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Shiv -> How to conquer other races? (2/11/2013 11:12:35 AM)

Hi - I'm new to Distant Worlds but really, really enjoying it so far.

In my current game I'm playing as Humans and we've become locked in a long, drawn out war with the Boskarans. After many years of conflict and swapping colonies with each other, I've managed to get the upper hand and finally conquer the Boskaran homeworld. However much to my surprise the war did not end with my victory at the homeworld. Instead the Boskarans "moved" their capital to one of their other unconquered worlds - of which they have many I might add. [&:]

So am I correct in thinking that I will need to completely conquer all of their planets to knock them out of the game? Or failing that completely exterminate them with bombardments?

They are my only real competitors at this stage of the game so conquering them should lead me to the big win.

Any advice on strategies on how to grind them down would be most welcome.

Arcatus -> RE: How to conquer other races? (2/11/2013 2:17:22 PM)

That is correct; to completely remove a race from the game you need to conqueror, bombard or destroy all of their planets.

However; Once their homeworld is conquered they will be severely crippled, and unlikely to be a threat.

But, depending on game settings, you don't need to exterminate them to win...

As you were able to take out a homeworld I don't think you will have any problems mopping up their minor colonies.

HectorOfTroy -> RE: How to conquer other races? (2/12/2013 4:44:41 AM)

Or maybe you can subjugate them. That's what I do when I play.

Shiv -> RE: How to conquer other races? (2/12/2013 9:35:54 AM)

Thanks for the response guys [:)]

Well shortly after conquering the Boskaran homeworld I actually reached over 80% of my victory conditions and won the game[:)] I'm not entirely sure but I think the addition of the homeworld's huge population was enough to complete the 'control 33%? of galactic population' condition and make me the new Galactic Emperor!

For the record the Boskaran fleets packed greater firepower than my own - in particular their destroyers were already equipped with phasers and had about 320 firepower - compared to 180 firepower on my AI designed Terran cruisers. They were also very good at quick hit and run attacks using nuclear devastators to completely destroy my outer colonies [:@]

I pretty much had everything automated except for exploration - which I micro-managed as this was my first proper attempt at a game now that I'd gotten the hang of things a bit more. In many ways I was lucky in that I managed to discover Death Ray technology and adapted my standard cruisers to carry one deathray each. Without that I would have really struggled against the Boskarans - there's no way I could have conquered their homeworld otherwise.

Anyway thanks again for the advice; I'm off to start another game!

Gareth_Bryne -> RE: How to conquer other races? (2/12/2013 10:02:16 AM)

Death Ray cruisers - now THAT is overkill)). Way to go!

Shiv -> RE: How to conquer other races? (2/12/2013 11:22:25 AM)

Yup - two fleets of 10 Death Ray Cruisers pretty much did it [;)]

CyclopsSlayer -> RE: How to conquer other races? (2/12/2013 1:38:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: Gareth_Bryne

Death Ray cruisers - now THAT is overkill)). Way to go!

The thought had occurred, what about a fleet of size 400 Death Ray carrying Stealth boats?

Never even dabbled with Stealth so far, so no idea how good/bad it might be. It like some of the other techs seemed targeted at a multiplayer environment, ie. cargo scanners. May have to try it next time I get Death rays or the ilk.

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