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ironbmike -> Opponents wanted! (1/22/2013 3:08:56 PM)

I just got this game and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I can't convince any of my friends to play it with me. They just can't get into wargames and don't understand how a game can be fun without amazing graphics.

Anyone here want to play? Doesn't have to be a fast game, just take turns whenever you'd like. Let me know!

Kai -> RE: Opponents wanted! (1/22/2013 6:30:25 PM)

I will play with you.

Sending PM.

ironbmike -> RE: Opponents wanted! (1/23/2013 4:26:50 PM)

I have a question about the interface as well. I am running with the 2.2 patch and my interface looks different from the one in the manual. The buttons are different. For example, there is no button for march to the guns, only a slider at the bottom. And it only says march to the guns if I hover over it. Is this normal?

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