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demyansk -> PBEM Game - How to send a message? (1/21/2013 5:49:15 PM)

I looked in the manual but can't find it. While playing a pbem game How do you send a message to the other player? I looked but unable to find.

Second - When you look at other challenges - Is that what other players post and looking for games? I wonder b/c it seems more players would have challenges unless everyone does this through the forums.

thanks for your help

Bonners -> RE: PBEM Game - How to send a message? (1/21/2013 5:58:29 PM)

Go into strategic map, click on your opponent's faction and then you should see a tab to send a message. And yes that is the open games showing in other challenges, I guess there is never many as once a challenge is accepted they no longer show up.

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