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Omnius -> Fix for 1941 Scenario Finland (1/27/2013 6:17:37 PM)

I wanted to play the 1941 scenario and had to figure out how to correct the bug that doesn't allow Finland to be at war with the USSR, Great Britain and Iraq even though it is part of the Axis alliance.

In the "relations" file of my test saved game I found that when I changed the "0" to "1" in columns "E" , "K" , and "AL" Finland is at war with the same three countries the rest of the Axis are at war with.

Omnius -> Additional Changes (1/28/2013 4:58:32 PM)

I found that my first set of changes got Finland at war with the three Allies but I found that the Allies and the USSR still weren't at war with Finland. Plus Iraq wasn't at war with Germany and Italy's allies.

I went into the rows for Great Britain, the USSR and Iraq and switched column "I" from "0" to "1" and that does the trick to fixing them so they are now at war with Finland.

I went into the Iraq row and switched the "0" value to "1" in colummns "AA", "AB", "AC" and "AE"

Now the proper countries are at war with each other to begin the 1941 scenario. Hopefully these corrections make it into the official scenario file.

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