining ships are created to scour the asteroid belt for resources. The Earths population reaches 16 billion due to increases in ecostabalization technology, advances in agriculture, and industry. Most of the urban centers in the world are unrecognizable as the cities they were in the early 21st century. The demand for raw materials double. A second space elevator is created in the Marshall Islands.

2334- To ease the strain on population centers on Earth new methods of construction are created. 4D printers allow for the creation of efficient architecture. Urban sprawl covers most of the planet as agriculture is interwoven with the cities. A vast underworld forms which closely resemble slums and are nearly hidden from sunlight.

2347- Tensions escalate as intra-steller corporations bid to take power from the UN. More colonists are sent to Europa to ease the strain on Earth. Temperatures rise to -46*F as a vast majority of resources are spent in terraforming Europa. This does nothing to help ease the tensions between the lower and middle classes. Certain corporations use this opportunity to further divide the people of Earth. Modular cities are now built on the ice as the population on Europa swells to nearly 500k.

2359- Private armies are raised by some Corporate entries under the guise of providing jobs to the lower classes. To combat these bold moves the UN increases oversight of intrasteller corporations.

2364- A breakthrough in the production of fission reactors creates the opportunity to produce useable amounts of anti-mattter. Scientists at the GDI start work on reactors capable of anti-matter production on large scales. Some theorize with enough anti-matter one could theoretically create a warp bubble with the ability to bend space-time. Speeds faster than light could be attainable. The population of Earth reaches 20 billion.

2374- Tensions between intrarstellar Corporations escalate to dangerous levels as an ultimatum is given to the UN. Stop regulation of trade and industry or they will be forced to fight for their right to free trade and free market capitalism. Due to escalating tensions on Earth all major research is transferred to Europa. Late in the year the UN and GDI begins privatization measures to curtail the rising power of the Corporate unions. In Geneva, the heart of the new UN, and several other major megalopoleis private armies move to take the local governments, destroy UN and GDI property, and kill important personnel to both organizations. The Unification Wars had begun.

(2375-2385)The Unification Wars brought to Earth an unimagined level of urban warfare. Causalities mount as both sides vie for total control of the home planet. Meanwhile experiments in FTL travel continue on Europa unabated. Independence is also considered by Europa which was essentially cut off from outside help. This fact helped with later colonization of planets. The wars grind on for several years causing unfathomable amounts of carnage. The EDF leans heavily on the experiences of urban operations during this war. Finally the EDI and UN gain the upper hand in late 2284 with the capture of several CEO's and VIP's of the corporate alliance called the Syndicate. Unbeknownst to Earth, in 2285 scientists at Europa successfully test sending a small robotic spacecraft outside the solar system. The probe, named Viajero, makes the 5.98 light year trip to Barnards Star in 30 days. Viajero then transmits photos back to Europa as proof then makes the return trip. A second trip was made to the Tau Ceti system. What awaited there stunned humanity as a civilization. The planet now known as Eve was found orbiting the star within its habitable zone. A third incursion confirmed that their was life on the planet and plenty of liquid water. Green plants and animals not much unlike our own was also found on the planet. All hostilities ceased within weeks of the news. A second Earth had been found.

2387- With much of the Earth tattered by ten years of conflict and the subjugation of the Syndicate complete a new order was established. The horrors of the Unification Wars brought out the worst that humanity had to offer. Cybernitic soldiers, engineered viruses, and total information infrastructure destruction were only a few examples. All totaled there were 2 Billion dead. The Founders, members of the UN and regional government officials, met in Berlin discuss a system of government in which this kind of event would never happen again. The Founders knew that the main driving force behind the wars were the treatment of lower class citizens and the power that was mismanaged both by the UN and corporate entities A new Declaration of the Rights of Humankind listed several rights that would be afforded to every citizen of the planet Earth. A new government which offered fair representation of its citizens and proper oversight was drawn up. A vote was held at the UN of all the regions of the Earth and a new worldwide government was created. The Global Union was born.

The third and Final installment of the pre-game history should be out tomorrow night or Sunday night. It's late so if I have made some spelling or grammar mistakes rest assured that they will be fixed. Until then they are free of charge. [:D] Regular LP updates should commence next week.

HectorOfTroy -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/2/2013 11:49:34 AM)

Thanks for this. Will your updates be done from a viewpoint of a character? Or will it be in point form like you have been doing it so far?

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/2/2013 3:42:47 PM)


ORIGINAL: HectorOfTroy

Thanks for this. Will your updates be done from a viewpoint of a character? Or will it be in point form like you have been doing it so far?

