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Balou -> Isolated factories deliver tanks ? (1/31/2013 2:42:27 PM)

Factories in isolated cities (example KV-1/Leningrad)

What happens to manpower and the various industries in isolated cities ? Are they treated in different manners ?
Example Leningrad, isolated in t12 (testgame Axis vs AI): Soviet production screen in t15 says “manpower 90% damage”, but “KV-1 factory zero damage”. Since the other KV-1 factory in Chelyabinsk obviously is’nt online yet (“capacity 0” in t15) I wonder where the KV-1 in all the units equipped with KV-1 are coming from, delivered to units that are spread all over the map. In other words: can an undamaged factory in an isolated city be of any use to the pool ? Common sense would suggest no as far as units outside the bag are concerned. However and as can be seen from the insert I see full production of KV-1 in an isolated city (ok with me) that still feeds tank units at distant locations (not ok). Is someone out there whith an explanation ?


Balou -> RE: Isolated factories deliver tanks ? (1/31/2013 8:43:33 PM)

To make myself clear and just in case people ask what the hell is this guy talking about: how do the Reds manage to send (fly ?) tons of tanks out of Leningrad ?

Helpless -> RE: Isolated factories deliver tanks ? (2/1/2013 9:31:31 AM)

In WITE only manpower production is checked across the city isolation. It was changed in WITW, but fix is complex enough not to be immediately introduced in WITE.

Edit: In WITE, production in isolated city is limited by available local supplies/resources, which shouldn't flow in. Eventually it should ran out of them.

Balou -> RE: Isolated factories deliver tanks ? (2/1/2013 1:05:46 PM)


However its hard to see those soviet KV-1 tanks from totally encircled Leningrad, hence its isolated factory, beeing transfered turn after turn to soviet tank units outside the bag until the city/factory has finally been taken. I would'nt have a problem seeing tank units inside the bag receiving reinforcements, as it happened IRL, but the way it's actually handled in WitE is Black Magic.

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