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Philkian -> The Decisive Campaigns Series is Updated and Bundled! (2/12/2013 8:55:08 AM)

Matrix Games and VR Designs are proud to announce the release of two updates for the critically-acclaimed World War 2 strategy wargames Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris and Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue. These are the latest in a series of post-release updates that go beyond bug-fixing to continue to improve the entire series.

To celebrate the release of these comprehensive updates, Matrix Games is also running a promotional bundle, selling both games together with a great discount of $ 15,00 off the combined price. If you haven’t picked up these titles already, just add one to your cart in our online store and you’ll see the bundle offer to purchase both at the reduced price.

The v1.51 update for The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris fixes some bugs, minor AI problems and greatly improves gameplay and modding. It also introduces, among numerous features, new modding options, hotkeys for HQ Power (Key-5) and Air/Art Range (Key-6), zooming and volume/sound effects-adjusting, map managing and much more. For a full list of changes, check out the Forum page.

The v1.05c update for Case Blue introduces some fine-tuning to the rules and revises the bonuses and cost management features.

Here the full Changelog:

v1.05c – Feb 12, 2013

o Fixes a bug with oob customizations and divisional bonus

o In the statistics the lines saying n/a no longer popup

o A number of Army/Front level cards have been fixed in that any air or naval assets no longer get any effect of the card and also the bug that allowed some cards to be played on its self is fixed.

o If you start in Trappenjagd the Germans will have a chance to get some Karl Gerat replacements
during May-June and also will get a few extra 210mm guns.

o Reinforcement unit cards of aircraft can now only be placed on airfields.

o Reinforcement cards cannot be played on locations with less than 800 structural points (thus not on lightly damaged towns or heavily damaged cities).

o Reinforcement units arrive with only 50AP and with 25% readiness reduction.

o Red attack arrows no longer appear on the map when moving aircraft.

o Clicking in the detailed troop list and returning no longer resets listbox to top of list.

o You can no longer play aircraft reinforcement unit cards during bad weather (since they would have arrived without bonus and would have been usable from your high command HQ).

o Romenko staff points fixed.

o A number of issues with reinf list dates have been fixed including 203rd Rifle division and 2nd Hungarian Armoured Division arrival dates.

o The swapped prestige point statistics in Uranus have been fixed

o Hiryashev staff points fixed

o New Soviet ferry rule introduced. Port towns and all cities can ferry supplies over river to the other side. This ferry capacity reduces a river barrier for their supply system calculations. The ferry affectivity is also modified by any port damage. So it’s possible for the Germans to seriously hurt the supply stream by bombing the harbor.

o Lowered the cost of the Soviet Tiblisi card to 100 points.

o Stalingrad+Baku sudden death German victory rule replaced by Grozny+Baku sudden death rule because it is indeed more realistic to award victory on the actual final goals of Case Blue than the rather diversionary Stalingrad town.

o Action cards had no effect on naval and air units, but now it is also no longer allowed to play action cards on naval or air units at all.

o Fixed a bug with transport aircraft being allowed missions and ranges that are out of action point range of the aircraft in question and also improved the GUI that now shows aircraft range and predicted area supplied.

o Supply drop range from drop-point for air supply has been reduced severely. Now uses land transfer movement type instead of supply movement type.

o Maikop minor order wrong hex gets prestige point assigned bug fixed

o Soviet High Command considers its strategic position one point lower while assigning minor orders until end of august 1942. This means Soviet minor orders will tend to be defensive in Trappenjagd.

o Problem with destroying bridges on frozen rivers repaired for new games and diminished for running games.

o Subunit creation exploit fixed.

o Airlift operations now minimally cost you 40 AP to fly. This means maximum 2 flights per transporter unit.

To download the updates, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or download them directly from the games’ download pages here and here.

These updates are evidence of the commitment of VR Designs and Matrix Games to keep supporting the Decisive Campaigns Series through a constant flow of game optimizations. “We are very proud to work with Victor Reijkersz and his team”, said Erik Rutins, Director of Product Development at Matrix Games, “Developers like VR Designs deliver on the essence of our core mission to stand by our releases, support the community and always keep an eye on customer feedback”.

Get more information on Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris and Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue from their official product pages.

TheGreatRadish -> RE: The Decisive Campaigns Series is Updated and Bundled! (2/12/2013 3:52:58 PM)

Wow, ok, well this solved the dilemma that I was talking about in the other thread.

Fantastic news and a really good initiative from you guys - I hope it brings in a raft of new players. I've got no excuse not to buy now, I'm still a little apprehensive about the complexity and my brain's ability to handle it but that's another matter [:D]

stonestriker -> RE: The Decisive Campaigns Series is Updated and Bundled! (2/12/2013 7:04:28 PM)

Are the updates backwards compatible with scenarios/campaigns underway?

I am almost finished with Case White in DC:WP. Can I update now and continue my campaign?

Vic -> RE: The Decisive Campaigns Series is Updated and Bundled! (2/13/2013 7:33:02 AM)

Everything is always backwards compatible, but a lot of the scenario data fixes are only implemented upon actually starting a new scenario with the new version of the game.


stonestriker -> RE: The Decisive Campaigns Series is Updated and Bundled! (2/13/2013 4:36:00 PM)

Vic, I demand you immediately create a custom patch for each of my save games (50+) to ensure I won´t suffer any longer for playing an obsolete version of this fine game!

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