A hybrid of both I think. The text will come before the link in the video. This text will explain the previous video and details in that video.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/5/2013 6:48:32 AM)

2391- The Global Union had a difficult first three years of existence. Rebels still resisted in the under cities of major metropolitan areas. The General Assembly was racked with bitter infighting amongst representative of the different regional powers. Furthermore, there was the problem of Europa which had drifted almost out of reach of the global government, going as far to create its own system of government which did not want to give power back to a planet which forsaken them for a decade.

2426- Further exploration of nearby space was made with small probes no bigger than a meter long. Plans to build working manned spacecraft with FTL ability was well underway. The first prototype being tested at the end of 2426. Quantum entanglement technology was now able to be produced on a massive scale. It would still be more than a century until the technology was affordable for common citizens.

2437- Laws are passed by the General Assembly to make the augmentation of the human body restricted unless under special circumstances, a handicap, or government necessity, military and inelegance needs. Any human that had cybernetic implants was grandfathered into this law as several billion humans have altered their bodies prior and during the Unification Wars. This law was passed in the response to the news that scientists mapped the human brain.

2440- The first manned FTL jump was made. Initial tests indicated that the stresses on the human body were minimal. Kindrick Jacapo and Yong Su were the first humans to travel beyond the solar system in the Amaterasu. The ship, no bigger than your standard Dissever-class starfighter, made the jump to Tau Ceti after several years of jump calculations using, by today's standards, rudimentary calculations and hardware. The Amaterasu arrived at the planet, now known as Eden, on the 21st September 2440. The first words from Su stated “The continents are so green it looks like the Garden of Eden from up here” Her words and the supporting images that followed let to the naming of the planet.

2467- After several more return manned flights and ground exploration it was determined that this planet was indeed very rich. Eden was much more like a pristine Earth than an alien planet. Research by the GDI's department of Astrobiology released a report stating that it was imperative that the General Assembly make funds available to colonize the planet as soon as possible. Constriction on the Arc began that same year at the GDI shipyards.

2493- The Arc was completed and launched for test flights. The ship contained enough space and accommodations to hold 100k colonists plus the extra resources and equipment to build a working settlement from the hull of the ship itself once it had landed. Most of the colonists were scientists, intellectuals, engineers, agriculturists and craftsmen. This same year the Arc made the 4 month journey to Tai Ceti and began the settlement process. They named their settlement New Hope.

2539- After decades of colonization restrictions the General Assembly passed the Interstellar Exploration and Colonization Act which stated that anyone that had the funds and supplies could make the journey to Europa or Eden to start a new life. Within the first year of its passage more than 1 billion individuals emigrated. The private sector also boomed during this time do to new opportunities provided by the massive demand for passenger transport and rare materials coming from Europa and Eden.

2548- The first gas mining operation was fully operational. Europa also attained its current average temperature of 72*F. With the temperature and oxygen content of the atmosphere at these levels colonists could venture outside un-aided.

2567- The population of Eden reaches 2 Billion. The population of Europa reaches 1 Billion. Advancements in computing resulted in the first “Free Thinking” AI. This AI could learn and problem solve on its own.

2590- The first NavAI was put on ships bound to Eden. This AI, a much less advanced version of our current technology, could calculate FTL jumps within 15 minutes. This greatly reduced the amount of shipping accidents and missing ships. This also helped with the creation of star tables and anomaly mapping. The first stable trade routes were created.

2632- New starships built for the sole purpose of construction were built. Quantam Entangled relays are available on every planet. The ability to transmit live video messages are also available. Regular citizens are able to own these devices.

2665- [REDACTED] GAEO-117Art. 12

2683- The populations of both Europa and Eden had quadrupled to 8 billion and 4 billion respectively with no signs of slowing down. The official languages of the Global Union were selected as English and Mandarin after a census showed those were the two most used languages on the planet Earth. The Global Assembly also released a referendum on the reorganization of the Global Defense Initiative. A new force, known as the Earth Defense Force, was formed from the cadre of the GDI. Work on the first system patrol craft started armed with rail guns and solid fuel guided missiles. Defense funding sees a sharp rise.

2690- First contact takes place between humans and extraterrestrials. Trade ships of Haakonish make and origin arrive in the Tau Ceti system. First attempts to make contact were unsuccessful but later attempts using a basic binary code transmitted on a low high bandwidth revived a response. The first words from the Haakonish were brief. “We wish to trade”. No attempt at direct contact was made by the Haakonish but rather done electronically They seem deeply interested in spices. Trade took place at the Eden receiving platform pay passing requested goods through an airlock that was sealed on the other side. To this day the Haakonish refuse to acknowledge any requests for diplomatic inroads. Fortunately they do not seem hostile at this point.

