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USScoralsea -> Campaign series game questions. (2/27/2013 5:58:18 PM)

I have been playing East Front II for many years and just purchased the Campaign series game. Can map or org files from EF II be used in the campaign game? If they can, how do I get the files from EF II into the campaign game? I use a dedicated PC to play EF II, do I need to uninstall EF II before I load the campaign game or or will it be ok on the same PC?

Warhorse -> RE: Campaign series game questions. (3/2/2013 3:26:15 AM)

Do you mean installing Campaign Series on same computer, it's okay. It will install it under Matrix Games/John tillers Campaign Series/EF, WF, RS. The old one will be under Talonsoft, and new one doesn't need the disk. I believe most original EF2 stuff is in the JTCS.

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