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olivier34 -> Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/14/2013 3:24:15 PM)

I thought that some of you would like to hear from the soviet side in this case blue campaign.

The first round of our game (until my opponent take Voronezh and Millerowo) has been intense and very interesting to play.
My strategy has been to build reserve forces in the rear. I had to resist throwing all my forces at the front line. The reserve forces were around Millerowo or Morowsky. Millerowo would be fortified and I thought a future key area to stop the german advance.

Up north : I have try my best to keep Voronezh until the very end of July.5TA was facing only part of the german panzers up north (I could see that a panzer corp was heading a little south toward Svoboda) therefore I could reinforce the sector and maybe fight back. This has work pretty well.
Of course at some stage the threat was south of Voronezh, around Svoboda. A german crossing of the Don at Svoboda makes Voronezh fall in a few turns. I was surprise to see a panzer corp cross the Don east without taking a bridge. I decided to move some reserves to Pavlosk and prepare a counter offensive. This one seems to have surprise Bonners who had to retreat a bit. (otherwise Voronezh would have fall 4 days earlier).
I had not the order to keep Voronezh but I am sure that Bonners must have lost some prestige pts [;)]

Center : I decided that I would not retreat all my troops but instead leave some units well entrench just to slow down the ennemy. Doing so I have lost a lot of men but maybe saved others...In the rear I began to build a new front line with Millerowo has a fortress. I have been really surprise to see this town and the fortified hexe south of it blown away in two turns. The fun thing has been to receive the order to keep the city 10 more days just when the panzers were arriving at the door of the same city. I lost 16 prestige pts for that. [:@]. Stalin is an idiot ! I think that I have kept Voroshilovgrad a long time and when this city has fallen I received this new order or Bonners had turn the mountain areas up north...well done
The first turns have seen Sebastopol fall. Around the 15th of July it was obvious that Bonners had decided to leave the Rostov sector quiet so part of the defenders has been railed elsewere.

olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/14/2013 3:41:06 PM)

14th of July, a screenshot to see the soviet view of the german advance. Difficult to see where will be the main axis threat for the next turns. Recon mission are suicidal, the sky is full of axis fighters.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/14/2013 3:53:44 PM)

We have play the turn 24. (13th of August). A mud turn, the third one since the beginning.

The second round has began. Bonners has decided for the fun of the game to not move north toward Saratov. Thanks to him. The game is not design for that anyway and Bonners should receive new orders, like taking Stalingrad ?? or the Caucasus ?? I will keep three armys up north to keep this situation realistic.

How is the Bear doing ? He is still alive, maybe he has lost some weight but he should make it until winter [;)]

Here are some numbers : (start ==> now)

men 516 000 ==> 492 000 (played 3 times the infantry card)

fighters 505 ==> 535 (1 time the fighter card)

Heavy tanks 320 ==> 260
Medium tanks 810 ==> 750
Light tanks 560 ==> 580

Artillery 6100 ==> 4600 not good... played the artillery card once)

Prestige (Strategic position is at 4 so I should not get the no step back order too soon)


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/18/2013 6:20:55 PM)

We have reach September !
Turn 34, September 2, mud turn.
A lot has occur during the past month. Three armys are trying to stop the German advance toward Stalingrad. If I keep the city until the 18th, I will get 16 prestige points. If I don't, my prestige will drop below 10...This is why I have reinforce as much as possible this sector wich fresh infantry divisions, fortified 6 hexes in the area. My mistake is that I have weaken the 5TA. Half of my tank corps are south, and only a few artillery rgts can provide a decent, I will watch Bonners slowly nibble my positions. I will very soon have to retreat into Stalingrad.
We see on the screenshot above that Bonners has done very well, moving a strong force in the area of Lowinskaya (I have tried with the 5TA to slow down his move but in vain) and another one coming from the south that has been abble to my surprise to cut the 37th army from Stalingrad (I can't reinforce this army now)
The rest of the front along the Don is not quiet at all. I had to retreat from the river bend in a few areas. My armys there are too weak...