2701- The first Shield-Class escorts are created for service in the GDF navy. Technology received through trade with the Haakonish led to the development of the Maxios Blaster system. This system uses charged slugs of tungsten in a envelope of plasma to deliver enough kinetic energy to level a city block down to its roots. Two ships of the Diplomatic mission 'Friendship' leaves Earth to the galactic north in search of the Haakonish home world and is never seen from again. The last message received from 'Friendship' stated [REDACTED] GAEO-117Art. 12 No search party is organized.

2718- A shipping accident in the Tau Ceti system between a Haakonish freighter and a GU bulk goods hauler leads to the discovery of shield technology. When reverse engineered scientists saw that [REDACTED] GAEO-117Art. 12 furthermore future research into [REDACTED] GAEO-117Art. 12 was possible. Shield technology is available to the military shortly afterword.

2726- The first Vengance-Class Escort is laid down. Fitted with the latest in blaster and shield technology these ships could adequately protect any existing private starship on their long transits to their destinations.

2730- Incident at [REDACTED] GAEO-117Art. 12. Service Act passed by the General Assembly which requires those seeking citizenship in the GU are required to serve four years mandatory service in the EDF

2747- The First Tetriarch- Frigates are produced provided more firepower for system patrols. Designs on a larger ship class, the Praetor-class destroyer, are started. Several exploration ships are also fielded and crewed with members from across the colonies. These ships would open the way for grater expansion. The EDF expands the ground forces (EDA and EDMC)

2756- The first two Praetor-class destroyers are launched. The EDF creates a new system in which to organize ships. Earth Defense Force Task Force One and Earth Defense Force Task Force Two are created with the intent on including up to 10 ships at a time. These Task Forces will be charged with the security of GU space.

2758- Deep space mining rights authorized.

Martionize -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/5/2013 7:02:23 PM)

2665- [REDACTED] GAEO-117Art. 12

hmmmm wonder what it was that happened in 2665.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/7/2013 10:42:27 PM)

Alright everyone, sorry for the delay I had drill for the Army Reserve this last weekend and work has been crazy. The text that goes along with each update will be a short narative of a selected event that occours in that episode. There will be a few reoccouring characters which I may post biographies for later. In between updates I will be posting a "State of the Union" post which will do a breif overview of everything that is going on. Thanks for your understanding on the pace of these updates. I'm trying to catch up on these episodes already posted.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/7/2013 10:44:23 PM)

Episode 1

Link: Episode 1

0356UST 23.3.2758 Paakari Mine Platform – Tau Ceti System

The sudden change of momentum from the mine elevator always turned Tanners stomach. Centuries ago he would be riding a much slower version from the bowels of the earth covered in a thick layer of dust with a festering case of black lung. In retrospect the momentary discomfort from deceleration did not seem that bad. Most of the other fifty or so passengers had already unharnessed themselves from their seats and were mingling by the door. Tanner reached into his pocket and unfolded his QNP (Quantum Network Paper) and with a flick of his wrist all of the creases disappeared as the QNP became as ridged as steel. As the hatch opened it became apparent that most of the first shift mine technicians decided to break for meal early as a dozen more pods stopped gracefully at the elevator terminal. Looking down Tanner could see the long carbon fiber cables, stretched taught by force of gravity and the stations geostationary orbit to the planet below. On the surface complex his two robotic mining rigs should be on their second turn of their planned route. As Tanner pulled out the QNP again to double-check his calculations he ran into someone, almost losing his rebreather helmet hooked to his belt. A short pixie cut blonde stood in his way.
“Did you see the mineral purity report I sent you”, said a familiar voice thick with the accent of her mother region. “There were some very interesting uranium isotopes on your last pass.”
Tanner regained his composure, “Uh, that last pass was only…”, he checked the QNP, “It completed just three minutes ago. I haven’t even had time to grab lunch yet.”
Tanner pushed past her and made his way to the cafeteria line.
Verusha Kozlov followed with a bemused look on her face. “As mine technician is it not your responsibility to monitor the reports from your sector geologist at all times?”
Tanner knew what this was. Although only three years older than him at 21 she did technically hold superiority over him. But to everyone on shift it was clear what was going on between them. They never saw each other outside the weekend trysts besides between shift change and meals. The whole situation, not without its bonuses, made Tanner nervous.
They took seats in a secluded corner of the cafeteria. Looking past Verusha Tanner could see the curvature of the planet Paakrai and the stars beyond through the ferro-glass.
“You haven’t answered my question”, Verusha now holding a suggestive look in her eye. She was teasing him.
“This has to stop.”
Verusha’s expression changed to something resembling panic. Beyond the glass a meteor vaporized on the shield protecting the platform.
“We have too much to lose from this. People are talking.” Tanner mustered the most serious look he could.
Before Verusha could reply the shield flared again much brighter and the ferro-glass behind her shattered and exploded into thousands of shards. The pressure from the explosion and outrush of air into the vacuum of space caused Tanners eardrums to burst. Tanner held on to the bulkhead as other diners and anything not secured was flushed into the upper atmosphere of Paakari. Deaf and half blind from Verusha’s blood and ferro-glass shards Tanner was able to muscle is way up the bulkhead and secure his helmet. He buried his head in his lap and screamed as the world exploded around him.

