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adek670 -> Soundtrack (2/18/2013 6:49:56 PM)

Hey Guys,

Sure it has been mentioned before, although I cant find it here thus far

The music within sounds very familiar with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - almost too much for 'say' coincidence.

link to original at:

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


fentum -> RE: Soundtrack (2/18/2013 7:16:40 PM)

Funny, I thought elements sounded a lot like the Lost soundtrack. The bit when tension is building.

ericbabe -> RE: Soundtrack (2/18/2013 9:32:47 PM)

The music is almost entirely licensed from Shockwave-Sound apart from a few bits in the Public Domain. Shockwave has represented to us that they are a lawful licensor of the music we licensed through them and that they have the full right and authority to license the music that we obtained. You're probably referring to the piece entitled "The Hour of Victory" by Alex Khaskin, a professional writer of music who has had pieces featured in scores of movies and TV shows. I'm not musically or legally qualified to comment on the similarities between his piece and Mr Kamen's "Overture and a Prisoner of the Crusades," and as I understand the law, I don't have a legal obligation to make this judgment when I licensed his music.

adek670 -> RE: Soundtrack (2/18/2013 11:41:01 PM)

Hi Eric,

I have no doubt that you believe that you are fully within the terms of the licence for the use of the music.

However, I must admit that when I was playing the demo the other evening, the track which I refer started to play and it immediately struck me as the Robin Hood Theme track as per this link above.

For what its worth I am a Music professional and can say with a degree of confidence that the similiarities between the Alex Khaskin's "The Hour of Victory" and Michael Camen's "Overture to Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" are such that one has heavily influenced the other. The most notable example of similiarity (other than tempo, style, introduction etc) is here: 00:50 - 01:20 in the Puskin at: The Hour of Victory and compare it to 00:55 - 01:25 in the Camen.

Whilst they are in different keys, the motifs, harmonic and rhythmic language are all strikingly similiar. Even the time of the above occurance is so similiar as to suggest one is based upon the other.

I am a great fan of the game and would suggest that you confirm with your legal team that there hasn't been a breach of copyright law (however unintentional)- this to protect your own interests.

Equally, without knowing the actual date of composition it may be that Camen was influenced by Khaskin and in which case Alex should seek an explanation from those that look after Michael's interests as to the signficant use of his material in a motion picture!

As a music publisher and a professional musician for 21 years, I have seen copyright challenges on less!!

Edit: I have checked my understanding of copyright law and the transgression is under the title: Derivative Work Copyright - useful read is at: Derivative Work

I thought it was worth highlighting.



ericbabe -> RE: Soundtrack (2/20/2013 1:05:06 AM)

Thanks for your concern. One of the very first things my attorney did tell me was never discuss legal matters with strangers on public forums. [:)]

adek670 -> RE: Soundtrack (2/21/2013 12:28:21 AM)


Fair one.

Perhaps the devs and modders here could satisfy this with a scenario based in a heavily wooded area filled with stocking-clad partisans ambushing convoys whilst providing the player the capability to give those more needy their spare AP. [;)]

Keep up the great work - love this game.


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