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Omnius -> 1941 Scenario Problem (2/25/2013 5:57:03 PM)

I've been trying to play the 1941 scenario and I found that some countries like Finland are not at war properly even though they belong to an alliance that is at war. Canada and Iraq are part of the Allies yet not at war with anyone. Same with Finland for the Axis. Please fix the relations file so that it matches up with the other files that show countries that are part of an alliance at war. I haven't looked at other scenarios but have a sneaking suspicion that they probably also contain errors where countries are part of an alliance but not at war with the countries the alliance is at war with.

Even though I was able to fix the errors so the proper countries were at war it took some time trying to figure out which column related to which country. As a paying customer I expect that this kind of detail should be properly fixed by the company, regardless of whether it can be edited. It seems that there was inadequate beta-testing on ensuring that the scenario setups are done properly, nor does there seem to be any official beta-testing of patches.

doomtrader -> RE: 1941 Scenario Problem (2/25/2013 7:12:17 PM)

This has been already reported and is prepared for 1.08

Omnius -> RE: 1941 Scenario Problem (2/25/2013 7:22:57 PM)


ORIGINAL: doomtrader

This has been already reported and is prepared for 1.08

Dang were you reading my post while I was typing it? I couldn't believe that you had an answer posted right after I posted it. I'm glad that it is fixed and hope that ToF doesn't have the same problem. Thanks for the fastest reply I've ever seen.

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