0402UST 23.3.2758 EDSS Beijing – Orbit of Eden

“Captain, we have a priority signal from Paakari Station”
“A shipping accident?”
“No they are reporting that…they are under attack sir”
The words took seconds to register. Captain Shahjahan Ardeshir Attar shot up from his bunk and began dressing himself, the new Captain eagles resting heavily on his shoulders. The youngest in the fleet at 28 he was well aware of the burden of command. He made his way swiftly to the bridge, not pausing to return salutes. It had been over one-hundred years since the last separatist attack in the Tau Ceti system, why would anyone choose to attack now? As entered all eyes were on him.
“Commander Johnson, report”
“We received a transmission from Yukiko Kurosawa, the Paakari Station executive administrator, audio only”
Cmdr. Johnson keyed the terminal and the speakers came to life. The message was warped and full of static indicative of high energy discharges in the immediate area of the transmitter.
“…tiple hull breaches…d the s…cables have been cut…sistance…unknown! Send any EDF vess…now!”
Cpt Attar shot Cmdr. Johnson and uncharacteristically concerned look.
“Signal any other ships in the system, tell them to prepare a FTL jump on our mark”
“Already done”
“Sound general quarters, spin up the primary FTL drive and plot a jump within 10k from the station, positive horizon. Transmit this to the other ships in the system. Who else is out there with us?”
Lt. Davis spoke as the general quarters alarm sounded” The Falcon, the Hawk, and the Dealey”
Dealey, Attar thought to himself, that’s Kangjon’s float. Shes aggressive we will need that.
Lt. Davis looked up from his console, “All station’s report ready, maxos guns report loaded and charged.”
At that instant the FTL AI announced that the calculations were complete.
“Commence FTL jump”
The hull of the ship seemed to bend in front of Attars’ eyes and, due to the strange effect of warp space, a ghost image of the Paakari Station already showed through the plated ferro-glass in front of him. As the Beijing returned to normal space it was clear that the station was is tatters. Other ships flashed into existence on the far side of the station. In the center of the screen was a blue grey ship of unknown make, its hull covered in bumps and ridges almost like blisters. It was firing on the station, clouds of ionized gas expanding from the strike points.
“Dealey is moving to engage”, reported Lt. Davis “They are engaging now”
Red bolts streaked from the gun emplacements on the Dealey creating yellow sparks off the alien ships shields. Soon the Falcon and Hawk were joining in the hunt.
“Five seconds until maxos batteries are in range” Davis called out. The time and distance ran down on the CIC’s ferro-glass display. “Engaging”
A small shudder was felt as 8 220mm maxos guns fired on the ship and It’s shields collapsed under the onslaught. It was still dangerous however, the Dealey was taking damage from the weapon system on the aggressor ship; small fires were burning on the hull.
“We are receiving a data stream from the Alien ship. It’s in UIC (Universal Interstellar Code), recording now”
Cpt. Attar turned to his tactical officer, “Are they disengaging?”
“No, sir”
“Press the attack”
The Beijing shuddered again as more rounds were fired at the now ablaze alien frigate. Suddenly there was a large explosion amidships of the battered craft and the stern rolled lazily away from the bow.
“Cease fire”
“Yes, sir”
“Captain the Dealey is reporting that she has taken considerable damage and is requesting assistance, Falcon is inbound to help”
“Sir, the UIC transmission has been compiled. The transmission is of Haakonish origin.”
The CIC was silent.
Cpt. Attar finally spoke, “Alert the marine detachment, Major Willis is to conduct rescue operations on what is left of Paakari Station. Contact task force command on Eden and patch me through to Admiral Mabena, I will take it in my quarters. Commander Johnson you have the bridge.”
Attar left the bridge crew in silence his hands shaking as he walked. He and his crew just lived through a dramatic turn in the history of humanity. Those eagles on his shoulders somehow felt heavier.

