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Erik2 -> Sea transports (1/31/2013 7:39:11 PM)

I have one naval unit with 10 destroyers with a transport capacity of 30 for each destroyer, ie a total of 300 transports.
In the same hex I have 5 different land units with total weight of 279.

In the editor: Can I load all land units into the one naval unit, or do I need one naval unit pr land unit (split up the original naval unit)?


ernieschwitz -> RE: Sea transports (1/31/2013 10:26:13 PM)

If it is like in another of Vicīs games, more than 1 unit can be loaded onto a fleet. That is usually the limit of units is made by the "magic 8" rule. No more than 8 SFTs can be present in the same unit. Each loaded unit will count as a SFT, and thus, since you have destroyers and transports, and nothing else in the fleet, it would be able to load 6 units.

Loading them onto the fleet is done by the button you made magically appear, for loading them. Even in the editor you have to do it this way.

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