I have build my first army HQ, the 1A, a week ago with two new artillery rgt. I will talk about that later and ask some advice...


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/18/2013 6:34:02 PM)

September, 2

South. I have let a large amount of forces there (maybe a mistake, my major order is to hold Stalingrad up north).
I have hold Rostov until the 15th of August, rewarded by 16 prestige pts. I decided to leave in the city a few rgts and step back most of the 56A...Stava gave me a new order the 18th...hold Rostov until the end of the month. Something impossible to achieve...I lost the 16 prestige pts...(I think that if I had open the city to the germans, it would not have happen. We could think of a gamey thing to do as the axis player, you don't take Rostov when empty so that the soviet player receive a new order to keep the city [:'(])

I have retreat but slowly, waiting for an opportunity to counter attack. The german are not so strong in this part of the front (will probably receive a huge reinforcement in tanks when the german infantry will be at the gate of Stalingrad). 51A was lucky to trap some adventurous german motorised units once [:D]

With the lost of Rostov, my strategic position has drop from 4 to 2. I may avoid the no step back least one more week.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/18/2013 6:53:05 PM)

Now that the summer is over, it is time to plan the future soviet offensive [8D]
I have around 550 000 men. The OOB of the Uranus scenario (that I have played twice as the soviet against Bonners) will help me to figure what I need for my winter offensive.
The reinforcement of the coming three months is impressive :
Numbers Sept == Oct = Nov

Rifle div 17 = 15 = 9
Rifle Brigade 7 = 8 = 4
Tank Brigade 7 = 6 = 3
Tank corps 1 = 0 = 0
Mechanised corps 1 = 0 = 1
Cavalry Corps 1 = 1 = 1

I should reach the amount of forces of the Uranus scenario by the end of November.

But I have plenty of units to create (they will fill up with the replacement arrivals)
First the artillery. I have only 9 artillery groups (and two of them just created). I will need 24 at least and 5 artillery divisions (Can't create them now...maybe later???).
then some bomber and fighter units and of course new armys HQ or even front HQs...and AA or AT units...
Any thoughts or advices ??
I have two tank corps that have lost entirely one tank rgt and a bunch of divisions with only two or one rgts. I think that you can't build a rgt for a particular I correct ?
If so I will disband them at some stage.

Vic -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/19/2013 12:54:11 PM)


ORIGINAL: olivier34
I have two tank corps that have lost entirely one tank rgt and a bunch of divisions with only two or one rgts. I think that you can't build a rgt for a particular I correct ?

No your not correct. There is a seperate order button for adding a completely new unit and for re-creating part of an existing formation.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/19/2013 5:48:45 PM)

thanks Vic ! I had not take the time to figure it out. I have to quickly stop the disbanding of a few formations and instead complete them.
Thanks again
I just had a look and Shame on me !
Press the button "sub unit options(add)", and then you will see all the formations that have lost some units, and wich one. You select the one that miss that you want re-create and that's it [8D] Really cool !


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/26/2013 6:18:40 PM)

October 2, mud turn.
Stavka deliver a new order "the no step back order". My strategic position has drop for the first time to 1...My major order is to hold Stalingrad until the 10th of October. One more week, this is impossible. A week ago I thought I could do it but Bonners has launch devastating attacks on my fortified line that was protecting Stalingrad. I must have done something wrong [:@] or perhaps there is nothing to do. Bonners seems to have concentrate three armys (4th panzer, the 6 and 11A)and a lot of artillery. I have been abble to fight back the panzers of the 4thpanzer army that protect the north of the 6A but they have withdraw a bit and the 5TA has not the power to break the front line anymore.
I have concentrate my artillery north to support 5TA instead of behind the I can't fire back on the german infantry that is advancing toward the center of Stalingrad. I have a limited air supremacy (I have been abble to attack once the german airbases) but I have not enough bombers to strike the ennemy's artillery...


