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larrybush -> What to do with Von Manstein? (2/2/2013 2:39:55 PM)

Now that Sevastopol has fallen I need to get Manstein out of the 11 Army and somewhere he can do more good.
Can't replace Halder, 10004 points! There is no Army Group South or AG A or B, seems like he would work well in these two places.
Looks like the only good replace is 4th Pz army (Hoth).
What was the design decision to not use AGS or AG A or B? (not complaining, just curious).
Any body have a better suggestion for Von Manstein?
BTW very good game so far, good series. First Wargame I've bought since WitE.

Bismarck2761 -> RE: What to do with Von Manstein? (2/2/2013 8:49:01 PM)

Just move the 11th Army (by rail) next to 1st Pz Army. Don't waste PPs relieving German officers. Instead, build new HQs for those in the Pool. I often create a 5th Pz Army when Raus becomes available to place between the 2d and the 6th in the Northern Sector.

larrybush -> RE: What to do with Von Manstein? (2/9/2013 3:38:52 PM)

Good ideas there Bismark, thanks. I'm kinda going through the first playthrough learning the system. Seems as if I'm a little timid as the Germans trying not to bleed my units down too much in the first month. Trying to understand the supply rules well as cutting units off it usually better than the headfirst methods. Since only Stavka and OKW actually move supply to units I'm trying to understand what Army's and Corps really do for supply. (if anything).

The original question was a curiosity on why the game designer did not opt for AGS or AG A or B. Since this was Mansteins eventual home.
Somehow I always start as the Germans, not that I have any real issue with the soviets (there just usually easier to play since they actually won IRL)

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