Dracus -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/7/2013 11:05:04 PM)

You got to have a planet bob or it just doesn't work

Darkspire -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/8/2013 12:18:16 AM)



You got to have a planet bob or it just doesn't work



martok -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/8/2013 12:32:02 PM)

LOL @Dracus. [8D]

@Darkspire: "Planet Bob" is a reference to the movie Titan A.E. It's a pretty decent flick if you've never seen it.

Darkspire -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/8/2013 12:58:30 PM)


ORIGINAL: martok

LOL @Dracus. [8D]

@Darkspire: "Planet Bob" is a reference to the movie Titan A.E. It's a pretty decent flick if you've never seen it.

The penny drops [:D]

I wondered why it was mentioned, I have Titan AE, saw it at the cinema and bought the DVD, great animation and story, and remember him wanting to call nu earth Bob at the end just did not link the two together.


CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/11/2013 7:31:04 AM)

Episode 2

Link: Episode 2

21.8.2760 EDF-TF 1 “Sword” - Arceana Minor 5

Rear Admiral Attar stood staring at the CICs L.O.K.I. (Light-speed Observational Kinetic Interface) The space surrounding the alien starbase was clear of hostile traffic. Good. The EESS Challenger did its job in drawing the attention away from the main assault. A classic military diversion.

“Sir, the Madrid is reporting that they are taking fire from the starbase, unknown weapon type.” reported Chief Petty Officer Jeanes

On the LOKI two pinpoints of light were streaking towards a ship in his task force. Attar had yet to lose a ship in his new command,the rank of Rear Admiral given to him after the Encounter at Paakari Station two years prior. Command predicted a loss of 15% of total force strength. Even that was unacceptable to Attar. The weapon fired from the platform hit the Madrid causing their shields to flare. It did not seem to be effective. At that exact moment both the base and the Madrid opened fire with their main blaster armament. The light from the exchange was so bright that the CIC's ferro-glass had to polarize further to compensate.

“Time until we are in range to fire?”

“Two minutes sir”

The range was counting down on the CIC. Attar knew that the gunners would already be frantically staging more tungsten bolts at the auto loader feed. On the far side of the station four more ships from the combined fleet opened fire on the base. Small shuttles could be seen exiting the hangers in its superstructure and making FTL jumps. Let them go, we have what we came for.

Large explosions could now be seen on the base, its shields having failed. The station still somehow returned fire on the fleet firing wildly in all directions.

“We are within range, sir”

“All batteries, open fire”

The hull shook as the Maxos blasters rained death. A fissure formed on the surface of the base which quickly opened into a chasm of torn metal and bodies. A large explosion heralded the end of the orbiting station and large sections were pulled into the atmosphere of the gas giant below. As cheers erupted from the bridge crew Attar stared intently at the carnage below, this was only the beginning. Plans for the invasion of Mytos Prime were already finalized.

5.11.2760 HVAP 0113 – Somewhere over the Pinsk Marshes

Roman was sure that he was about to suffer a concussion as his head violently bounced around in his helmet. Strapped in a HVAP (High Velocity Assault Pod) with twelve other marines, falling through the atmosphere at terminal velocity, with only a few seconds of solid rocket burn to slow you down before you crash into the surface of the planet was not his idea of a fun weekend. He glanced to the left ferro-glass window and momentarily saw several other HVAP's through the flames of reentry friction. The red drop light turned to amber indicating that there was only a minute until planet fall.
“Warszawski!”, an authoritative voice barked, “Charge your ****ing weapon, get your head in the game”

PVT Roman Warszawski depressed the bolt release chambering a round. The drop light was flashing amber now, thirty seconds until planet fall. This was the worst part of a HAAD (High Altitude Assault Drop). Roman clinched his jaw tight not wanting to suffer the fate of so many marines, drop jaw. Green light, solid rocket boosters ignited, seemingly throwing every organ and ounce of blood in Roman's body into his skull. At forty g's his BAU (Battle Armor Unit) applied pressure to his legs to keep blood in his lower extremities. Never the less Roman still almost had a red-out. The HVAP crashed, not so much as landed, into the soft soil of the marsh. With tremendous force the wall three feet in front of Roman blew away as the restraining harness around his chest retracted. The light was almost blinding on the outside, his helmet taking a few seconds to compensate for the change. Around him fellow marines gathered equipment and weapons making a sprinting dash to an brick building of unfamiliar make one-hundered meters in front of them. Roman was the last man to slam into the wall of the building, the breaching charge already affixed to the outside wall by the squads designated assault man.

