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DrZooM -> Can't See InGame Videos (2/15/2013 9:58:00 PM)

Hello Everyone,

I just Downloaded both Last Stand Arnhem and Cross Of Iron and I am having problem seeing videos Ingame, While Cross Of Iron simply crashes after the "Atomic video", in Last Stand Arnham I get a Black screen with either No video and No audio.
I also downloaded Panthers In The Fog but there are No videos There so no problem.
I think It's a Codec Problem can anyone help me?
Thank You in advance

WoT -> RE: Can't See InGame Videos (2/24/2013 8:15:11 PM)

From the support q and A above

Q.OK, I downloaded it again, exact same size. It still doesn't work...

When I first launch from the CoI Command Center I get the familiar red "Loading" screen, hear the music, and then a black screen. I can only exit by

hitting my Start button and closing the "unresponsive program".

A. try holding down ctrl when you launch.

then turn off videos


download the intel codec from CSO Downloads in command centre

Command Centre\CSO Downloads\Utilities\ Intel Codec for CoI

then run that before launching. (only needs to be run once)

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