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Ologotai -> Tenporary version expiry December 1 2008 (2/1/2013 4:35:13 AM)


After a long break I have re-installed my copy of ANW (3.7) and patched it all the way up to v3.9.4.

However when I run the game I get the message in the header i.e.

"Temporary Version Expiring December 1 2008

This temporary version has expired"




uncleharpoon -> RE: Tenporary version expiry December 1 2008 (2/1/2013 11:53:57 PM)

Would you please confirm where you received the upgrades? I assume they were from the Matrix site and not from any other source.

We didn't have a timeout intended for any release version, however beta and RC versions often have timeouts. So do the demo versions.


Ologotai -> RE: Tenporary version expiry December 1 2008 (2/3/2013 9:49:51 AM)

Hi Don

My original copy (3.7) was purchased from Matrix. The v3.8, 3.9, 3.92b, 3.93 and 3.94 patches I all accessed via links on the forms I believe - but it was several years ago. I deleted the game and then patched back up to 3.94 one patch at time having turned off my virus software. The game loads fine all the way up to 3.93. Once I add the 3.94 10 patch I get the expiry message and the game doesn't load.



uncleharpoon -> RE: Tenporary version expiry December 1 2008 (2/3/2013 2:07:47 PM)

Perplexing to say the least. As I recall 3.9.4 was just bug fixes - so let me suggest that:

1. You stay w 3.9.3 for the moment.
2. You contact me via our website so we can have you test the delayed FREE 3.10 final upgrade.

3. Look around for the steep discounts that Matrix offers for Harpoon Ultimate Edition which has 3.10.1 and 3.11 associated with it, as well as older versions of both ANW and Classic. Even at list price it was a bargain for the die hard fan w 22 versions (now 23+ as we provided free updates to that baseline product).

Hussar -> RE: Tenporary version expiry December 1 2008 (3/17/2013 12:02:21 AM)

I am having exactly the same issue except that I have re-loaded ANW onto my new PC. I still have the original sales Invoice from Digital River dated 13/07/2006 Invoice number 1618285795 as proof of purchase.
How can I get this re-registered?


Tim (Hussar)

Hussar -> RE: Tenporary version expiry December 1 2008 (3/19/2013 12:09:14 AM)

Running ANW on a Win 8 AMD Piledriver 8 Core with Radeon 7900 series graphics, 16Gb RAM, SSD and 3Tb disk. After some initial probs Got help from Hermanhum, downloaded and installed all updates and patches and now runs real sweet.

Resolved serial number issue by cutting and pasting from serialreg.txt that I had backed up from previous install. Seems to run better than on my old Vista PC with Nvidia card. No odd colour start glitches.

Salute HermanHum!

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