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lion_of_judah -> ALTERNATE GRAPHICS (1/22/2013 2:39:33 AM)

These alternate graphics, they are the same as in Decisive campaigns it appears. I was curious if anyone has upgraded the graphics for this. I thought there was a thread regarding this, but I have yet to locate it. thanks

CSO_Talorgan -> RE: ALTERNATE GRAPHICS (2/20/2013 6:19:36 PM)

There are lots of graphical experiments going on over at Decisive Campaigns if that is what you mean (?)

lion_of_judah -> RE: ALTERNATE GRAPHICS (2/27/2013 4:47:57 AM)

the alternate graphics for ATG are the same as Decisive Campaigns uses, is this correct and if so then one would think you could use them for ATG. just wondering, not brave enough to actually try this though.

Zaratoughda -> RE: ALTERNATE GRAPHICS (2/28/2013 5:48:14 AM)

Seeing this post got me thinking and...

WARNING: If you mess with the graphics for ATG then what you need to do is first COPY the graphics folder into your ATG folder, rename it to something like GRAPHICS_ORIGINAL, and then go from there. Then, if you totally screw things over in your graphics folder, you can always copy the original stuff into that and go back to what you had.

Anyways... there is not a 1-1 coorelation between the ATG and DC graphics but, you may indeed be able to use some things.

What I did... using the Kiddytoto graphics mod for DC:FWTP, I was able to copy his Graphics\Axis General\Fields graphics into the ATG Graphics\AT2\fredfield folder and.... copied g1.png from the former into field.png into the later and... I managed to get the field graphics from kiddytoto up and running in ATG.

Now, there is no PLAIN in DC... and you do not want to mess with the various forrest graphics in ATG... and no desert in DC (could be wrong on these but that was my conclusion from going through the folders).

So, the only thing that you might do additionally here is the low and high mountain graphics but... could run into a buzzsaw re desert high mountain, snow high mountain, etc.

But... just the fields graphics make for a big improvement in the ATG graphics, IMO. They are kinda yellowish and that is a nice contrast to the other graphics in ATG.

So, unless someone else is able to come up with something additional for ATG, guess I am gonna stop there.

If anyone else tries something along these lines.. please let us know how you fare.

Oh yeah, who the heck is fred??? (lol) Sure has a lot of graphics folders named after him!

lion_of_judah -> RE: ALTERNATE GRAPHICS (3/5/2013 11:27:45 PM)

thanks appreciate it

Webizen -> RE: ALTERNATE GRAPHICS (3/8/2013 2:29:47 PM)

Frederic Genot, who did the hex art graphics for ATG.


ORIGINAL: Zaratoughda

Oh yeah, who the heck is fred??? (lol) Sure has a lot of graphics folders named after him!

CSO_Talorgan -> RE: ALTERNATE GRAPHICS (6/20/2013 3:48:15 PM)



Frederic Genot, who did the hex art graphics for ATG.

He deserves a medal. His art transforms the game for me.

lion_of_judah -> RE: ALTERNATE GRAPHICS (6/21/2013 3:55:01 AM)

do i need to do anything special with the field graphics from DC or just copy and paste them into ATG ( after backing up my graphics folder first of course). thanks

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