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/26/2013 6:24:13 PM)

October 2, south
Stalingrad shall fall pretty soon but in the south, despite the lost of Krasnodar, the situation is not so bad. I hope to get a new major order in this area when Stalingrad falls. I have receive many orders in the south that I have been abble to handle easily, that's why I have a prestige at 59...Bonners will certainly rail some more panzers in the area of Armavir and launch his last offensive here before winter but I will be abble to withdraw if necessary and the fight will be more balance.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/26/2013 6:52:22 PM)

October 2,
Here are some numbers. The soviet losses are impressive. The german losses may not be accurate but are too.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/28/2013 6:10:34 PM)

October 14th, round 55
Stalingrad has hold ! [:D] Don't know how many brave soviet soldiers had to die for that but it hold. Each turn a new and fresh division was crossing the Don to enter in the city when some troops that had lost to much integrity and readiness were doing the opposite. Vatutin himself took the command of the 9th army. Now he has been rewarded and has taken the command of the North Caucasus Front.
My new major order is to hold...STALINGRAD...until the 24th of October. This time I doublt to keep the city...

I have receive some news from the OKH headquarter. CASE BLUE is over !! The invaders of the mother land have decide to entrench for the coming winter ! Just because we see the first snow ! [8|] This must be propaganda !
My strategic level is at one...I should (and will) ask new orders that I will easily achieve and I may reach the 100 prestige pts [8D].
Is it time for Uranus ? Not at all...the red army can fight in defense but is not capable to conduct a major offensive before December at least. I have played twice the Uranus scenario against Bonners. This time Von Paulus army won't kindly take position to be surrounded. I don't know the shape of the german army but I am sure that Bonners can concentrate in a specific area a powerful panzer army that will launch a devastating counter offensive if needed...
Let's plan two small offensives for the end of October. During that time the red army will continue to grow.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/28/2013 6:12:15 PM)

Turn 55, south


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (2/28/2013 9:31:13 PM)

18 oct, turn 57
The offensive to take Aleksandrovkaya is launch


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (3/1/2013 10:20:43 AM)

October 20th, turn 58
Final move of the offensive toward Aleksandrovskaya


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (3/1/2013 10:40:01 AM)

October 22th, turn 59
Stalingrad won't fall ! Bonners has began to retreat at a large scale in the Caucasus and around Stalingrad too. The second offensive against the rumanian army has done quiet well too and may have decided Bonners that he has to step back from Stalingrad and build a reserve army to counter such soviet offensive.
the fun thing is that I had to wait for an Eng unit to repair a bridge before attacking the rumanians VI corps but in the morning of the 20th October I found the river frozen [:'(]. Therefore I could launch the offensive four days earlier.

I am building new artillery rgts and a bomber and dive bomber unit. For the past two turns I have play the cards to get more dive and bombers aircraft.

I may play the rail card too. I would like to be abble to rail an army in a few days were I want to. The question is where ?
I think that I won't build a major offensive in the Caucasus. Bonners will keep retreating in front of my advance. I may rail my 4 tank corps and the artillery that are in the Caucasus up north the coming week. For a major offensive, I need at least 3 armys and a reserve one. I have to concentrate those forces in a sector (to be decided)...

olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(soviet) vs Bonners(Axis) (3/2/2013 9:45:48 AM)

Turn 59,
A quiet weekend. The game is on standby, a good thing because I needed to look at the map and decide what should be my strategy for the coming weeks.
Bonners prestige pts is at zero so we may see this game end very soon (hope not, this game is really interesting) or if I understood clearly, Bonners has manage to keep a strong german army that could hold during the coming winter but the problem is that I have a strategic position at 1 and he must be at 10...(Hitler has him again to take STALINGRAD [:D]). This at to switch but not too fast because the red army is not capable to drive toward Rostov or Kharkov before a long time. How will the engine react if Bonners leaves some citys. I will get vps and the strategic position should slowly switch.


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