“Breaching, breaching, breaching!”

The wall exploded inward sending chunks of mud brick and ball bearings into the structure. The point man was already on his was in before Roman could give him a pat on the shoulder letting him know the stack was ready to clear the building. As Roman cleared the wall following closely behind the point man when he made a turn to the right. Roman he knew he had already made a mistake by not clearing in the opposite direction. This was confirmed by the sharp pain on his left side as a rubber bullet found the space where his armor did not cover. He felt a rib snap. His attacker was dispatched by the follow on man and the rest of the building was cleared in a matter of seconds. Before Roman could get up Staff Sergeant Hinley was already on top of him.

“What the **** Warszawki!” He screamed over din of the training exercise “ That corner was your responsibility, that was a ****ing boot thing to do. If that was a real Ugly you and the rest of the squad would have been dead.”

It was not going to be a fun weekend.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/11/2013 9:35:47 AM)

Episode 2.5

Link: Episode 2.5

29.9.2761 EESS Enterprise – VQ3B19

“On behalf of the citizens of the Global Union of Nations it is my pleasure to present to you a gift of our finest goods and resources. This gesture, I hope, will further solidify our intent of good will between our peoples and future interaction that could benefit both of our species.”

There was a long pause as the information was encoded and transmitted to the Kiadian exploration vessel. Florian Page, Captain of the EESS Enterprise, tried to look as earnest as possible not knowing if his body language even registered to the Kiadian representative. Their representative, known only as Khassar, looked stoic not showing any form of emotion. To Page he looked like an older man with a swollen cranium, almost comically so. But behind this facade there was something deeper and, although he couldn't positively say, a friendliness. Khassar began to speak in their odd warbling tongue. Soon the science officer was reading the UIC transmission.

“We humbly accept this generous gift. We also look forward to continued interaction between our peoples. However, your request for open trade is not accepted as we do not feel that we can make that sort of commitment at this time.”

Page's smile faded, this was disappointing news for him and his career.

“We do, however wish to continue communication between our two governments. We also offer free and open communication at any time in case the need arises. Make no mistake that the Kiadian only wish peace with the Global Union.”

Then something curious happened. Khassar attempted what could only be described as, a smile.

1400 EST 25.2.2762 EDF-TF 2 “Shield” - Mytos Prime

“Jump complete. LOKI contact. Three hostile frigates at six kilometers.”

“Order the task force to surround the frigates and neutralize them, we can't let them get in between the landing craft and the planet.”

Rear Admiral Yamamoto stood quietly beside the EDSS Washington’s captain. Yamamoto differed all tactical orders to him, not wanting to micromanage his subordinates. The battle raged outside the ferro-glass of the CIC.

“Looks like they are making a break for it.” Captain Leonardsson glanced at Yamamoto with a satisfied grin.

“They will be back.” Yamamoto turned to the communications officer. “I need a direct com link to General Evans”

The bridge of the Washington lit up as a Haakonish frigate erupted in a ball of expanding ionized gas. The com link flashed to light, an image of General Evans floating above the admirals console. Before Evans could speak Yamamoto began.

“General Evans, the space above Mytos Prime will be clear within the next few minutes. At that time I will be transferring command of all ground operations to you. The ships of task force “Shield” will be on station to provide fire support if needed.”

“Understood, we can take it from here”

Yamamoto closed the com link without any further discussion or formalities. There was no time. Operation Morning Star had begun.

1426 25.2.2762 HVAP 0113 – Blue Nova Sector – Mytos Prime 2

“We are landing under fire marines, don't bunch up!”

The same familiar jarring jumbled the words from his squad leader. The HUD on his helmet display warned him that his heart rate was above normal. Roman tried to calm himself. Outside of the ferro-glass window between the flashes of superheated plasma he saw hundreds of other HVAPs on their way to the surface. There was a sudden jolt that that caused a few marines to scream in terror. Something had struck the HVAP. His heart rate increased.

“What the **** was that!”

“Shut up Donahoe, Amber light get ready!”

Roman thumbed his bolt release the same way he had done a thousand times before. Another jolt hit the HVAP causing the momentum to shift. Roman glanced to the window again just in time to see a HVAP flash out of existence. The fear took hold of him.

“Oh Christ they are shooting at us!”

The Amber light began flashing as what sounded like a hailstorm began on the outside of the hull. The other marines began shifting, reading themselves for landing, one was rhythmically slamming his rifle on his helmet.


