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Philkian -> Today is The Birth of Rome (1/30/2013 3:58:05 PM)

It’s finally here! Ageod is proud to bring its newest release to computer screens worldwide. Birth of Rome is the ultimate turn-based strategy game set in the early days of Roman’s quest for domination. It comes with five huge scenarios from the 3rd Samnite War in 298 and 291 BC to the long and arduous First Punic War that raged from 264 to 241 BC.

The game uses the AGE engine and is a full standalone release, based on the Alea Jacta Est gameplay mechanics. It is a true simulation where players are challenged to create armies and fleets, organize and maneuver them, sustain and reinforce them. All the time taking into account military, economic, political and diplomatic parameters.

“We are excited about this new release”, said Philippe Malacher co-founder of Ageod. “It’s a very interesting period of history, with lots of interest worldwide. We keep trying to come up with original games set in periods that players love and Birth of Rome is a perfect example of this”.

Birth of Rome features five scenarios and features a particular emphasis on fleets and sea power, as they are vital to ensure control of the seas and maritime supply. As a full standalone release, Birth of Rome does not require Alea Jacta Est.

Game Features

• Ancient Command System (based on Alea Jacta Est), allowing for a good representation of historical army command in the Roman era.
• Quick and simple Construction of Units, allowing players to choose and purchase their forces as they wish (or can).
• Decisions features, playable on the map, like wild cards assets
• Diversified set of historical events, allowing multiple events and options, hereby enhancing flexibility and re-playability.
• Different updates and other rules, in particular combat system adapted to the Ancient warfare.
• Map: all of the Roman Empire and neighboring lands, with over 2800 different regions and seas, a lot of room for maneuver.
• Over a thousand of leaders and units with specific pictures.

For more information check out the dedicated product page

ETF -> RE: Today is The Birth of Rome (1/30/2013 8:46:05 PM)

Bought it but what is this pilmus or whatever site. Can't seem to D/L my copy....arrgh. Tried 7 times. Win 8/ i7.

Ralzakark -> RE: Today is The Birth of Rome (1/31/2013 5:27:18 AM)

Just to be clear as I'm interested in buying these:

- Do both games have the same game engine, so same set of rules? I don't want to have to learn two slightly different games.
- If they use the same game engine, is the intention to keep them both patched to the same level?

Andrew Loveridge -> RE: Today is The Birth of Rome (1/31/2013 2:19:27 PM)


They do use the same engine, and we intend to keep them at the same version.

Andrew Loveridge -> RE: Today is The Birth of Rome (1/31/2013 2:32:13 PM)


Have you checked on our Support Page FAQ or started a Helpdesk Ticket?
We would need more info on what is actually happening to to know what you can try to fix the issue.
One thing that sometimes works is to switch browsers, some combinations of browsers and Window versions seem to have issues with Plimus' downloads. They are trying to stay on top of this, but new updates to them can change how they interact.

Ralzakark -> RE: Today is The Birth of Rome (1/31/2013 6:50:07 PM)


ORIGINAL: Andrew Loveridge


They do use the same engine, and we intend to keep them at the same version.

Thanks Andrew!

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