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cmdrsam -> bombers vs naval (2/20/2013 3:43:33 PM)

I know I have seen this question asked and answered but now can't find it.
I have a set of b17 bombers stationed at java. Naval forces are in the java sea. When I select the bombers for naval attack it won't let me select target. How do I fix it.

jeffk3510 -> RE: bombers vs naval (2/20/2013 3:47:09 PM)

You can't select a target for Naval attack like you can for other types of attacks. If you are wishing to attack certain port, and this ships in it, use port attack and select that port..

If you're wanting to attack ships out in the is all random.. depends on detection level and other factors on target selected.

cohimbra -> RE: bombers vs naval (2/20/2013 5:09:39 PM)

Right, you can play only whit the altitude, the range, and whit the commander aggresiveness

cmdrsam -> RE: bombers vs naval (2/20/2013 6:53:24 PM)

Ok. Thank you very much gentlemen.

Chickenboy -> RE: bombers vs naval (2/20/2013 7:07:29 PM)

Paramount in any 'naval attack' by air is the spotting of the targetted enemy TF. If they're not spotted, there will be no launch. Naval search aircraft are important for spotting purposes. Make sure that there are many of them flying.

cmdrsam -> RE: bombers vs naval (2/21/2013 3:28:02 AM)

Of course they are spotted, I see them right here on the screen, see they are right here. lol. No, seriously thank you Chickenboy for the input. I just thought I was doing something wrong when I wasnt able to pick the target. I played the turn and my b17's did attack, not a hit on anything other than water, but maybe I scared them. Thanks again gentlemen.

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