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Arjuna -> Fixes for Build 4.4.257 (2/15/2013 5:08:05 AM)

Fixes for Build 4.4.257 include:

  • Ensure start and end times of advance to reserve task within an attack are maxed to timeNow + 1 min. This fixes assert at ScenTask 2137.
  • Ensure that advance to FUP routes ignore truncation where the subject cannot join the approach route before the FUP. Addresses assert at FPRouteOutput.cpp, line 2222.
  • Overhaul Formation code ensuring all formations cater for cases where the hub is a line unit. Also modified subGroup generation and offsets across the following formations - line, successive lines, vee, arrowhead, left and right echelon.
  • Overhaul UI code for drawing task bounding boxes so that these more closely match the likely formation deployment area and ensure that when the user changes formation settings these are reflected even when the game is paused.
  • Tweak the combat code, including reducing the area per man constants, tweaking the global accuracy settings (especially for close range and overlapping forces).
  • Teak the reaction code, including decreasing rout threshold (thereby increasing liklihood of retreating), removed double counting of recent casualties, reduced suppression effects applied when reatreating and routing in place and substitued instead a reduction in cohesion.
  • Ensure attacks are aborted in the planning code if insufficient time. This fixes assert at PlanAttack 10515.
  • Ensure that blown crossings are catered for inside the planning of Moves. Fixes assert at PlanMove 5283.
  • Use doubles instead of floats to avoid data overflow when determining bombardment area for large calibre guns. Fixes assert at PodFloat 277.
  • AutoSave now saves ten saved games every ten minutes. Once it gets to ten it ovewrites the oldest one.

Phoenix100 -> RE: Fixes for Build 4.4.257 (2/15/2013 6:17:57 PM)

Quick question, Dave. If I stop playing scenarios I'm playing now and then resume them, from saves, after we get the new build (257), will that work? Will it sort out things like the situation in the pic below? Or will it not work with present saves and I would need to start again to get the benefits? Cheers.


Arjuna -> RE: Fixes for Build 4.4.257 (2/15/2013 10:44:17 PM)

It should work with previous saves. However, it will carry on with whatever orders exist at the point of save. The combat and reaction code changes shopuld manifest immediately. FOrmation changes will have to wait till new orders or a CHangeFormation assessment to kick in.

Phoenix100 -> RE: Fixes for Build 4.4.257 (2/16/2013 9:40:04 AM)

Cheers, Dave. I think I'll just leave those guys stuck like that then, see how long it takes to clear after 257 is running them!

Phoenix100 -> RE: Fixes for Build 4.4.257 (2/18/2013 7:35:41 AM)

Another question, Dave - sorry if it's in the fixes above, but I find it hard to understand the programming lingo. Someone mentioned I think about orders vanishing when a task slipped. I have seen a bit of this now. A unit determines well before completion time that the task will slip, all the paths etc grey out, then, after a while, vanish, leaving the unit without orders. I think this is what I've seen. Is that in the fix list? Cheers.

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