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Colonel Mustard -> Curious Ops Report (1/25/2013 11:18:18 PM)

Anybody seen this in their Ops report before? Since I'm the Allies, I already know what my units look like.


dr.hal -> RE: Curious Ops Report (1/26/2013 12:13:06 AM)

Did you target that base for recon with Jap units in it and then they left????

jeffk3510 -> RE: Curious Ops Report (1/26/2013 3:58:54 AM)

Just keeping everyone honest.

Treetop64 -> RE: Curious Ops Report (1/26/2013 5:28:19 AM)

Seen that happen a couple of times. Guess it happens when a recon is assigned to watch enemy units that were initially in a non-base hex, and when those enemy units move into a hex that is occupied by friendlies, the recon will follow and sometimes photo the friendlies, too.

bradfordkay -> RE: Curious Ops Report (1/26/2013 8:14:10 AM)

It might have been the nurse's camp he was photographing... [;)]

Colonel Mustard -> RE: Curious Ops Report (2/11/2013 12:14:40 AM)

Sorry for the delay responding. I currently occupy Moulmein, but the Japs are challenging the hex (in force, I might add). I guess my recon must have accidentally shot the wrong troops!

Canoerebel -> RE: Curious Ops Report (2/11/2013 4:39:55 PM)

I think Bradfordkay is right.  Remember Ensign Pulver and the nurses on the island?

MuguNiner -> RE: Curious Ops Report (2/14/2013 3:29:33 AM)

Mr Roberts was a great movie.

But, how about this message? I landed the 1st raiders on an island last occupied by the Japanese. I checked up on the raiders and they are still there...


LargeSlowTarget -> RE: Curious Ops Report (2/14/2013 8:11:58 AM)

Well, when Red Mike Edson orders "Spread out!", you better do what he says! [;)]

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