The inside of the HVAP was bathed in green light as the solid rockets burned to slow their decent. As the HVAP crashed to a stop sparks and shards of metal sprayed into the cabin. The marine next to him was torn open from whatever weapon was penetrating the hull. Roman was already sprinting when the wall blew away from the HVAP. He pressed himself flat against the alien marsh. Three marines that were gathering equipment were felled by enemy fire before they could make it to cover. Over the platoon net Roman could hear the JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) calling a fire mission on a Haakonish strong point several hundred meters from the right of his position.

“Moscow this is Avenger 1-12 requesting immediate fire support on grid Four-Quebec-Foxtrot-Juliette-One-Three-Two-Eight-Niner-Six, fire for effect.”

Seconds later Roman was lifted from his prone position and moved several inches over by the explosion. He looked up to see Staff Sergeant Hinely standing on the crest of the tiny ridge.
“Follow me marines” he bellowed over the squad net, “ Do you want to live forever”

To his dying day Roman could not tell anyone why he followed but he did, sprinting past Hinely and trough purple tracer fire to stack up on the outside wall of the Haakonish defense ministry. He trained for two years to clear the same building, a mock up on earth, and every building beyond it for several kilometers. As the assault man blew the charge on the wall Roman could see the Blue Nova landing site littered with the bodies of wounded and dead marines. The point man rushed in and button hooked to the left Roman automatically crossed over to the right. He came face to face with a six foot tall Haakonish. Time almost stood still, the Haakonish raising it weapon to defend itself. Two controlled bursts from Romans battle rifle sent the alien reeling. He was down before the last coin sized stubs from Romans caseless ammunition hit the floor. Roman then truned left to dispatch two more Haakonish still recovering from the blast over pressure and countless bird shot sized ball bearings. The building was cleared in a matter of seconds leaving six Haakonish dead or dying on the floor along with one Marine. This was the first day of Operation Morning Star.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/11/2013 11:51:35 AM)

Episode 3

Link: Episode 3

01.11.2762 Ruins of Zuist – Umwat System

“Dr. Anderson you better come take a look at this”

Valerie Anderson was growing tired of the enthusiasm of her assistant. She remembered her same excitement of being part of the EDF Scientific Corps for Exploration (SCE) when she was twenty years younger but this new girl was almost spastic. At every turn there was something “groundbreaking” to be seen. As Dr. Anderson approached her assistant Xue Chan she couldn't help be intrigued by the look on her face.

“What is it now Chan? I was gathering pollen samples and...”

Dr. Anderson never finished her sentence. Chan's eyes were affixed to a place a few hundred meters beyond the green and purple vegetation. There stood a large stone structure almost completely reclaimed by nature. It would be easy to miss from orbit.

Later, once inside the structure, evidence was found of an old space fairing race who had mapped several surrounding systems. There was also a large cache of supplies and artifacts that were immediately shipped back to Earth and Eden for study.

1837 29.12.2762 2nd Cav 12th Striker Battalion - Haarorish Plains, Haako 1

A blast from the impact of a Haakonish AT round on the tanks reactive armor momentarily shook Baumgarner away from his viewfinder. Recovering he was able to see the origin of the attack with the aid of the tanks counter battery radar. The silhouette of a AFV could be seen through the smoke and explosions two hundred meters in front of a Haakonish village.

“Gunner, Sabot, Tank. Designate”

Down below the loader rammed a APFSDS round into the breech of the tanks main gun.


Baumgarner quickly gave the order,“Fire and adjust”

Next to him,Norris, his gunner found the target,”On the way!”

The M58A3 Hussar rocked as the round streaked toward the Haakonish Agamid MBT. It struck dead center below its massive turret. To Baumgarner's dismay the Agamid fired again, this time striking a killing blow on another tank in the platoon.

“Target, Reengage”


“On the way”

The Hussar rocked again as another round flew downrange. The Agamid took the hit squarely. This time the blow off panels on the alien tank shot into the air with the whole turret smoking. Small figures were trying to escape the inferno of their AFV.

“Gunner. Coax. Troops.”

Norris had already began firing the 7.62 coaxial machine gun into the Haakonish crew. One of the crew members was stuck, burning alive, in the commanders copula. Baumgartner turned away from the sight.

“All cowboys, this is cowboy actual, proceed to the town and cover the infantry assault.”

The company commanders voice shook with excitement, this was his first engagement as the last commander was killed during the invasion of Mytos prime. So far so good. The infantry moved up and down the marshy landscape to the town proper. Tracer fire from supporting elements were dancing off the buildings to front.

