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JohnTargus -> Super Allies? (2/10/2013 10:29:33 PM)

Okay, so I'm back to playing 1.04 since the new beta is totally a bust on W7/8. I am set on even, I play Germany, I wonder if anyne expriances the suddenly capable UK units that appear in England and North Africa just when you are about to take out Alexandria, and your Sealion forces for no apparent reason get slaughtered by one Super Armored Corp?

I' d say a fluke but it keeps happening everytime I get close to wiping out a major Allied player.

This also happens when the Rusian Horde surges out of the East too. I don't hit Russia in '41, but set up a good sized foce with troops set around lv2 to 3, armored armis and such the same. Russians swarm forth with lv 1/2 units, inferior armor and just kick the stuffing out of my forces.

Is this a purposely set feature in SWiE or a glitch that needs to be re-worked?

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