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TheFox -> Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/28/2013 12:44:09 AM)

Hi [:D]

Considering a 2v2 GC'41 game but to save time has anyone got suggestions for the 'best' split of each OoB [&:]

SigUp -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/28/2013 2:41:13 AM)

I have no experience in that, but for the German side something logical would be a split into above the Pripyat Marshes (AGN and AGC) and below the Marshes (AGS plus Axis Allies).

TheFox -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/28/2013 11:22:56 AM)

That is a rough division of forces which gives both sides a fighting game in 1941/2 as usually AGN goes to static after 1941 in many games.

Did consider giving AGN, Fins, possibly with all Axis Allies as one - not sure on that, and OKH thrown in.

Thought about OKH as stand alone including Security, reinforcements land and air, maybe airforce in total, objective setting, RR, APs, SUs, partisans, upgrade paths but not to everyones liking as too much Admin not enough fighting?

Soviets are a more difficult bunch to split. [&:]

Thanks for the reply. [:)]

Back to the drawing board for now [;)]

vlcz -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/28/2013 2:07:35 PM)

If you have more than 2 players as soviet I would strongly recommend one taking Stavka role, directly controlling only stavka units (i.e. white ones) but with last word in strategy (lines of defence , axis of attacks,etc) and everything having an AP cost ,including unit creation and unit/army allocations to fronts (except allocation of SU´s to specific army/corps)

TheFox -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/28/2013 3:31:50 PM)

Hi Vicz

How would you split the Russains if only 2 players [&:]

Is it north/south divide or would you do Armies v MDs?

sillyflower -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/29/2013 11:02:29 PM)

Belphegor and I have played several games as Russians
Basically I take north half of map + take Stavka role inc allocation of new units and building decisions. He takes southern half of map and airforce, but we divide really by fronts rather than hex rows. At the boundary we agree who will have what for the turn if we have to. Praise be to skype as we live several thousand miles apart..

We stay flexible and responsibilities for fronts can change as need arises or to give fairer share of troops and the sexy toys like arty divs though only 1 german so far has lasted long enough for us to need them. Indeed this is my 1st ever game where I have any of these wonderous units

It may not be the most efficient system but we play for fun. We actually do more by agreement/discussion than the above may suggest

TheFox -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/29/2013 11:41:43 PM)

Thanks for the reply, haven't really looked at Russains and as you've had a taster already, which seems to work, then it makes sense to follow. [&o]

Have always had good comms with opponent(s) so thought next step would be to share a side where everything could be discussed to our benefit, just didn't want to mess up the game with little thought to the mechanics of sharing an army.[:)]

Well when you fancy a GC'41 either side 2v2 against intermediate opponents (UK & NZ) then give us a shout after 18th! [8D]

He's made it through to 1944 under 1.05 as axis, us just started again & me into 1942 for second time.[:@]

vlcz -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/30/2013 8:08:07 AM)

Sillyflower´s recomendation seems very sound with only two russian players -although I would throw airforce in the bag of stavka as it can spend a load of admin points-, Norths-center player is better as stavka as in a "common" campaign he will need stavka troops more in 41 season and for 42-43 will have more time to spend in planning while the southern player manages operations across the steppes.

TheFox -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (1/31/2013 10:42:27 AM)

North always seems to be the poor relation in nearly all games as once Leningrad has fallen there not a lot more left to fight for other than a large open space.
Great ideas, thanks [:D]

Next GC is going to be a multiplayer game [:'(]

sillyflower -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (2/1/2013 7:10:42 AM)

The reason why I do Stavka and Belphegor the airforce is that he does it better than me. I can't really be bothered as much. I don't let him spend many APs on it tho'[:D]

The way we split things is to play to our respective strengths really so others need to do what works for them.

@ the fox I'm afraid we only play against experienced opponents. We have only had 1 survive as far as Feb '42 so far and it will take a bit longer to crush him. Our 2 other games are in early + late summer '41

I'm sure we would be happy to crush you after you have had a few more games under your belt[sm=fighting0083.gif]

TheFox -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (2/1/2013 3:03:23 PM)

Ummm right. Thanks for the advice. [:)]

Seems you have mastered the Soviets if very few survive past Feb'42!

Do you do the same split for Axis and with the same results? [&o]

How many turns a week do you manage and do you have specific time slots to discuss 'tactics' via Skype or do you do moves whilst on Skype?

Right we'll prepare and certainly be back to pick up your gauntlet once we work out which hand it fits [:D]

The Fox

sillyflower -> RE: Multiplayer PBEM game OoB suggestions (2/5/2013 10:41:41 PM)

I haven't played German for a while and never as 2 hander. I don't think it would work for me as I'm much more careful playing Germans and would get annoyed if I thought my teamate put a unit in the wrong place. It would drive me mad and I would drive my teamate mad in turn.

Communication arrangements are we used to speak before every turn, unless they were mud or otherwise nothing likely to happen for a while. Belphegor is Canadian but starts and finishes work early so there is a window of opportunity to speak most nights. We agree plan ant then one of us does their bit then other goes. Sometimes more than 1 iteration depending on complexity of what we have to do.

As we are now on our 5th game together we chat less as we have our strategy pretty much fixed now so there is less to discuss.

We have also got quicker as we have gone on. I think our quickest turn around of a turn is about 90 minutes from receipt. We are usually quicker than our opponents, but Russians are easier to play quickly in my experience. Who does their bit 1st depends these days on which one of us is awake and able to play so time zone difference may make it easier. I think we are as quick as a team as we would be individuals as we have more hours in the 24 hour day to play, as it were.

The other factor that makes it quicker for me is that we have to use PBEM so I can do all much of my obsessing over the stats etc when it not my turn. on server games I have to do all that during my turn so I take longer

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