“Driver forward slow, follow cowboy three into town.”


The Hussar lurched forward into a slow roll, its turret scanning the outskirts of town. Baumgarner noticed that someone in the crew of cowboy three took the liberty of painting the words “Avenger of Paakari” on the barrel of the gun. How clever. Both tanks slowly moved into the town clipping the buildings on the narrow street. Suddenly the radio net came alive with messages from the infantry leaders.

“Reaper actual, this is reaper 1-3 we are taking heavy fire from the town center. They are maneuvering on us. Company sized element.”

“Reaper actual, this is 3-3 we are being overrun, request permission to fall back!”

Infantry began streaming back across the road in front of Baumgarners track, many were wounded. Fifty meters ahead cowboy three took a hit and began brewing up. There were no survivors.

“Driver. Back Right. Fast”

The Hussar made a sharp turn backing into an Haakonish brick and steel structure. Ahead explosions from cannon rounds could be seen decimating the upper floors of a tall building.

“Punch it!”

The tank blasted through the building ending up in a mud hole on the other side of the building.

“We're bogged!”

“Gunner, scan for targets!”

“All cowboys this is cowboy actual brace for orbital fire mission.”

Baumgarner and his gunner turned to each other at the same instant.
“Brace yourselves guys!”

Baumgarner closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

“Shot” A voice over comms said. Baumgarner knew there was a four second delay between a orbital fire mission shot and splash, he counted down. He did not get to four before the world lit up. The entire far side of town ceased to exist. It took a few seconds for the roar to stop but the clang from raining debris went on for a long while.

Suddenly the tank lurched forward, free of the mire.

“We're free!'

“All cowboys, general assualt, I say again, general assault. Take the town”

Outside infantry elements we're rushing past clearing buildings as they went.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/12/2013 6:53:50 PM)

Episode 4

Link: Episode 4

10.3.2763 Terra Nova – Global Union Ambassadorial Complex

“We hope this agreement solidified our government’s commitment to the Oligarchy’s defense in the coming years”
Ambassador Page smiled as Khassar finished imprinting the document, written in both Human and Kaidian language, with his DNA. Once finished Khassar moved toward Page and offered his hand. Page took it and to his upmost surprise Khassar squeezed to the point of discomfort, bending down within inches of his face.
“Know this” Khassar said in a low tone “Once a Kiadian commits to an agreement they will never break it.”
Page knew he was deadly serious.

Dracus -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/13/2013 1:33:21 AM)

Planets from some of my fav books.

Runner's World

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/13/2013 2:01:52 AM)

Added a couple to the master list. Digging Midway. I am about to record the fifth episode.

Dracus -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/20/2013 12:41:19 AM)

Here are some ship names from lost Fleet:

Gallant, indomitable, glorious, orion,dependable, fearless, resolution, redoubtable, reprisal, Dragon

Antiscamp -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/20/2013 8:26:04 AM)

Oh and "Victory", if you don't already have it in there. Named after possibly the most famous ship in human history, HMS Victory, that caused even the mighty French Emperor Napoleon to tremble.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/21/2013 7:03:04 PM)

@Dracus Very, very good book series. I actually have some of those names reserved for capital ships (read: all of the BB and BC names in the index of the books) I will be taking from the Cruiser names tho

@Antiscamp I'm actually thinking about making a Victory class BB or CA. The first two ships of that class will be the Victory and the Triumph

Dracus -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/22/2013 12:42:57 AM)

So Crisp you picked up the series and started reading it. I just got the first from beyond the frontier or as some like to say the 7 th book of lost fleet. I think I turned KAHUNA onto them cuase I posted about the series in his thread about worm holes and warp drives. He said he would check them out.

Yea, I like how he shows the makeup of the fleet in most of the books and in some he even list the ones that got taken out in battle.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/22/2013 6:00:57 AM)

Well everyone I have very bad news. The save corrupted on me. I will have to rebuild the galaxy from scratch. It may be a couple of weeks before this LP gets updated but I want to make sure I get the remake right. I'm sorry this happened but there are good things that will come out of this. I will be able to better position alien races to fight against and i will also be able to update my game to the latest version. I am NOT letting this LP go quietly into the night. There may be some continuity errors but I'm sure I can recon them. Until then stay tuned for further updates.

CrispMPS -> RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity in the 21st century video/text LP (3/22/2013 6:12:23 AM)

In fact if there is anyone that if familiar with the save files and could maybe help me with moving over just the galaxy or something that would be great.

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